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8 Lagun Table System Projects

Eight fellow truck campers push the possibilities of the ever popular Lagun table leg system. Have a tight space that needs a better table and leg solution? Here are eight inspiring ideas.

Eight Lagun Table System Projects For Truck Campers

Ten years ago the Dream Dinette table system took the truck camper marketplace by storm. In wall-mounted system replaced the decades-old single and double table posts created more leg room and a more stable platform. Even better, the Dream Dinette was easy to unlock and push down to create a bed platform in a face-to-face dinette. For larger campers with face-to-face dinettes, the Dream Dinette was truly as advertised.

What the Dream Dinette did not address were smaller campers without the space or floor plan to accommodate a face-to-face dinette. These smaller units were left with the old post and pedestal system. As a result, many truck campers would remove their factory tables and posts and either do without, or bring portable and stow-able table solutions. Think TV or tray tables; not exactly ideal.

Straight out of Sweden, the Lagun table leg system was originally developed for the marine industry. Like the Dream Dinette, the Lagun attaches to a wall or vertical surface and eliminates posts and pedals. Even better, the Lagun table leg system quickly adjusts up and down on its mounting plate, moves and rotates to where it’s needed, and then locks down solid.

Needless to say, this was the table leg and solution the smaller truck camper market had been waiting for, and it too has taken the marketplace by storm. Well over a dozen truck camper manufacturers now install the Lagun table leg system as standard on their smaller models. What’s surprised us is how many fellow truck campers have taken notice and installed Lagun table leg systems in their campers.

The versatility of the Lagun system opens it up to a wide range of uses. What follows are eight clever Lagun-inspired truck camper modifications. Lagun, to the moon.

1. Sliding Lagun Table System

Submitted by: Peter Brown, 2022 Ford F-350, 2019 Cirrus 820

We liked the original tabletop in our Cirrus 820, especially in that it can be used to turn the dinette into a bed. We used that feature several times when our son was with us. But, the original tabletop hangs over what I always thought is a lot of useable floor space. Floor space is in short supply in a truck camper.

To regain that space, my idea was to shorten the table. I bought a butcher block section that is 25-inches wide by 24-inches deep. The original table was the same width, but 38-inches deep.

I used a Lagun Table swing arm that is against the wall most of the time and we swing it out for eating on the bench seats. However, the arm itself was too long for where the tabletop needed to be while eating.

I started looking for a way to slide the new tabletop against the wall for the floor space, and then to pull it straight out from the wall for eating. But I just couldn’t find anything that would work.

Then it hit me. I already had a sliding plate on the Lagun. Why not use that? With the slider, one can mount the table at whatever height is needed. So I mounted the plate that normally goes on the bottom of the tabletop to the wall of the camper.

Sliding Lagun Table System 3

I had to add a piece of plywood for additional support. The arm for the plate is too short with the plate that normally goes on the wall and slides up and down on its own arm.

Sliding Lagun Table System 6

This actually makes a very nice stop for stuff we store underneath the tabletop.

Sliding Lagun Table System 1

It allows the tabletop to be locked against the wall when we need the floor space, and then we move it out for sitting at the bench seats while eating.

Sliding Lagun Table System pushed out

This mod has worked out terrific. My wife made fun of me for trying to gain an extra two or so square-feet of floor space, but now she firmly agrees that it makes a ton of difference for the two of us trying to move around each other without that darn table being in the way.

Sliding Lagun Table System 5

Two drawer latches hold the table firmly against the wall even on the roughest roads. It’s very easy to undo the lock holding the table on the sliding arm, pull the table off the drawer latches, slide the table out, and lock it down again. We now have a lovely table right where we need it for eating.

Sliding Lagun Table System 2

The main material needed is the Lagun Table system. Lots of people have modified their dinette tables using these. The swing-arm is pretty limiting in exactly where you can swing it, so think about using the slider instead.

