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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2019 Lance Camper Updates

Adjustable Slide Bar Shower Head Assembly

New residential styled shower head (975 / 1172)

It’s a shower head that works and it doesn’t pulsate hot and cold. It’s aerated and more of a residential handle and bar that slides up and down. It fits in the dry baths. We are now looking at applications for this shower head and bar for our wet baths.

Dometic range has lower cast iron grates

Dometic residential range design

The new Dometic range has lower cast iron grates which gives you a better cooking surface. It’s more residential in appearance and an upgraded design. Dometic bought Atwood and retooled everything. It’s a nice update to a 20-year old design.

Marine Toilet Foot Pedal

New Dometic toilet

Dometic has bought a lot of companies. It’s a big player in the industry. The new toilet is a foot flush. We don’t use porcelain toilets in truck campers because of weight. Porcelain is only in our trailers.

New amber/white combination patio light

When you are outside camping, sometimes you want to see something in white light and sometimes you may want amber light to avoid attracting bugs. With our new amber-white combination light, you can change colors with a switch.

Sofa Slide Out Switch 1172

Revised hard wired galley/sofa slide-out switch

The hard wired system for the slide-outs is changed so that it doesn’t get snagged. It’s a quality upgrade.

Slide Out Covers Wider

For 2019, the slide-out covers are wider for maximum coverage. Are you using the same cover that’s just wider, or are you using a different cover all together?

We’re using the same slide-out covers, but they now cover the entire width to better protect from water and debris. It’s the same thing, just wider.

Mountain Graphics Lance Camper

New enhanced Mountain Scene graphics design is listed as an update for 2019. Does that mean the Mountain Scene graphics have been a success?

Yes, they have been successful. For 2019, we enhanced the Mountain Scene graphics with more definition and shading. A lot of people don’t want to look like everyone else. The Mountain Scene graphics give you a choice. We are actually playing with other graphic scenes now and might debut additional scenes next year.

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