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Do You Keep Off-Road Recovery Gear Near?

I can only imagine what the average citizen thinks when they see an axe or a shovel mounted to the side of an overland-ready truck camper rig.  To say the least, a few lanes are probably changed.


Above: Andy Ward’s Hallmark truck camper rig at Overland Expo West 2013

Most truck campers with attached axes and shovels are pop-up rigs designed and assembled specifically to go further off-road than other RV categories would possibly allow.  Yes, you could follow their tire tracks in a towable or motorhome, but only if you didn’t mind leaving half your RV shredded along the way.

Before I drive further off-topic, TCM reader and middle brother of The Biggest Truck Camping Family On Earth, Jason Haymore, has a question on truck campers and recovery gear:

“I would like to know what off-road recovery gear truck camper owners carry.  When your better sense and superior driving skills fail, what do you use to get unstuck?  I think this would be a great follow up to your article on driving on sandy conditions.”

Well Jason, you’ve axed a good question!  Now it’s up to the readers to tow their stories.  With any rope, you’ll get a lot of responses.  This week’s Question of the Week is, “What off-road recovery equipment do you carry, and why?”

Maybe you carry tow straps, special vehicle jacks, ropes, tools kits, shovels, winches, or something else that you need off-road.

Click here to see the responses to this week’s Question of the Week.


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