You will also need another splined tap/dowel from Lagun ($20) to anchor the other end of the slider bar to the wall. I just used a piece of plywood that the dowel fits into so that there are no new holes in the wall except for some screws to hold the plywood flat against the wall.

I also used 1/2-inch plywood for the new wall mount (see photos), and two RV-style cabinet drawer latches (check on Amazon). You will need a new tabletop. The butcher block we used was bought from our local hardwood dealer for $60 and was pre-finished. I just needed to screw it to the Lagun plate that normally goes on the wall of the camper.

It took me six hours to complete this modification. It cost me $280. In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is medium.

2. The Two Lagun Mount Solution

Submitted by: Jim Davis, 2019 GMC Sierra, 2019 Northstar Liberty

Lagun Table Can Be Used Outside Or Inside Camper

I wanted to make the existing Northstar Lagun table usable on the outside of my camper. My solution was to purchase another mounting bracket from the Lagun USA website and install it on the exterior of my camper.

Lagun Table Leg Used And Set Up Outside

Lagun Table Leg Used Outside

To put it together, I welded a stock Lagun mounting bracket to my rear passenger’s side Torklift tie-down bracket using steel that I had on hand. The pictures show how it attaches together.

Lagun Table Used Outside Mounting Bracket

Lagun Table Used Outside Welded To Tie Down

When it’s not in use, I do not leave the table leg outside. I move the table and leg back into the camper. The table outside operates with the swivel function just like on the inside.

Lagun Table Used Outside While Cooking Under Awning

This mod has been excellent. In the picture above, you can see how easy it is to use the window of the camper to pass food items. And it’s all under the awning!

It took me three hours to complete this modification and cost me $75, plus the cost of the mounting bracket.  At the time, it was about $50. In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is medium.

3. LazyBoy-Style Dinette With Double Laguns

Submitted by: Charles Coushaine, 2001 Ford F-350, 2012 Chalet DS116RB

Lagun Tables in a Camper

I converted my dinette to Lazy-Boy style chairs several years ago, and today I update the tables for each chair to the ever-popular Lagun type. Wow, what a difference!

Lagun Making Mounting Blocks

To begin the table modification, I first removed the tables that I originally made and saved the beautiful bamboo tabletops. Then I added the new Lagun table mounts to the bottom sides.

Lagun Adding Mounting Plate To Dinette

I then cut, routed, sanded, stained, and polyurethaned two new wooden spacer pieces that were custom fit to the front edge of my dinette. These were then carefully glued and screwed to the dinette to form a very secure and strong base for the Lagun mounting plate. This is perhaps the most important step because if the mounting plate is not secure, the table will not be rigid.

Lagun Table Mounts Being Installed

The Lagun mounting plate was then secured to my wooden mounting spacer with large #14 wood screws ensuring that the vertical post was exactly vertical.

Lagun Table Finishing Installation

To finish the assembly, the horizontal Lagun part was added, and then the bamboo table.

To see the entire build, watch my video:

These Lagun table mounts are spectacular! Unlike the TV mount that I used before that had multiple joints that required constant finicky tightness adjustments, these Lagun mounts have two pivot points with precise tightening. Once set up, the Lagun mounts keep the tables nice and flat with little to no movement. These are highly recommended!


Lagun USA Tables

LazyBoy Style Floor Chair

It took me ten hours to complete this modification and cost me $375.  In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is medium.

4. New Tables and Lagun Mounting System

Submitted by: Les Sage, 2015 GMC 3500, 2015 Lance 855S

I removed the stock table in my Lance 855S and the area instantly changed into a family room. I can now walk into this area without having to slide my legs under a table. This simple change made the whole inside of the camper appear larger.

I asked myself, do we even need a table? After some thought, I decided yes, but not all the time, and certainly not one so large.

To determine the size, I experimented with cardboard templates. I decided that a 19-inch by 26-inch table was large enough for the two of us, and it will store upright against the exterior wall when a table isn’t needed.

