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Introducing The Camper Memo

Angela and I were total newbies when we bought our first truck and camper in 2005.  We had never been RVing and did not know a single person who was an RVer.  All we knew with absolute certainty was this; we were determined to see the National Parks, visit distant friends and relatives, and boldly go where we had never gone before.

Along the way we made just about every RVing mistake in the book.  Not properly tightening the sewer hose and having the black tank dump onto the ground?  Did that.  Not properly securing items before travel and then finding stuff broken all over the camper?  Oh yes, we did that too – and much, much more.

The list of blunders in those early days verges on hysterical.  And yet, all of those funny-now experiences have been terrific fodder for Truck Camper Magazine.  By sharing our myriad of RVing mistakes and learned solutions, we are helping newbies to avoid similar situations.

Of course those who learned these lessons years ago call that knowledge, “common sense”.  Who doesn’t always check that their sewer hose is tight before pulling the knife valve or make sure everything is secured before hitting the road?  It’s second nature, right?  

Well, not necessarily.  I bet you have learned a few truck camping things the hard way.  Think back…

Has something happened while truck camping – something you would never allow to happen again – that changed the way you go truck camping today?

For the overwhelming majority of us, the answer is not only, “Yes!”, but there’s probably a funny and teachable moment to share.  And that’s exactly what we’re looking for; stories of things that happened while truck camping that became teachable moments, and learned wisdom.

We are announcing a new series called, “The Camper Memo”; truck camping stories and lessons for newbies and old salts alike.  If you have a humdinger of a story and lesson to share, please fill out the form below. 

Being Truck Camper Magazine, there’s extra credit for humor.  After all, who among us hasn’t made foolishly stupid truck camping mistakes, and learned from them?  We most certainly have.  Again, and again.

Click here to see our first example, “Don’t Get Hosed“, and then submit a Camper Memo by completing the form below.


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