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Manufacturer’s Response: Alde System Review

TCM Review: Alde recommends checking the glycol level at least twice a year. The reservoir is in the rear coat closet and the level is relatively easy to read.  If it’s low, add more.

From time to time it is necessary to replace the glycol entirely (like an oil change for your vehicle).  Run-of-the-mill glycol should be changed out every two years.  If you are using the highest quality glycol, you can go up to five years.

We employ Century Chemical Fluid that is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Certified by the FDA and is Food Grade. This should get changed out every two years.  Please keep in mind the propylene glycol is the nontoxic.  Ethylene glycol is the toxic blend.

TCM Review: Besides, the Alde system is designed to automatically dump its fresh water if the water temperature in the unit gets to 38-degrees.

The Alde hot water tank will automatically release if the water inside the unit is near freezing, or if there is pressure buildup.  It is still very important to relieve this tank during winterization.

Wrapped Up and Toasty

The Alde system is fairly remarkable, but it also depends on how well the manufacturer insulates the product.  Alde suggests that you can expect an ambient temperature difference in the trailer of about 50-55 degrees.  We put all of our units in a cold chamber on a regular basis and have customers who experience even better heat retention.

The Alde 3020

In the second half of 2018, we switched over from the Alde 3010 to the latest model – the Alde 3020.  The main feature of the Alde 3020 is a built-in high-altitude system.

If you have a camper with the Alde 3010 and camp in altitudes north of 5,000-feet above sea level, you may experience some clanging noise.  An external regulator kit that we provide can take care of that.

In addition to the newer Alde 3020 model, we also now install the, Alde Flow into the Cirrus 920.  The Flow was not installed in the Cirrus 820 because there simply isn’t enough room to do so.

The Flow is a secondary Alde component that provides continuous hot water.  So, if you aren’t a fan of Navy showers – the Adle Flow is a must.  Here is a link to learn more about the function and benefits of the Flow:

Thanks again for taking the time to review our unique central heating and hot water system!”

Scott Hubble, CEO
nüCamp RV


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