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Would You Rent a Truck Camper Rig?

In our most recent article, we asked why anyone would buy a truck camper before trying one first.  The answer, for those who wanted to rent in the United States, was because there were no truck camper rental options.  With Lance and Cruise America’s announcement, that has now changed.

For truck camper newbies in Canada, there has long been truck camper rig rental options through Fraserway RV with rental centers located in Vancouver (Delta), Calgary, Whitehorse, Halifax, and Toronto.  And unlike the Lance/Cruise America partnership, Fraserway RV offers three of truck camper rig choices; non-slide, dinette-slide, and a bunk-slide.  Maybe that’s why we always have a concentration of truck campers in Western Canada.

On balance, the South, Midwest, and East Coast are still truck camper rental deserts.  As a life-long East Coast resident, there are no options to rent a truck camper anywhere near us.  We may as well want to rent an elephant, or an aircraft carrier.  Actually, you can rent an elephant, if you’re in Perris, California!  And the USS Midway is available for special events in San Diego.  Elephants, aircraft carriers, and truck campers for rent on the West Coast?  It’s not fair!

This week’s Question of the Week is, “Would you rent a truck camper rig?”

To fully address this question, you have to dig a little.  Do you wish you had been able to rent a truck camper rig before you bought one?  Are you a newbie who would love to rent a rig first?  Or perhaps you would like to rent a truck camper in Alaska, and spare your truck the miles.

Overall, we’re interested in gauging demand for truck camper rentals across the United States and Canada.  We are also interested in why you would want to rent a truck camper.  If your answers are anything like the lifestyle stories we publish, there will be more than one reason to rent a truck camper.  What’s yours?

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