Camper Mod Contest Entries

Announcing the 2023 Top Mod Winners

The Top Mod votes have been cast and tallied. And the World Champion Truck Camper Modder of the Year is…

Top Mod Best Mod Of 2023

Congratulations to David Romero for getting the most reader votes and winning the 2023 Top Mod Grand Prize with his Swiss Army Knife of Camper Dollies modification!

2023 Top Mod Winner

Winner Swiss Army Knife of Camper Dollies

David’s mod received over 43.8-percent of the reader vote making him the 2023 Grand Prize Winner!

David has won the Grand Prize: a $250 Amazon gift certificate, and enviable bragging rights no truck camper can deny. Congratulations, David!

Second Place

The Second Place Winner is Paul Hellested with his Pull Out Exterior Camper Shelves modification. Paul has won a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Congratulations, Paul!

Second Winner Pull Out Exterior Camper Shelves

Third Place

The Third Place Winner is Ed Evans with his Jack Flags To Aid In Loading A Truck Camper modification. Ed has won a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Third Winner Jack Flags

We’ve had some incredible mod entries this year. Thank you to all the readers who have submitted mods and voted. You’ve not only inspired tens of thousands of fellow truck campers across the world to improve their campers, you’ve also given the truck camper industry inspiration to improve their products. Thank you!


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