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Under The Medicine Cabinet Shelf

Welcome to Entry Seven of Bracket Two for March Micro Mod Madness.  The Micro Mod that wins each bracket will advance to the Final Four.

Colasanto Medicine Cabinet Shelf

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Joseph Colasanto, Florissant, Colorado
Under The Medicine Cabinet Shelf
2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500
2019 Eagle Cap 1165

Since we camp for months and not days, our bathroom counter gets covered in clutter.  I wanted a fix for that.  We usually keep an air freshener out along with the sink drain cap and other small things that always get misplaced.

Medicine Cabinet Shelf Before

Above: Medicine cabinet before the modification

Medicine Cabinet Shelf Fitment

Above and below: Placing and fitment of the new shelf

Medicine Cabinet Shelf Fitment Test

Now those items have a dedicated shelf.  I used extra material I had sitting around from a bedroom remodeling mod.  I measured the opening and made pieces that would fit the space.  I even used extra screws from the old project.  After a couple of brad nails and a few screws, it was complete.

Medicine Cabinet Bottom Shelf

The mod is working great!  Now stuff that was on the counter has its own place and is out of the way.

Medicine Cabinet Shelf After

It took me two-hours which was mostly for measuring.  In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is easy.

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