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Torklift International Announces SuperHitch Hero

Torklift International debuts the SuperHitch Hero, an all-new hitch designed specifically for half-ton trucks.  They also tease the Lock and Load, and upper hitch accessories.


Something important is happening in the world of half-ton trucks.  In recent years, the payload and towing capacities of half-ton trucks has increased to the point where half-ton trucks can be seen as viable candidates for a growing number of truck camper rigs.  The truck camper manufacturers have responded by building lighter models designed specifically for the increased payload of these half-ton trucks.

But, just as any one-ton won’t necessarily payload match every full-size camper, every half-ton won’t necessarily payload match the new lighter weight campers.  You always need to carefully calculate camper wet, and loaded weight and match that weight against the actual truck payload capacity, no matter what the truck or camper.  That said, the fact that new half-ton trucks offer more payload and towing capacity opens up the possibilities.

Torklift International has also been keeping an eye on the new half-ton trucks.  For years they have completely focused their Torklift International SuperHitch product line on three-quarter and one-ton heavy duty trucks.  With the increasing popularity and capacities of the new half-tons, they are announcing a new SuperHitch product, the Torklift International SuperHitch Hero.

To learn more about the Torklift International SuperHitch Hero, we talked to Jack Kay, Principal of Torklift International, Jay Taylor, Torklift’s General Manager, and Candice Boutilier, Torklift’s Marketing Director.
TCM: What led Torklift International to develop the SuperHitch Hero?

Jay: Torklift International customers have requested a SuperHitch for half-ton trucks for many years.  Jack decided the time was right to look into this market at the end of last year.  With our many years of hitch manufacturing experience, and our new facility, we certainly have the capability and capacity to do it.

Jack: The Torklift International SuperHitch Hero is much more than just a trailer hitch, starting with its dual receivers.  The dual receivers make the SuperHitch Hero more substantial than a regular half-ton hitch.  It is all about safety and being overbuilt.  It’s basically bullet proof.

The Torklift International SuperHitch Hero is also more versatile offering more possibilities than just towing.  Have you ever seen the Pixar movie The Incredibles?  I own the film, and enjoy watching it with my grandkids.  I admit it.  Well, the Torklift International SuperHitch Hero, like the “Supers” in The Incredibles, is multi-talented.  For example, we will be rolling out a series of accessories for the Torklfit International SuperHitch Hero that will be able to use the upper receiver.

Instead of just hooking up the ball mount for towing, you will be able to use the upper receiver for things like a winch mount, bike rack, barbecue, generator tray, and a cargo tray.  There’s a long list here of upper receiver accessories that we plan to announce.

Jay: For truck campers with an overhang, you can also use our Torklift International SuperTruss extensions with the SuperHitch Hero.  We have various extension lengths that can be used when you bring along your bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs.  And when you’re not using your truck camper, you can still tow behind your truck and use the accessories for the upper receiver.

Another accessory that we will be debuting in the near future for the Torklift International SuperHitch Hero is the Lock and Load.  The Lock and Load holds a generator or tool boxes in a tray that mounts on the upper receiver.  Once there, no one can get to the Lock and Load unless they have a key.  While it was originally designed for the SuperHitch Hero, it will work with any hitch, on any vehicle type along with the SuperHitch Towing Series.

TCM: Will the Lock and Load fit a Honda EU2000i portable generator?

Jay: Yes.


Above (click to enlarge): Computer controlled high definition plasma cuts with the SuperHitch Hero

TCM: That could be very useful.  Was the Torklift International SuperHitch Hero designed in SolidWorks, or was it developed on the bench?

Jay: We use SolidWorks for just about everything.  SolidWorks is directly connected to our CNC plasma cutters allowing us a level of quality and precision that sets Torklift International products apart.  If you own just about any Torklift International product, you can see the quality that SolidWorks and our CNC plasma cutters allow us to achieve.


Above: Computer controlled auto-feed saw cutting the SuperHitch Hero cross tubes


Above (click to enlarge): Welding and bending the side plates at their location in Sumner, Washington

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