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Full-Height Bathroom Mirror In A Camper

Welcome to Entry Nine of Bracket Three for March Micro Mod Madness.  The Micro Mod that wins each bracket will advance to the Final Four.

Additional Bathroom Mirror

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Kevin G, San Diego, California
Full-Height Bathroom Mirror In A Camper
2014 Ford F-250
2015 Lance 855S

I realized that the inside of the bathroom door could be used as a full-height mirror.  To make this modification, I found wall-mounted mirror squares on Amazon.  The smallest thickness I found for a good price was 2-millimeters.  This is important so that the door can still close properly.

Full Height RV Bathroom Mirror

The mirrors came with 3M tape squares which I used.  However, I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up over time with all the rattling.  So I also bought waterproof clear caulk tape that I put around all the edges.

I could have put all four squares on the door, but I decided to take one of the squares and put it on one of the bathroom walls so that I could have a full wrap-around mirror for the bathroom.

Extra Bathroom Mirror

The door closes well and they’ve held up through some rough trips.  It’s nice to be able to have full-height and wrap-around mirrors in the bathroom.

1. DH Full Length Mirror Tiles – four pieces of 12-inch Self-Adhesive Frameless Glass Mirror Sheets

2. LLPT Caulk Tape – Clear 1.2-inch by 33-foot Extra Thickness Waterproof Adhesive for Sink Shower Bathtub Toilet Lavabo Kitchen (CT123).

It took me one-hour to complete this modification and cost me $40.  In my opinion, the skill level of this modification is easy.

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Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.

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