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Torklift International Announces Stow N’ Go

Torklift International announces the Stow N’ Go step system integrating Torklift International’s GlowStep scissor steps, a storage bracket, and adjustable All-Terrain Landing Gear into a complete and easy to deploy camper step system.

Torklift Stow N Go Step System

“Did you remember to close the top vents?”

“Yes, Angela.”

“How about the side windows?


“The one in the bathroom, too?”

“Yes, closed.”

“And the rear steps?  Did you put them up?”

“The steps are up, the vents are closed, and the windows are shut.  Let’s roll.”

This was a typical conversation between Angela and I in our early truck camping years.  Even then, we often drove around with the TV antenna completely up, or left a bowl on the counter that launched itself onto the floor.  There was always something we forgot.  Thankfully, we’re long past making most of those mistakes.  Knock on wood.

What we love more than anything are products that eliminate, by design, the opportunity to forget things.  For example, we now have a King Jack antenna that doesn’t extend or retract.  It’s literally impossible to leave it up.  No more phone calls like, “Ah, Gordon…  You guys just left the rally with your antenna up.”  Doh!

Along these lines, Torklift International is announcing the Stow N’ Go, an all-in-one scissor step system and storage solution designed to make storing camper steps a snap.  No more worrying that your scissor steps might not be stored properly, or tracking dirt into your camper, or scratching your floor.  Been there, done that.

To find out more about Torklift International’s new product, we talked to Jay Taylor, General Manager, and Jack Kay, President of Torklift International.

Torklift Stow N Go stowed and deployed

TCM: Where did the idea for the Stow N’ Go come from?

Jack: We work with a lot of truck camper manufacturers and, over the years, have had a lot of conversations with these companies about their bumpers and step systems.

During more recent conversations with the OEMs, we were asked to develop a step assembly that would give truck camper customers more peace of mind about their scissor steps staying in position while traveling down the road.

With the Stow N’ Go, truck camper owners don’t have to store their scissor steps inside their coach.  And by keeping the steps outside the unit, water and mud don’t get inside the camper.  Another benefit is the steps won’t shift while in transit and possibly damage the camper’s floor or anything in the camper.

Stow N' Go with the Torklift Glow Step system

Above: The Stow N’ Go works in conjunction with the entire Torklift GlowStep system

TCM: Describe how the Stow N’ Go system is deployed, and then reset for travel.

Jack: To deploy the Stow N’ Go steps, the customer simply pulls the two draw latches on either side of the GlowSteps, gently lifts the GlowSteps out of the Stow N’ Go bracket, and extends and lowers the GlowSteps to the ground.  If necessary, the included All Terrain Landing Gear feet can then be adjusted to meet uneven ground.

TCM: Why did Torklift International integrate the All-Terrain Landing Gear into the Stow N’ Go system?

Jay: By including the All Terrain Landing Gear into the Stow N’ Go system, we are addressing the entire problem.  The All Terrain Landing Gear adjusts the steps to the contours of the ground making the steps significantly more stable.

Steps stay on camper during travel

Above: Your GlowSteps can stay attached to your camper during travel; white brackets pictured

TCM: Truck campers go to some fairly extreme places.  How does the Stow N’ Go system avoid shaking itself open while traveling?

Jack: We’ve heavily abused the Stow N’ Go system during testing.  The draw latches are the same automotive grade that you find on the hood of a Jeep or race car.  They’re a lot more than what we needed, but we are a lifetime warranty company.

We want the assurance that the customer will get the best product possible.  We designed the Stow N’ Go to handle UV rays, shaking, and temperature extremes.  Everything was taken into consideration when we developed the Stow N’ Go.

Stow N Go with black bracket

Above: The Stow N’ Go with the black bracket

Jay: There are a lot of companies out there that have a lifetime warranty.  We are unique because there are not a lot of requirements with our warranty.  If you are unhappy with our product, we stand behind it.

We do this because of our process and how well and overbuilt Torklift International products are made.  We have many steps to our manufacturing including building prototypes, field testing, and product evaluators.  During the field tests we get recommendations and make adjustments.

We know the parameters for a lifetime warranty.  Our philosophy is that you buy it once and you buy it for life.  Some warranties out there are for parts only.  We don’t take that approach.  We see it as our problem, and make sure your needs are addressed.  We want to make sure our value is promising.

TCM: How much length does the Stow N’ Go system potentially add to a truck camper rig?

