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Torklift International Starts an Uprising, Charges with Lithium and Redesigns the Hero

Torklift International unleashes three new products; the GlowStep Revolution Uprising, PowerArmor Lithium, and Ford F-150 SuperHitch Hero.  And they are just getting started.

Torklift GlowSteps Lance Camper

The countdown is finally over and Torklift International has revealed their first round of all-new products.  One thing is for certain; Torklift’s research and development team has been busy – very busy.

The biggest headline is the new GlowStep Revolution Uprising, a cleverly designed step solution for rear and side-entry campers that lack a step well.  The GlowStep Revolution Uprising addresses many of the challenges truck camper owners face with their step systems, and has a few unique surprises up its aluminum sleeve.

The PowerArmor Lithium is a visionary product.  There is little doubt that lithium batteries are the future.  Nearly anything related to personal transportation will eventually be lithium powered, or at least lithium-enhanced.  The PowerArmor Lithium envisions this future, and creates a bridge.

2015 and newer Ford F-150 owners will be excited about Torklift’s new Ford F-150 SuperHitch Hero.  Redesigned for the aluminum-bodied truck, the SuperHitch Hero maximizes the towing capacity of Ford’s best-selling truck.

There’s more, but Torklift isn’t talking.  All we can say is that the team’s enthusiasm for whatever they’re doing is certain.  They are definitely up to something.

To get the full low down on the new products, we talked to Jack Kay, President of Torklift International.

GlowStep Revolution Uprising

Tell us about the Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising and why you are excited about it.

A lot of Torklift customers have seen our GlowStep Revolution step system and wanted a similar solution for their rear and side-entry truck campers that lack a step well.  The side-entry truck camper manufacturers also asked us to develop this product.

The new GlowStep Revolution Uprising not only offers the quality of our proven GlowStep system, but also the versatility and flexibility of vertical height adjustment.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Pushing Steps In

The most unique feature of the new step system is the built-in booster step.  The built-in booster step makes the GlowStep Revolution Uprising perfect for rear and side-entry campers because it is convertible when the camper is on or off the truck.  The convertible feature is a first for the RV marketplace.

Internally, we have been shortening the GlowStep Revolution Uprising name to its initials, “GSRU”.  Are you good with that?

Yes, GSRU.  Love it.

There certainly is a need for a better step system for campers without step wells – especially the side entry campers.  Over the years we have had several fellow truck campers submit mods to address this challenge.  Do you think we might see the GSRU come standard on future side-entry truck campers?

Yes, but that’s all I can say about that at this time.

Does the GSRU replace the GlowStep Revolution that proceeded it?

No, it does not.  The two products address different applications.  We will also continue with the Stow N’ Go.  Each of these products solves a different truck camper step challenge and will continue to be available.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Door

Speaking of the Stow N’ Go, one of the best aspects of that product are the adjustable All Terrain Landing Gear.  The GSRU seems to incorporate a new version of the All Terrain Landing Gear.

That is correct.  First, the GSRU All Terrain Landing Gear has 7.5-inches of adjustment.  Due to the nature of the side-entry challenge, the GSRU All Terrain Landing Gear needs more height adjustment than the Stow N’ Go system requires.  The feet on the GSRU step system are also narrower to better fit the camper’s door opening during travel.

How much additional height does the built-in door step add?

There is 7.5-inches of adjustment from the All Terrain Landing Gear and an additional 7.5-inches of height with the booster step.  In total, that’s 15-inches of vertical height adjustment.

Once fully deployed, some existing side-entry step systems can leave a 1-foot gap to the ground, or more.  How did you determine the gap height that the GSRU needed to meet?

We had meetings with the truck camper manufacturers.  We also conducted our own physical testing and made measurements in the field with specific truck and camper combinations.  15-inches of adjustment covered all of the side-entry applications we encountered.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Folding

I should point out that the GSRU is available in three, four and five step versions.  The extra step is for side-entry campers with rail height basements.  With three available versions, the GSRU offers a solution for every rear and side-entry camper, and many flatbed applications as well.