Upon further thought, I decided we might want a small table or shelf for coffee or drinks. So, I made a second table approximately 8-inches by 17-inches in size for those occasions. The larger table is stored upright below the small one.

I made my new tables from some attractive oak-trimmed Formica left over from our granite remodel at home. I also installed two power-USB ports under the table for charging phones and using laptops.

To attach the tables, I decided on a Lagun mounting system. There is no leg to hit my knee and it rotates, providing multiple positions. In addition, it’s easy to remove and store.

Dinette Shows New Table Parallel To Wall

Above: This shows new table parallel to wall

New Longer Dinette Table Attached Lagun Mount On Wall

Above: This shows the new table perpendicular to the wall

Dinette Small Drink Table Also Shows Lagun Table Mount; New Power USB Ports

Above: This shows the small drink table. It also shows the Lagun table mount and the new power and USB ports.

Dinette Tables With Larger One Stowed Under The Drink Table

Above: The tables with the larger one stowed under the drink table

It took me approximately 20 hours to complete this modification and cost me $50. In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is hard.

5. Lagun Table Pedestal Mounted

Submitted by: Carl Isner, 2012 Dodge Ram 5500, 2012 Alaskan Camper

Are you tired of the tables that come in the typical truck camper? Well here is the answer.

Lagun Mount Front Wall

Using a Lagun table pedestal mounted to the wall of the camper, we now have no leg hanging down for the dog to knock down or to bash our shins on.

Lagun Table No Table Leg

Using a pretty piece of wood, we put three coats of bar top finish on the table and now have a perfectly smooth and spillproof tabletop to match the Lagun pedestal.

Lagun Table Wall Mounted

The picture above shows how the table is pivoted to the side for easy access to the bed or to sit side-by-side and watch a movie. Notice that it can articulate to the side, as well as up and down using ratchet levers.

6. Circle Table Using Lagun Mounting System

Submitted by: Kevin Jenckes, 1996 Ford F250, 2006 Northstar 850SC

I have a Northstar 850SC, which I love. It is, however, a typical, non-slide, U-shaped dinette. I was not particularly enthralled with the dinette setup. The table took up a lot of floor room and the table leg was in the way of getting comfortable. The fold-up support for it dug into the side of my leg.

The original rectangular table that is the dinette bed support was impossible to move around. To replace it, I bought a round, unfinished, twenty-four inch pine tabletop from Lowes and made a regulation-sized chess/checkers board. Then I polyurethaned it. This table was still on the damn round table leg out in the middle of the floor and the support still dug in.

I thought long and hard about putting in office or boat chairs, or building two boxes and setting up the chairs and tables at bed rail height. This would give me a better view through the pop-up windows, but I just couldn’t make up my mind.


Then I saw a table leg set up that Northstar offers; a Laguna table leg. The Laguna table leg is adjustable in height and pivots around two points. It’s pretty cool looking.

Internet here I come. Not quite. The only place I could Laguna table legs was in Australia and, with shipping and handling, it was going to be about $400. On my way home from Gettysburg, I swung into Truck Camper Warehouse (where I bought the camper) and Bill Penney had them! He told me that he and Rex from Northstar bought a bunch together from Italy. It was $240 out the door and I bought an extra wall mount for flexibility. Now if I could only find that spare mount in my shop.

It took a little time to decide where I would mount it. This was a little more difficult because the wing door on the dinette side is bigger than the other. I use that space to store water bottles in the truck bed. I had to get the height right and out of the way of the door latch, so I cut out a small chunk of the bed support.

The cushion is squished a little, but so what. The Laguna pivots completely out of the way when I am moving about. No matter which section I sit at, I can swing it around to me, tighten it a quarter turn or so, and clamp the two nice handles. It won’t move if that’s what I desire.

