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Torklift International Expands PowerArmor DH Battery Box Line

Last September, Torklift International announced three new products in Truck Camper Magazine; HiddenPower under bed auxiliary battery mount, the Fortress GasLock propane tank security system, and the PowerAmor DH locking battery box.


Above: The Torklift HiddenPower under bed auxiliary battery mount installed

Of the three announcements, the HiddenPower, which is now available for Ford, GM, and Dodge trucks, was the product that immediately captured our attention.  The idea of having an auxiliary battery mounted under the truck for additional camper power makes a lot of sense.  Since the announcement we have heard from a good number of TCM readers who are looking forward to adding the HiddenPower to their rigs this year.


Above: The PowerArmor DH locking battery box installed on a trailer hitch

The PowerArmor DH initially appears like a product designed exclusively for travel trailer applications, but our recent, “Tow Anything” two-part series clearly showed just how many truck camper owners are using trailer hitches to tow cargo trailers and other types of trailers where the PowerArmor DH could be mounted.

The PowerArmor DH adds two batteries to your power reserve in a bolted and locked aluminum box.  The original version of the PowerArmor DH accommodates two Group 24 or Group 27 batteries.  For most of us, that would be a doubling of battery power for our truck camper rig.

Above: The taller PowerArmor DH designed for six-volt batteries.

Soon after the PowerArmor DH was released, Torklift International received dealer and customer requests to make a taller version of it to accommodate popular six-volt golf cart style batteries.  To meet this request, Torklift International is announcing a 12 7/8” high box for six-volt batteries.

Although we do not have first-hand experience with six-volt batteries in truck camper use, six-volt batteries are known to be less expensive than 12-volt batteries and can last longer during deep cycle discharge.  Sounds like a good idea for a future article; 12-volt vs. 6-volt batteries.

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