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Brittany and Jay have assembled a budget Earthroamer to pursue their dream of freedom and adventure away from the noise of modern society. Seven years in, they’ve tricked out their Capri Camper with a unique and antique vibe all of their own. Until they can’t anymore–Nomadity Forever!

Nomadity Forever Capri Retreat Truck Camper

Driving through a typical campground, one finds row after row of nearly indistinguishable trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. The units are clearly different RV types, makes, and models, but most owners have done little to nothing to make their traveling rigs a reflection of who they are and what they’re about.

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That’s not the case with Brittany and Jay. These two full-timers have transformed their 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon and 2018 Capri Retreat into a reflection of their personalities and lifestyle; inside and out. If they were separated from their rig and mixed in with the above-mentioned rows of RVs and RVers, you’d probably match them to their truck and camper rig in an instant. The rest of the campground would be a guessing game.

Budget Earthroamer, But Better

Brittany and Jay refer to their rig as a ‘budget Earthroamer’. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Earthroamer is a premium overland truck-based motorhome builder in Colorado. And when I say premium, they start in increments of millions; half, three-quarters, one point one, and up. They’re magnificent in person, and completely over-the-top. At the Overland Expos, people literally stop and stare at the Earthroamers.

Brittany and Jay probably get questions–now and then–about their rig at gas stations and campsites, but Earthroamer owners can’t drive down a road or get out of their rig anywhere there are humans without stares, questions, or comments. It’s like the difference between owning a Ford Mustang GT and a Ferrari 296 GTB. One gets a thumbs up here and there. The other gets mobbed everywhere.

Nomadity Roof

It’s safe to assume that Brittany and Jay wanted the off-road capability and truck-based concept of Earthroamer without the eye-bulging price tag and attention. For that mission, they nailed it, and for a fraction of the cost.

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Over the years, we’ve seen a number of truck camper owners gravitate to the Power Wagon 2500; Ram’s classic off-road truck statement truck. It’s a proven platform for off-road capability, and it carries a coveted cachet all its own. Technically, a base Capri Retreat short bed will payload match a Power Wagon 2500, but you would need to be careful with your options and stuff weight. Naturally, this is true of a lot of truck and camper combinations. When in doubt, use the formulas in our article, “How To Match A Truck and Truck Camper”.

Starlink Satellite Internet Connects

Starlink satellite internet has become a phenomenon throughout the entire RV marketplace. Jay states that he and Brittany have been able to cancel their $240 a month cell phone bill and use Starlink with Google Voice and WIFI calling. This is on top of using Starlink for high-speed internet in areas far from cell towers and signals.

Capri Retreat With Starlink On Dodge Ram Power Wagon

The benefits of Starlink are obvious for folks who are full-time on the road and prefer to camp far from civilization. Adding to the appeal, Jay explains that Starlink gives them peace of mind knowing that they’re connected when they go to far-flung places; no SPOT satellite messenger necessary.

I can think of a good number of times when Starlink would have allowed us to travel and stay in areas we were forced to leave or avoid due to a lack of cellular internet. However, these moments continue to be minimal in the grand scheme of our truck camping lifestyle, so we haven’t made the Starlink leap–yet. For nine more testimonials about using Starlink in a truck camper setup, check out, “Starlink RV Reality Check”.

Antiqued Adventures Get Heated

Nomadity Capri Retreat Kitchen Set Up

Brittany and Jay have decorated their truck camper interior with an antique copper vibe. This works well with the classic quilted aluminum design of their Capri Retreat, and turns the camper into a reflection of them. It’s also wholly unique in our experience; right down to the vintage copper cups, copper percolator, lantern, and antique bed warmer. To think people hundreds of years ago used bed warmers filled with embers or hot coals to heat their beds. Brittany and Jay use hot water; a safer alternative for sure.

We keep an electric mattress pad on our camper bed for those really cold nights and power it off-grid, believe it or not, with our Goal Zero 500X. Same idea as the antique bed warmers, but very different technologies. If you camp in the cold, we highly recommend an electric mattress pad.

Nomadity Froli Bed System

Living Their Dream

At the heart of this story are two people living their dreams. As Jay explains it, they saw other prescribed life paths and consciously chose a truck and camper, the road, and being far from the scheduled confines and compromise of normal society.

Nomadity Capri Retreat Wall Of Pins

For the other side of that story, look at their metal pin wall. At first blush, it’s a collection signifying their travels. Take another look and it’s both a celebration of their adventures and a declaration of the absolute freedom they’ve achieved. Jay sums it up by stating that it’s about, “being out here and doing our own thing”. Damn right.

To make their dream work, Brittany works in customer service and Jay manages properties. And they have made that work for seven years with no plan to stop any time soon. In fact, Brittany says they’re going to live their lifestyle of freedom and adventure until the retirement home calls. Amen to that.

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Thank you for sharing your truck, camper, and lifestyle, Brittany and Jay!

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