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When Road Food Goes Rogue

Ramon Milam, Arn Chamberlain, and Kenn Engstrom share some hysterical lessons about what can happen in your refrigerator on the road.  Lesson one; always batten down the beer.

Loose Cans Cause Chaos

Submitted by Kenn Engstrom, 2007 Ford F250, 2003 Lance 845

Soda and Beer Camper Refrigerator

We were on a run to Oregon to visit my grandkids.  They live at a fish hatchery outside of Astoria.  If was off-season so we were able to park in the hatchery’s guest host site.  It was a nice and easy weekend for a couple of truck camping rookies. It was our first multiple-night outing with the camper.

After returning home I unloaded, cleaned and reset the camper.  Opening the refrigerator I got my first real camper lesson, “Don’t leave cans of soda or beer loose in the refrigerator while traveling”.  We got off easy but, as you can see by the picture, barely!

The Camper Memo

Don’t travel with loose sodas or beers in the refrigerator. They should be packed tightly.

Twist Off Caps + Railroad Tracks = Puddle Of Beer

Submitted By: Arn Chamberlain, 2000 Ford F-250, 2004 Palomino Maverick 8801

This was related to me by a fellow camper.  The fellow had bottled beer with twist off caps in his refrigerator. He drove over a rough railroad crossing, perhaps a bit too fast.  Everything looked okay through his rear access window.

When he finally stopped at the end of the day he found a big puddle of his favorite beer on the floor under the refrigerator.  Upon opening the refrigerator he discovered that five of the six bottles had lost their twist off caps and emptied themselves into the refrigerator and consequently onto the floor.  After cleaning the floor, the refrigerator’s contents, and consuming the unspilt beer, he determined to not transport beverages with twist off caps in his camper again.

The Camper Memo

Only transport bottled beverages with pry-off crown caps or purchase your favorite beverages in cans.

Sweet Pickle Mayhem

Submitted by Ramon Milam, 2018 Ram 3500, 2016 Arctic Fox 811

I’ve done the normal disasters of RVing but my most memorable is the lid coming off a jar of sweet pickles on the top shelf in a full refrigerator. I swear the lid was on tight and how it tipped on its side I’ll never know. What a sticky mess.

Camper Memo

Always tighten everything that goes into your camper refrigerator. When you drive down the road, the refrigerator contents get shaken and stirred. To avoid a sweet pickle mess like mine, tighten those jars!

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