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The Camper That Fell Off

Above: Neil (left) with Aaron Geiger, Service Advisor/Parts Department at Four Wheel Campers

Essentially, there was very little damage to the camper.  Certainly nothing structural.  The Four Wheel Camper team spent all morning on it.  They took good care of my camper and I had a great time.

Hats Off to the United States

I don’t think this would have happened in every country.  Hats off to the United States.  I’ve lived in several countries and Americans really help each other out.  They were fantastic.  Thank you!

There is no doubt that I will be more careful in the future, but in no way will this experience stop me from going off-road again.  I don’t want to get in any trouble far from home.  The possibly of twelve guys showing up again in a bad situation isn’t that likely.

When things go wrong, frequently that’s when you have the most amazing experiences.  If you plan your life so everything is booked and planned, you reduce the risk, but then life can become quite dull.

Throughout my life I have been an incredibly lucky person.  This experience was incredible.  I was as far out from civilization as I could be and twelve of the most qualified people just happened to be there to help me.  The experience reassured me of the goodness of people.

A Parting Turnbuckle Lesson or Two

The lesson from this experience is loud and clear.  Whenever I go on any kind of off-road trip, I need to check my turnbuckles frequently; more than once a day.  Second, for the kind of off-road trails I enjoy, I needed a lock nut to keep the turnbuckles in place.

To tighten my turnbuckles, I have to get on my hands and knees, open up an inside compartment door, put my hand in and adjust them.  It’s a bit of a procedure, but it’s not so bad considering what can go wrong.  Always check and tighten your turnbuckles!

Be sure to follow Neil’s travels by reading his blog.

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