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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Palomino RV Announcements

Palomino RV updates their 2016 line with a new north-south cabover, radius dinette seating, LED ambient lighting, new wall treatments, and a trip through the shine bay.

palomino rv camper announcements 2016

For the past few years, Palomino RV has been on a roll.  In 2013, they debuted the 2911 double-slide and partnered with Torklift International to develop the Landing Pad extended rear storage bumper.

In 2014, they launched two new Palomino truck campers and completely redesigned their Palomino pop-up camper line.  The creme de la creme of 2014 was an innovative new electric pop-up roof mechanism from Rieco-Titan, complete with a key fob remote control.

Last October, Palomino RV set their truck camping design on stun and launched a large automotive-style front windshield and wrap-around fiberglass nose cap that took just about everyone in the truck camper community – including us – by surprise.  Then they re-worked their floor plans, finessed their cabinetry, updated their table tops, and debuted a next-generation in-wall slide mechanism.

For 2016, the news is, quite understandably, not quite as ground breaking.  Beyond their pioneering Line-X coated Body Armor Edition, the 2016 Palomino truck camper announcements are mostly about making their existing models better.   A pop-up camper gets a north-south cabover, cabinetry and storage has been enhanced, and wall treatments and fabrics have been updated.  And yes, Palomino RV got the memo on the interior LED ambient lighting trend.

The most exciting news is what Palomino RV is working on to push their quality control forward.  The shine bay, as they call it, promises to make Palomino truck campers not just a value leader, but also a more competitive product based on quality.  Clearly we need to get into the Palomino factory and see this shine bay for ourselves, but we are already thrilled with the concept.

To find out exactly what has changed for 2016, including the shine bay, we contacted Pat Hines, Director of Camper Marketing for Palomino RV.

TCM: Are there any Palomino RV truck camper models being discontinued for 2016?

Pat: No, we are not currently discontinuing any truck camper models for 2016.


Above: The Palomino SS-1251 pop-up model is now offered in a north-south overcab configuration – click to enlarge

TCM: Other than the new Body Armor Edition, are there any new Palomino truck camper models for 2016?

Pat: No, we are not introducing any new models for 2016.  2016 is mostly a refinement year for our truck campers.

We are debuting a significant revision one of our most popular pop-up truck camper models, the SS-1251.  We have changed the SS-1251 from an east-west cabover to a north-south cabover.  This follows the success of the north-south configured SS-550 and the SS-1240.

Dealers and customers have asked us to change the SS-1251 to north-south, and we are excited to offer that change for the 2016 model year.

To accommodate the longer cabover, we went to a stronger and thicker laminated cabover structure.  The north-south cabover change eliminated the under bed storage, but added two large hampers running the length of the cabover on either side of the bed.  The hampers offer about the same amount of storage as the under bed storage area and are accessible without needing to lift the bed.


Above: Cabinetry and a netted cubby hole was added to the Palomino SS-1251 pop-up model – click to enlarge

Additionally, we extended the overhead cabinetry in the SS-1251.  We also added an additional netted cubby hole.  Obviously, storage is king with truck campers.  We found some unused real estate so we added some new storage areas.

TCM: How much weight did the north-south cabover and new cabinetry add to the SS-1251?

Pat: The north-south cabover and cabinetry added about 86 pounds.  The change also moved the center of gravity forward.

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