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How Do You Dry Your Camper’s Shower Stall?

In 2014, we asked TCM readers if they used their truck camper showers.  We were dumbfounded when we learned how many truck camper owners simply don’t use their camper showers.  Some turned their dry bath stalls into a closet for their clothes.  Still others stored skis and other gear in the bathing space.

Not us!  We use our truck camper shower almost everyday when we’re truck camping.  We avoid campground showers if at all possible (yuck), and love that we can shower in our camper.

I still find it phenomenal and hilarious that I can take a hot shower in a Walmart parking lot.  Yes, it’s a navy shower, but man what a difference a short hot shower can make.  Add a cup of coffee (or two) and bring on the day!

Of course taking a shower in a truck camper means creating a wet shower stall.  At home most of us shower and leave the shower to air dry, but that’s generally not a good idea in a truck camper.

In a wet bath, leaving the shower stall wet means having a wet toilet and sink.  In a dry bath, leaving the shower stall wet invites mold and leaves a lot of moisture inside the camper’s interior.  Wet bath or dry, the best option is to dry a camper shower stall immediately after use.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How do you dry your camper’s shower stall?”

Do you open the bathroom fan and let it air dry?  Do you have a special microfiber towel?  Do you use a multi-purpose or automotive squeegee?  Or perhaps you have some other tool or technique.

Drying wet shower stalls is a fact of truck camping life for many of us.  Maybe you’ve discovered a better way to dry your shower that we can all benefit from.  As the designated shower stall dryer dude in our family, I can’t wait to read your responses.

This QOTW has closed.  Click here to read, “How To Dry Camper Wet Baths and Dry Baths“.


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