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Dinette Slide to Storage Conversion

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Robert Hallock, Crystal River, Florida
Dinette Slide to Storage Conversion
2021 Chevy 5500
2015 Eagle Cap 1165

Triple Slide Dinette To Storage Conversion

Above: The original 1165 dinette

We wanted more floor and walking space in our triple-slide Eagle Cap 1165, especially between the kitchen peninsula and the dinette. We also wanted additional storage for kitchen appliances, drinks, and dry foods. To make this happen, we decided to remove the face-to-face dinette and create a buffet-style storage area.

Taking Dinette Out Of Truck Camper

The modification started by cutting the slide-out floor straight. This created the desired floor space between the kitchen peninsula and the slide-out.

Storage In Triple Side Build Out

Next, I sourced heavy-duty drawer slides. As stated above, we wanted to store heavy drinks, tall bottles, and kitchen appliances, so heavy-duty drawer slides were required.

Coffee Maker And Tall Bottles Storage

The drawer frames were made from 1×2 pine. The rest of the mod was made with 4-foot by 8-foot sheets of plywood, 1-inch by 6-inch for the frame, vinyl flooring, and butcher block.

Buffet Storage Full Of Stuff

Eagle Cap countertops and tables were made from fiberglass. There was no way for us to match the fiberglass, so we opted to use the butcher block. The butcher block is not lightweight, so I carved out the underside with 1.5-inch slides and used a chisel to remove as much material as possible.

Buffet Storage Inside Drawers

The edges of the butcher block were maintained at 2.5 inches thick all the way around. The result is a butcher block look, without the full butcher block weight.

Buffet Storage In Triple Slide

To finish the buffet top, I stained and then polyurethaned the butcher block. I also added outlets with USB ports on the rear of the butcher block. This is great for charging devices like phones and tablets. To further enhance the versatility of this mod, I added slide-out tables. We use these slide-out tables for eating on less than sunny days, and for a place to work on projects.

Buffet Storage Conversion Extra Table

Perhaps the best part of this mod is that it allows us to access the mid-bath bathroom when the slides are in. We love it.

More Storage Triple Side Truck Camper

The dinette slide to storage conversion mod took me two weeks for a total cost of $1,500. Depending on your woodworking abilities, the skill level of this mod is medium to hard.

Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.

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