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What Counts As Having Visited Your State or Province?

Last September we met Janet Mayo, a representative from Line-X at the Elkhart Open House.  She was answering questions in the Palomino RV booth to support Palomino’s Body Armor Editions including a 2016 Palomino SS-550 extensively treated with Line-X product.

During lunch that afternoon, we saw Janet again and invited her to our table.  She asked us about Truck Camper Magazine and where we have traveled throughout the country.  Angela answered, “We have been to every state in a truck camper but North Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii.”

“So where did you go in Alabama?” Janet responded.  Janet is from Alabama, as is Line-X.  When we admitted to just passing through Alabama, she suggested we check out Howards Chapel Cemetery in Mentone, Alabama.  “There’s a church there built around a rock.” she explained.  It became clear that Howards Chapel Cemetery is a must see for anyone visiting Alabama.

Angela wrote down Janet’s suggestion and later it on our Google Map. We have not been to Alabama since meeting Janet, but we are not going to miss Howards Chapel Cemetery when we do.

Russell and Gretchen Berquam’s interview and article, “Driving Through Doesn’t Count” immediately reminded us of our conversation with Janet.  We had counted her home state of Alabama (and a few other states) simply by driving through.  Not cool.

In the spirit of the Berquam’s article and Janet’s recommendation, we want your help to create a list of destinations for each state and province that should not be missed.  If someone asked you for one place they must see in your home state or province, what would it be?

This week’s Question of the Week is, “What’s one place someone should see before saying they have visited your state or province – and why?”

If nothing immediately comes to mind, say this out loud, “Nobody should say they have visited my state or province if they haven’t been to…”

This QOTW is now closed.  Click here to see lots of recommendations from readers on places to visit in their state or province.


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