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Manufacturer’s Response: Bigfoot 25C10.4 Review

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Grant Bilodeau, President of Bigfoot Industries, submitted the following manufacturer’s response to the Bigfoot 25C10.4 Review.

Bigfoot Industries’ Response:

Water Heater Switch

Bigfoot 10.4 Dinette Mystery Switch

That switch for the water heater is a safety code requirement based on how many circuits you can have in a 30 amp converter.  The switch allows us to install the water heater and microwave with the 30-amp main.  With the switch, people can pick either the microwave or the water heater.

Center of Gravity Stickers on Bigfoot Campers

Bigfoot Camper Review 10 4 Profile

As far as the center of gravity sticker goes, it’s another decal. Customers only need to know one time where the center of gravity lands on their truck.  Once they’ve figured it out, they’re good.

Dinette Cushions Into Bed

Bigfoot 10-4 Dinette Into Bed Correctly

The way I make the dinette into a bed is to take the cushions and put the side bases down, then the two backs in the center, make it like a teepee, and then push it down to collapse the cushions into a bed.  We have a 25C10.4 coming down the production line now, so I will check to make sure this works.

Outlet Locations: 110-volt, 12-volt, and USB

Bigfoot 10.4 Cabover Passenger Side TV Mount

There’s a 110-outlet and double USB outlet in the dinette area.  It’s located under where the stereo is installed.  The outlets are not shown in the pictures because you need to be sitting in the dinette and look up towards the cabinet to see them.

We don’t locate these outlets under the dinette because they would be more difficult to access.  With the outlets above the dinette, the wires hang nicely on the table.

There’s a 110-volt and 12-volt outlet in the cabover where the television mount is located.  I have added additional outlets in the cabover for customers who use CPAP machines.

Bigfoot is unique in that we are able to help people to personalize their campers a little.  We can do little modifications for people.

Roof Sealant on Bigfoots

Bigfoot 10.4 Camper Fiberglass Roof

Editor’s Note: We had some inquiries about the roof sealant that Bigfoot is using.  In the photographs, it’s clearly not the industry standard self-leveling Dicor or Sikaflex 715.

Most RV manufacturers use self-leveling sealants.  We use an Alkaliyd based sealant called Plas-T-Cote (now made by Hengs).  We tape it off the roof and brush it on.  That’s why our roof seals have clean lines.  We have used Plas-T-Cote on our roofs forever.

With Plasti-Cote, you can’t miss anything.  If you need to maintain it down the road, you can get it through RV centers.  Before application, clean the area with soap, water, and a nylon brush.  You want all the dirt removed. Then tape it off and apply Plast-Cote liberally with a 2-inch brush.

If you need to remove the existing Plasti-Cote, use a putty knife and scrape it off.  Then clean the area as described above, and reapply.  We like to have a small cardboard box with us so we can easily dispose of the masking tape and it helps keep it nice and clean.

The Plas-t-cote is not for rubber roofs.  It’s only meant for roofs with hard surfaces.  For fiberglass campers, it’s an excellent product.

Driver’s Side Cabover Heat Duct

Bigfoot 10.4 Cabover Driver's Side Hamper

That’s the best location available for the heat duct.  If we moved it to the side the mattress would be in the way.  If we ran it through the wardrobe it would take up valuable storage space.  The location we use is the most efficient use of space.  I’m hoping the grandkids aren’t throwing marbles down it.

Antenna Type and Crank Location

Bigfoot 10.4 Hallway Closet

We would move the television antenna crank and roof antenna closer to the television but that would prevent the installation of a second 160-watt solar panel.

We use the older style of crank-up Winegard antenna because it gets the best television reception. The other antennas, including the King Jack suggested, don’t have the range of the Winegard.

I actually call the companies every year and talk to them about which ones are better. There is an automatic Winegard antenna that’s even better, but it’s several hundred dollars more.

Vent Above The Bed

Bigfoot 10.4 Cabover Ceiling Vent

Most customers order a Fantastic Vent over the cabover bed.

I don’t install Heki skylights because our roofs are curved.  I’m also concerned about the number of moving parts on Heki skylights, and their warranty concerns.  Getting parts for a Heki skylight is very difficult.

We use an awesome residential skylight in the main living area.  It has no moving parts and keeps things simple.  Why would we complicate things?

Customers get a large escape hatch above the cabover beds in the 1500-series.  That’s the escape route for the 1500-series Bigfoot campers.  The 2500-series has an egress window for an escape hatch.

For more information on Bigfoot Industries, visit their website at  Click here to request a Bigfoot brochure.


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