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Capri Campers Now at D&H RV Center

Capri Camper is announcing a pilot dealer program with D&H RV Center in North Carolina and Florida.  D&H will be carrying new production versions of the Capri Retreat hard side, non-slide truck camper.  Here’s our first look at Capri’s production units, and the story behind their new dealer program.

Capri Camper at D&H RV Center North Carolina

This week Capri Camper and D&H RV Center announced the availability of a new line of production-specific Capri Campers at their North Carolina and Florida locations.

Capri Camper Production Model 1

Above and below: The Capri Retreat production model – shown without optional camper jacks

Capri Camper Production Model 2

The big news here is two fold. First, Capri Camper is taking an initial step towards dealer distribution and sales.  Prior to this announcement, Capri Camper has been strictly a custom order, custom built truck camper manufacturer.

Second, Capri Camper has developed a special production version of their popular Retreat model specifically for dealer sales.  If all goes well, the new production model will have its own production line at Capri starting in 2021.

A Primer on Capri Camper

Capri logo decal

Capri Camper specializes in some of the lightest weight and most affordable hard side truck campers on the planet.  Their Capri Retreat is a cabover model available in long bed and short bed versions (both 6.5 and 5.5 feet).  Their Cowboy is a cabover-less model that also comes in long or short bed versions (both 6.5 and 5.5 feet).

We visited the Bluff Dale, Texas manufacturer in 2017 and published a detailed photo report on how the 50-year-old company builds its line of hard side non-slide truck campers.  If you’re interested in a Capri Camper, we highly recommend reading, “Texas Time Machine: Capri Camper Factory Tour”.

Capri Factory, Bluff Dale, Texas

Above: The Capri Camper factory in 2017

Later that year we also reviewed a custom Capri Retreat.  The camper under review was not one of the new production versions that will be available at D&H RV Center, but showcases much of what makes Capri unique in the marketplace.  If you’re interested in a Capri Retreat, check out our review.

Capri Production or Custom: You Choose

Capri Camper will continue to offer custom truck campers direct from their Texas factory.  In fact, the majority of Capri Campers will continue to be sold that way.  To order a custom Capri, customers either make their custom choices on Capri’s website or over the phone.

Capri Retreat Main Area Camper

Above and all photos in this article: Production model Capri Retreats that are available at D&H RV Center.

With the new dealer program, potential customers on the east coast can also visit D&H RV Center in Apex, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida and check out a Capri Retreat.  Naturally you should always call in advance to make sure a Capri unit is in stock.

Capri Retreat D&H RV, Florida and North Carolina

From that point you can either purchase a production unit from D&H RV Center and drive home with a camper, or you can custom order a unit from the Capri factory.  Either way, D&H RV Center and Capri Camper can help.

For more information about Capri Camper, visit Click here to request a free Capri Camper brochure.

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