Side Door Torklift GlowStep Double Step

It would be very interesting to see this system on a flatbed.  Will the camper manufacturers need to beef-up the framing and/or add blocking to accommodate the GSRU Uprising?

No.  It is designed to fit 24 or 28-inch door frames.  That covers the majority of everything being produced.

Torklift GlowStep Uprising Attachment Points

The system features corner brackets that bolt to the inside flange of the door frame.  There is also a triangular bracket on the floor.  Two screws go through the aluminum door frame to hold the bracket from moving around.

When you step onto the system, the weight is applied vertically to the camper floor itself.  Truck camper floors are built exceptionally strong to support the structure when the camper is lifted onto its jacks.

Glowstep Revolution Inside Door During Travel

How fast and easy is the GSRU to set-up and deploy?

It’s simple.  After you open the camper door there’s a slide-lever which is also a safety catch.  The steps store over the center of the hinge points.  Even if you don’t latch it, it won’t fall.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Stowed

Once the latch is released, you take the step assembly and rotate it out the door.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Collapsed

Essentially, you grasp the steps, walk backwards a few feet as the steps are extending, and lower the steps to the ground.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Extra Step

If you need to drop the booster step, slide the corresponding lever and the booster step will slide out.  It then automatically extends.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Adjustability

The final item is to adjust the All Terrain Landing gear for height, and to adjust to different ground height differences.  If one side of the ground is taller than the other, just click the feet one more position higher or lower and you’re all set.

The video really helps to see all of that in action.  Is the GSRU sold as an entire system – like the Stow N’ Go system?

Yes, the GSRU is all one system like the Stow N’ Go.  When you get it, there is nothing more you need in order for it to work.

There are some optional accessories to further enhance the product.  For example, the Torklift DirtDestroyer, SafeStep, and GlowGuide handrail all work with the GSRU step system.

Torklift GlowStep Uprising Attachment Points

Can owners of older side-entry units install the GSRU step system.  For example, a 2018 Eagle Cap 1160, 2016 Northstar 12STC, 2015 Lance 1172, 2012 Chalet TS116, or a 2007 Okanagan 117DBL?

Yes, owners of those side-entry campers should be able to install this new system.

There is a picture graph on our website that shows you how to measure your unit and select the correct GSRU for your camper.  You can also give us a call and we will walk you through the fitment process.

The fitment process is very straight forward.  First, measure the door sill plate.  Second, measure from the inside of the door gap from the bottom of the doorway to the sill plate.  Third, measure from the sill plate to the ground to determine how many steps you need to order.  Inside the flange will be either 24-inches or 28-inches.  Those are standard RV industry door widths, but you need to know which one you have.

Is the GSRU something that a truck camper owner can install themselves?

Absolutely!  It’s designed as a do-it-yourself installation. It’s not difficult.  Of course, some customers will prefer to have their local Torklift International dealer perform the installation.

What does the GSRU weigh?

That all depends on the number of steps needed.  A three-step system weighs 44-pounds.  A four-step system weighs 51-pounds.  A five-step system weighs 57-pounds.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Build Process

What is the MSRP of the GSRU?

Again, it depends on the number of steps needed.  The MSRP for the three-step system is $590.99.  The MSRP for the four-step system is $641.99.  The MSRP for the five-step system is $681.99.  Currently, the system is only being sold through select Torklift International dealers.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Quality Control

Does this product feature Torklift International’s Lifetime Warranty?

It most certainly does.  The GSRU is covered by Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.  It wouldn’t be anything else.  It’s also made in USA at Torklift International with locally sourced materials.

Is there anything else about the GSRU that you want TCM readers to know?

I want to applaud our product engineers, designers, and product development teams. This step system design was extremely challenging.  There was a lot of testing, adjusting and perfecting.  We are very excited about this new patent pending product.

