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OEV Hudson Bay Hard Side vs Pop-Up

In a mind-blowing side-by-side, Overland Expedition Vehicles put a Hudson Bay hard side right next to a Hudson Bay pop-up and let folks explore the same floor plan in completely different presentations. Which would you choose—hardtop or convertible?

Overland Expo West 2024 OEV

OEV brought two Hudson Bay models with a fun twist. On the left is a 2024 OEV Hudson Bay hard side. On the right, is a 2024 Hudson Bay pop-up. Both all-composite flatbed models share exactly the same floor plans and utilize OEV’s Aluma-Trays, but are very different campers in person.

OEV Hudson Bay Hard Side Exterior

The Hudson Bay hard side has tons of aluminum upper cabinetry and thermal pane windows throughout the camper. OEV manufactures nearly every facet of their campers in-house allowing them to take full advantage of available space.

OEV Hudson Bay HardSide Cabover Wide

The back of the hard side version has more upper cabinetry and thermal pane windows.

OEV Hudson Bay HardSide Dinette Wide

With the door closed, the hard side feels isolated from the outdoors. It’s quiet. It’s well insulated. You feel like you’re in your own private world.

OEV Hudson Bay Pop Up Cabover Wide

The Hudson Bay pop-up is another experience all-together. Gone are the hard walls, thermal pane windows, and upper cabinetry. Now we have 360 degrees of pop-up soft wall and windows pouring in daylight and outside sounds.

OEV Hudson Bay Pop Up Dinette Wide

The back of the pop-up version has the same dinette as the hard side, but the upper storage is traded in for a visceral connection to the outdoors. I liken this difference between a hard top car and a convertible. And like that comparison, it’s truly incredible how different the experience is—even with the exact same floor plan!

OEV Hudson Bay Pop Up Exterior

There’s so much to OEV and their composite approach that I don’t have space to cover here. I recommend checking out the OEV factory tour for an in-depth look at how OEV builds campers. There’s a reason why OEV is a hot brand in the high-end overland market.

For more information on the OEV Hudson Bay Hard Side or Pop-Up, visit their website at Click here for a free OEV brochure.


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