The round table is mounted off-center for more positional options. I may just buy better foam and leave everything as it is now. This table leg would work in any camper table set up. It’s well worth the money. It comes with the hardware and shims for leveling in case you need them. In the picture, you can see the floor cup for the original table leg and how nicely this swings out of the way. The Laguna table leg is awesome.

It took me two hours to decide where and how, and thirty minutes to drill and bolt. The Laguna table leg cost $240. In my opinion, the skill level of this mod is easy.

7. Dream Dinette to Lagun Mounted Table

Submitted by: Gary Goyette, 2016 GMC 3500HD, 2011 Northern Lite 8-11

We love our Northern Lite camper, but the stock table mounting system was a definite pain in the knee. I also did not like how much the table protruded into the aisle.

Table Mount Dream Dinette

I removed the 21-pound existing mounting system and replaced it with a Lagun adjustable RV mounting system.

Table Mount Northern Lite 3

Not knowing what was behind our exterior wall, I added a layer of half-inch plywood and an extended area to space out the table.

Dinette Table Northern Lite Swinging

That added some clearance for mounting nuts.

Table Mount Northern Lite 1

To shorten the table length I sectioned 3-inches out of the top and glued it back together with a wood cleat on the bottom.

Dinette Table Northern Lite 2

The mods on the table work great and it still easily converts to bed. The weight of the new system is only 10-pounds. As an added bonus, the table can be swiveled 360-degrees. Now there is no more knee banging.

Dinette Table Northern Lite Complete

It took me five hours including my design hours to complete this modification. It cost me $180. In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is medium.

8. Small Table Lagun Modification

Submitted by: Terry Fleming, 1999 Ford F-250, 2018 Adventurer 80RB

I have been on a 3.5-year quest for the perfect table.  The table in our camper was too large. We purchased our Adventurer 80RB truck camper in July 2018 and I began a table mod a month later. We love our camper.

The surfboard-like table that came with the camper was nice, but it was too large and heavy for the way we use our camper. Most of the time, we prefer the extra space of not having the table installed. We tried just leaving the table at home, but then we missed having a table.

Modifying The Lagun Mount And Smaller Table

The first table mod was designed around a swivel mount table system made by Lagun. I made a tabletop that was about half the size of the original out of three-quarter-inch plywood and laminate. This was a major improvement but had some limitations. It was still a bit heavy, and eventually, we decided it was larger than our ideal. The table was stored on the bed when not in use.

Modifying The Lagun Mount With Smaller Table

The Lagun base was mounted to a box over the hole where the table mount used to be. The box is plywood covered with a vinyl marine flooring material made by Nautolex. The color and pattern are a close match to the existing flooring. The vinyl can be purchased on Amazon for less than $15 and is easy to work with.

Modifying The Lagun Mount And Smaller Table

After some time, we noticed that the upper arm of the Lagun was too long for the space.

Modifying The Lagun Mount And Smaller Table 5

Rather than cut the aluminum arm, I made a wood replacement from a wheelbarrow handle that I purchased at Home Depot. The handle was hardwood and close to the size needed.

Modifying The Lagun Mount And Smaller Table

The table still had two major drawbacks. It was still a bit too large and storing the table on the bed was a nuisance, so another mod was needed.

Modifying The Lagun Mount and making even Smaller Table

I reduced the size of the tabletop again by approximately half and built a small storage bracket. With the storage bracket, the tabletop and mount can be stored in the area in front of the right side of the couch.

Swinging The Lagun Mount And Smaller Table 11

Above: The modified table. I’ll do the edging after I am certain no more cutting is needed.

Modifying The Lagun Mount And Smaller Table

Above: The newly modified table and mount with storage on the lower right side of the couch.

Modifying The Lagun Mount And Smaller Table 9

Above: This is how it looks when the table is in storage.

This mod cost less than $300 and took 20 or 30 hours (actually 3.5 years) to complete. The skill level is easy.

For more inspiring table ideas, check out “9 Completely New Dinette Tables“.

Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.



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