Being able to provide an extra layer of safety for not just side-entry truck campers, but all of the RV industry is what are focused on.  We want to make sure people are building memories and not getting attacked by gravity.

PowerArmor Lithium Solar Torklift

You are also announcing the Torklift PowerArmor Lithium.  Where did the concept of this product come from?

We were approached by two lithium battery manufacturers, Battleborn and GoPower, because they liked the Torklift PowerArmor DH.  While that product is designed for flooded and AGM Group 24 and Group 27 batteries, the lithium battery companies wanted something specific for their products.

We sent the lithium battery companies the PowerArmor DH product and then collaborated with them on an integrated design to properly hold and protect lithium batteries.  The new PowerArmor Lithium can hold flooded and AGM batteries, but it’s specifically designed for lithium batteries.

How is this product different than the PowerArmor DH?

The standard PowerArmor DH has nylon straps.  The PowerArmor Lithium has aluminum grade framework that locks lithium batteries in position.  The battery is held in a pocket, so it is very secure.

There is also a special adjustable lock system to accommodate different sizes of lithium batteries.  The PowerArmor Lithium boxes are designed specifically to hold batteries from Battleborn and GoPower.  The way their batteries sit and are held down is different than a typical RV battery.

Are the lithium batteries not standard Group 24 and Group 27 sizes?

The companies say they are Group 24, Group 27 and Group 31 batteries, but they vary dimensionally from one lithium battery manufacturer to another.  For example, GoPower’s Group 31 battery is nowhere close to a standard Group 31 battery size.  We designed the PowerArmor Lithium to accommodate these size differences.

Lithium batteries are a fast-emerging trend, but it hasn’t caught on for standard camper use.  Is this a forward-looking product, or do you believe the time is right for lithium batteries?

I think the market is ready for lithium batteries.  The dealers that say consumers are not going to pay that much money for a battery are not selling them.  Other dealers who are excited about lithium are selling them by the pallet and asking for our battery boxes.

What does the PowerArmor Lithium weigh?

The weight of the PowerArmor Lithium is 28-pounds.

What is the MSRP for the PowerArmor Lithium?

The MSRP is $339.99 for the PowerArmor Lithium, and $511.99 for the PowerArmor Lithium Solar.  They are available for purchase now.

And the warranty? I think you guys have something of a warranty.

The PowerArmor Lithium is covered by Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

SuperHitch Hero Torklift

Finally, Torklift is announcing the SuperHitch Hero 15K for Ford F-150 trucks. How is this product different from the SuperHitch Hero announced in 2013?

In 2013 we came out with the Torklift SuperHitch Hero for half-ton trucks.  As a product designed in 2013, it was not compatible with the radically redesigned aluminum-bodied 2015 and newer Ford F-150 trucks.

We now have a SuperHitch Hero 15K for the 2015 and newer Ford F-150s.  The Ford F-150 is the number one selling truck on the road.  People with newer F-150s want the Hero’s 15,000 pound capacity.

Did the new F-150 compatible Hero require a lot of changes?

It’s completely different because of the new design of the Ford F-150.  It was quite an engineering feat.

The result is the biggest, baddest trailer hitch for the F-150.  The Torklift SuperHitch Hero 15K will allow the truck to do what it is capable of doing.  And it has the ability to run extensions.  And it’s a no drill installation.  Plus, it’s made the USA and features Torklift International’s Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

What is the weight of the Ford F-150 SuperHitch Hero 15K?

The weight is 99-pounds.

What is the MSRP of the Ford F-150 SuperHitch Hero 15K?

The MSRP is $635.99.

That was quite a deluge of new product announcements from Torklift International. Are there more Torklift International truck camper products set to debut this year?

Absolutely!  More is on the way!

For more information about Torklift International, visit their website at  Click here to request a free Torklift brochure.


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