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The 2022 Most Funny and Most Practical Mod Winners

The Most Funny Modder of 2022 tripped over a teenager and made us snarf. The Most Practical Modder pulled our collective storage heartstrings. And the Most Funny and Most Practical Modders of the 2022 are…

2022 Most Funny Practical Mod Awards

When we announced the 2022 World Iron Mod Championship last December, we also announced two new awards; the Most Funny Modder of the Year, and the Most Practical Modder of the Year.

The Most Funny and Most Practical winners have been selected by yours truly and Angela respectively. If you don’t know why I selected the Most Funny and Angela picked the Most Practical, you haven’t been reading Truck Camper Magazine long enough. Let’s just say the awards were typecast.

The Most Funny Modder of 2022

I’ll tell you a secret that everyone that knows me personally already knows. If there’s even the slightest opportunity to add a little humor to what we do here, I’m on it. Yes, I’m sure there are a few Statler and Waldorf Muppets out there who think I’m ridiculous, but that’s okay with me. As far as I’m concerned, TCM is a place you can depend on for fun and constructive entertainment. And if I can make you laugh a few times a year, well that’s a homerun over the chicken wire.

In that spirit, I created the Most Funny Modder of the Year award. Then I waited, ever so patiently, as mod after mod came in. As you hopefully do, I enjoyed reading every mod, and even cracked a smile now and then. Then one mod made me actually laugh out loud, and then smile broadly for the rest of the read. Oh yes my fellow truck camping fans, we have a funny modder among us indeed.

And the winner of the Most Funny Modder of 2022 is…

Cliff Richard of Edmonton, Alberta for his Triple-Slide Bunk Beds Mod

Triple Slide Bunk Conversion

Congratulations, Cliff! You got me.

And I have some fun and humorous awards for your priceless account…

Funny TCM T Shirt Prize

I am sending you two classic TCM T-shirts. Well done, Cliff!

The Most Practical Modder of 2022

Angela loves practical mods. A practical mod is something that applies to as many truck camper models as possible, and nearly every truck camper can use it. And equally important, something nearly every truck camper can do.

The deliberations on which mod would win Most Practical Modder of 2022 went on for days. Technically, it was about an hour or two on a Friday and then another few minutes the following Monday, but you get the idea. In the end, one mod stood out for being truly practical, truly applicable to a good number of truck camper models, simple enough that folks with moderate skills would adapt, and – as a bonus – reused materials to save cost. Now that’s a seriously practical mod.

And the winner of the Most Practical Modder of 2022 is…

Greg Gabert of Seminole, Florida for his Maximizing Dinky Drawers

Maximizing camper drawer size

Congratulations, Greg! Your mod captured Angela’s attention and won her heart. Speaking from experience, that’s no easy feat.

Angela has a very special award for your practical project. Over the past two years, Angela has gone wild with sewing and quilting. She even brings her sewing machine with her when we go truck camping. It’s madness!

Truck Camper Pillow Prize

Angela has made a fun Truck Campers Rock pillow for your home and/or camper. I don’t even have one of these pillows, so I’m a bit jealous. Excellent work, Greg!

Ram Flat Deck PopUp Camper

Above: Greg’s camper that is shown on the pillow

Thank you to everyone – funny, practical or not – who entered this year’s Iron Mod competition. It was a blast.


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