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TCM Reader Rental Confidential

Over 100 readers responded with passionate opinions and feedback on renting truck campers.  This should be required reading for the entire truck camper industry.


If there was any doubt that the entire United States needs a professional truck camper rental program, the following responses should finish the debate.  The feedback also illustrates why the Canadian rental programs, like the one from Fraserway RV, have been so successful.

And that’s not the only critical point to be found in the 100+ responses from Truck Camper Magazine readers.  Listen up truck camper manufacturers and dealers.  There’s at least one significant market growth opportunity here (note how many don’t yet have a truck camper).

This week’s Question of the Week was, “Would you rent a truck camper rig?”

“Let me give a resounding yes!  Why?  Because I could save precious vacation time getting cross-country, save mileage on my own rig, and because I’m familiar with a truck camper making the experience more enjoyable.  I’m practically dancing around at this news.  I’m ready to book a flight, book a truck camper, and book a formerly out-of-reach camping destination!  Did I mention I’m excited?” – Tim Holman, 2013 Ford F350, 2014 Wolf Creek 850

“I am considering getting a truck camper and would really like to try one out to see how it handles.  I also want to see how it operates and learn if I would like that style of camping before buying.” – Steve Addonizio, No truck yet, No camper yet

“Yes, I would definitely rent a truck camper rig.  I’m not yet retired and live on the East Coast of the USA.  I love wilderness camping in the Northwest United States and Western Canada.  I’d love to rent a rig close to my destination area so that I don’t need to take the time and effort to drive all the way out there from the East Coast.

I have seriously considered renting from the good folks at Fraserway RV for a trip to northern Northwest Canada.  Mostly it is about staying in a winterized truck camper (rather than a less rugged and non-winterized class C) and saving driving time.  How else can you easily get to and above the Arctic Circle?” – Bruce Tinkler, 2013 Ford F350, 2013 Lance 1181

“I would definitely be interested in renting a truck camper rig, either from Cruise America or Fraserway RV.  The wife and I are wanting to go to Alaska someday and this would be the perfect way to see Alaska without having to take our truck camper rig with us, thus saving the truck from wear, tear, and mileage.” – John Patterson, 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, 2012 Travel Lite 960RX

“Yes, I want to rent a truck camper rig.  I just wish that there were more models of Lance campers to choose from to rent.  I prefer and really need a bigger camper for my family to really give this a try.  Preferably, a Lance camper with a large slide-out.” – John Tlapa, 2016 Toyota Tundra, No camper yet

“Yes.  We actually had interest in a Lance Camper before we bought our Airstream.  The Airstream is nice for destination camping, but is limited when exploring.  Some areas are just not conducive to dragging a 25-foot rig behind.  I went cross-country last year and pined for the ability to explore and camp off the main roads.  I believe the truck camper might fill that bill.” – Jack Blandford, 2013 Ram 1500, Airstream 25-foot Flying Cloud

“Yes!  I would love to be able to rent a truck camper rig!  It would give me a chance to see how it handles, how easy and/or difficult it is to put on and off the truck, see if it’s big enough for us to enjoy for a week of camping, and basically see if it’s a good fit for us before we spend the money on a truck camper.

I live in Florida and, for some reason, there aren’t very many choices when it comes to finding a truck camper.  Only a few dealers have them and most are used.  Hopefully Cruise America will expand their truck camper fleet to the southern states, where truck campers are a rarity.” – Tom Fielding, 2013 GMC 2500HD, No camper yet

“I would love to rent a truck camper so that I could try it out before I purchased one.  I have motorcycles that I like to take with me so I make due with cots in my enclosed trailer that I use to haul my bikes around.

I’d like to upgrade to a camper, but I have no idea which direction to go.  Do I get a truck camper so that I can continue to use my enclosed trailer, or do I get a toy hauler (combo camper with garage)?  I would never go away without at least one motorcycle and often take two (one road bike and one off-road bike) so I need to make sure that I can continue to do this.  In my enclosed trailer I have a full work bench complete with air compressor and generator.  I’d rather not rebuild that into a new toy hauler, but I just do not know which would be better.” – Kevin Boutelle, 2014 Toyota Tundra, No camper yet

“Yes, but I’m located a stone’s throw from Cruise America’s Carson facility and would be more interested in a fly-and-rent out of your neck of the woods (East Coast).  Visiting Canada’s Maritime provinces is on my bucket list but, frankly, driving cross-country isn’t.

Now for a history lesson (not directly related to the QOTW), in 1999 I already had my truck and was shopping around for a second hand camper.  I visited Cruise America’s Carson rental facility as I heard they retired their equipment after a season or two for a substantial savings from new.

I don’t recall the brand camper they had, but they were set up in a simple fashion as you would expect of a rental unit.  They did offer them for sale separated from the truck (also for sale).  In the end, I found I couldn’t pass up new.  I never did try before I bought, but I know what I like and have been happy with my Lance 920 ever since.  Oh, and I’d much prefer a rental submarine over an aircraft carrier, so if you have any leads…” – Mark Obert, 1999 Ford F250SD, 1999 Lance 920

“Yes!  I’m in the process of trying to figure out which truck camper to purchase.  Our nearest dealer is 300 miles away and walking around in the models on display does not do the truck camper justice.  It would be nice to test ride one that I was interested in, just like an automobile.

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