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Manufacturer’s Response: Alaskan 8.5FD Review

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Bryan Wheat, President of Alaskan Campers, sent in the following manufacturer’s response to the Alaskan 8.5FD Review.

Alaskan Campers’ Response:

Thanks for the review on the Alaskan 8.5.  Nice review, but I’d like a chance to respond to a couple things.

Alaskan Leaving The Factory

You said that we are “not the most aerodynamic”.  Most likely you are referring to our front end panel.  Yes, it is slightly higher than some of our competitors and yes, it is flat. However, does aerodynamics apply only to the front of a camper?

Alaskan 8.5 Pop Down

The main complaint of standard non popup campers is the sway from the sides on turns and high winds.  We have had the radius side roofline since day one which softens the sidewinds as the wind rolls over the top better than a flat wall like most popup campers.

Alaskan Camper Interior Passenger's Side

The vent below the refrigerator does rotate so the heat can be blown down and away.  There is a small heat deflector just below the door in case the vent was rotated up.

Inside An Alaskan Camper

Okay, now to the “Beetle Kill Pine” countertop.  As a man of humor myself, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!  Where did that come from?  Did you call Dorrie here in the office and she played a trick on you?  That countertop was a special request laminate called Bourbon Pine by Wilsonart.  Gotcha!

Alaskan Camper Lift Raise Lower Tank

The white plastic box just inside the door is actually the LP compartment, not the hydraulic reservoir.  The reservoir is the black tank on the actual pump.

Alaskan Camper Lift Pump

Our thinking on the under sink area is that if we prettied the compartment up by walling off the plumbing in this case would lessen the depth of the cabinet by at least 6”.  That means no cookie sheet for the oven which in turn means no cinnamon rolls in the morning. Dislike.

Alaskan Camper Kitchen Under Sink

Also, there’s the argument that blocking off the lines to the heat source in winter camping can cause freezing. It’s nearly impossible to hurt Pex tubing.

Alaskan Camper Review Kitchen

One thing I don’t think we make clear enough is that though the stove and oven are standard features.  Customers can go with a cooktop only and have drawers or open storage like you mentioned.  Most people go without the oven in the smaller campers especially if they want a water heater.  This frees up a cabinet for the drawer storage.

Alaskan Camper Kitchen Oven And Sink

One AGM battery is standard but we can go dual batteries or a larger Group 31 or two Group 31s.

Once again thanks for the review and keep up the good work!

For more information on Alaskan Campers, visit their website at  Click here to request a free Alaskan Camper brochure.


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