Jack: That depends on where the system is mounted.  The Stow N’ Go system will come out about 10 inches from where you mount it.

The majority of hard side campers have a bumper.  If a unit has a bumper, the bumper is generally equal or past where the Stow N’ Go will set during travel.

Torklift International Stow N' Go step system

Above: Pull two pins and the GlowSteps can be removed

TCM: Ferries including the Alaska Marine Highway charge by the foot length.  Could the Stow N’ Go system be easily removed and later re-installed in these situations?

Jay: Absolutely.  By pulling two pins, the GlowSteps come off, and can be stored inside the unit.  After your ferry ride, you can put them back on and you’re ready to go.

Stow N' Go manufacturing in Washington state

Above: The Stow N’ Go is manufactured at Torklift International in Sumner, Washington

TCM: For folks who are interested in center of gravity and weight, what does the Stow N’ Go system weigh?

Jay: To minimize weight and maximize strength, the Stow N’ Go system, including the bracket, GlowSteps, and All Terrain Landing, is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum.

The four step Stow N’ Go system, including the bracket, is 27.5 pounds.  It’s about 3.5 pounds for the Stow N’ Go bracket itself.  The All Terrain Landing Gear is 3 pounds.  The GlowSteps are the remaining 21 pounds.

The Stow N Go bracket that goes on your camper

Above: The footprint of the Stow N’ Go is 3.5-inches by 19-inches

TCM: How does a customer know if the Stow N’ Go system is compatible with their truck camper?

Jack: The Stow N’ Go system will mount on a horizontal or vertical surface.  The footprint is 3.5-inches by 19-inches.  The installation requirements and process is covered in the installation instructions on our website.

You can mount the Stow N’ Go bracket to a camper’s bumper.  There are standard fasteners, nuts, and bolts that you use for assembly through the backsplash of the bumper.

Most of the OEMs saw the Stow N’ Go system at the Elkhart Open House last September.  Since then there’s been a lot of interest from manufacturers on the Stow N’ Go and a number of them are testing the system now.  Lance Campers will have it on display at RV shows this year, as will Cirrus Campers.

Stow N' Go with the GlowSteps deployed

Above: The Stow N’ Go with the GlowSteps deployed

TCM: Is the Stow N’ Go system something customers can install themselves, or should they have their local Torklift International dealer install it?

Jay: It’s really an either or.  It’s similar to the original GlowStep and GlowStep Revolution.  You pop a few holes, mount the bracket, load the steps, and you’re good to go.  It’s not a hard install if you’re handy, have standard hand tools and a drill.

Jack: Some folks don’t have the time or background with tools.  That’s where a Torklift International dealer can help.  Either way, it’s a quick installation.

Stow N Go with the GlowSteps and All Terrain Landing Gear

Above: The Stow N’ Go is compatible with the GlowStep system

All Terrain Landing Gear by Torklift International

Above: The Stow N’ Go is compatible with the GlowStep system including the All Terrain Landing Gear

TCM: Is the Stow N’ Go system universally compatible with the other GlowStep accessories; GlowGuide Handrail, SafeStep pet safety barriers, and the Dirt Destroyer?

Jay: Yes, indeed.

Manufacturing the Stow N' Go at Torklift International

Above: Welding the Stow N’ Go at Torklift International

TCM: Is the Stow N’ Go system 100% made in the USA?

Jack: Yes.

Torklift Stow N' Go on a truck camper

TCM: What is the MSRP for the complete Stow N’ Go system including GlowSteps and All-Terrain Landing Gear?  3-Step, 4-Step, and 5-Step.

Jack: The MSRP for the complete Stow N’ Go system including GlowSteps and All-Terrain Landing Gear is $402.99 for the 3-step, $449.99 for the 4-step, and $497.99 for the 5-step.

TCM: What is the MSRP for the Stow N’ Go upgrade kit for standard GlowSteps?

Jack: The MSRP for the Stow N’ Go upgrade kit is $139.99. The upgrade kit contains the Stow N’ Go bracket for folks who already have a GlowStep system.

Customers can choose between black and white powder coat for their Stow N’ Go bracket.  We powder coat the aircraft aluminum brackets in house for the ultimate protection against the elements and road debris.  Both colors are the same price.

TCM: When will the Stow N’ Go bracket and system be available?

Jay: They’re available now through our Torklift and Torklift Certified dealer network.

For more information on the Stow N’ Go, please visit Torklift’s website at  To get a Torklift brochure, click here.

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