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Adventurer Manufacturing Dare Report and Product Evaluation

David Epp, CEO of Adventurer Manufacturing, is the seventh industry leader to complete our Triple-Dog truck camping dare.  Here’s his in-depth dare report, photography and perspectives on an Adventurer 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition.  Well done David!

Adventurer 901SB Anniversary Edition Towing Boat

From September 6-15, 2019, David Epp went out camping to Houston and Hazelton, British Columbia.  He took out a 2019 Ford F-350 and a 2019 Adventurer 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition.

Here is David’s Dare Report for Adventurer Manufacturing:

Every year we head north to for some peace and solitude away from our busy lives and the crowds.  Located in northwestern British Columbia, Skeena Country is a special place where we can reflect on life and what truly matters, and also catch a fish or two.

Adventurer 901SB Down A Dirt Road

We dry camped in an Adventurer 901SB truck camper for the duration of our 10-day trip.  I have enjoyed the comforts of the 901SB for the past two seasons.

Adventurer 901SB Campfire At Night

Overall the camper has performed well.  Having the luxury of a warm and dry place to sleep with the amenities of home, like a hot shower, on a ten day trip is priceless.

Power 2000 Bunk In Action

It’s also great to have the additional bunk for when you have a friend come along.  My friend, Jessie, joined me this year.  He was stoked on the comforts of the 901SB and having his own bed and the power bunk above the dinette.

There was lots of storage for our gear and plenty of room in the refrigerator to keep us fed for the ten days.  After experiencing a truck camper like the 901SB, it would be hard to camp any other way.

David’s Evaluation of the Adventurer 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition

The 901SB 50th Anniversary model is actually a good camper to showcase how we use our products and make changes accordingly.

Adventurer 901SB Manufacturers Dare

Above: David’s 2019 Adventurer 901SB Anniversary Edition during his 10-day dare trip

With the success of the 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition, we decided to make it a production camper for 2020.  After using the product, we made some important changes to make it even better and further strengthen its marketplace appeal.

For starters, we eliminated a few of the standard options of the 50th anniversary model like the touchscreen controls.  We will likely bring this back in the near future but for now, we understand that many people like to have control over options and costs and appreciate having the ability to decide what fits best within their lifestyle.

Personally I appreciate the many features in my 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition, but there are a few I might not have ordered, like the air conditioner.

2020 Adventurer 901SB Interior Look

Above: The 901SB featuring the new 2020 Adventurer interiors

Finally, we completely remodeled the interior and exterior look of the 901SB for the 2020 production model.  The 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition set the stage for a more modern interior and exterior presentation.  After living with the product for a while, we refined that look even further for 2020, and launched it across both the Adventurer and Eagle Cap lines.

I’d like to see us add positive locking hardware on our cabinets.  This is a nice touch to keep our housewares secure.  In addition to that, I’d like to see a paper towel holder.

A paper tower holder is a minor addition in the grand scheme of things, but it could make a meaningful difference in the day to day use of the camper.  When camping, we always use paper towels as a multipurpose tool for cleaning, plating, fire starting and more.  Paper towels are definitely a camping essential for me.

Ducted Heat Bathroom Adventurer 901SB

Above: Ducted heat in the bathroom in the Adventurer 901SB

Getting back to the 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition, the ducted heat into the cabover bedroom is truly a great feature for subzero nights.  And the heated wet bath is the perfect spot to dry out your waders, jackets and gear after a wet or snowy day.

Adventurer 901 SB Garage

Another focus for the 901SB 50th Anniversary Edition was exterior storage.  That same focus was carried over to the 2020 Adventurer 901SB production version.  The exterior storage compartment that fits a portable generator along with boots, power cords and other gear.  It was great during the trip.

Comfort Step Bumper Into Camper Easier

Above: The Comfort Step Bumper makes entry and exit into the camper easier

Along with the ducted heat into the bedroom, the power bunk and wet bath, I have a huge appreciation for the large Comfort Step Bumper.  It acts as a small patio and makes it really easy and stable to get in and out of the camper.

Lighted Awning Adventurer 901BS

Having the LED lit awning at the back caps it all off.  The Comfort Step Bumper is standard on the 901SB production model and the awning is optional.

Fishing On Lake Adventurer 901SB Adventure

The time spent away to reflect on what matters the most in life is invaluable.  Every year, month, day, hour, and minute things are changing around us.  It’s nice to slow that down.  This motivates me to help others to enjoy these moments with their friends and family.  It’s why I remain passionate about this industry.

While not part of the dare, we have a special camper announcement in the works at Adventurer Manufacturing.  I plan to take it out this winter and announce in the new year.  More to come.

For more information on the 901SB and Adventurer Manufacturing, visit their website at Click here to request a free Adventurer brochure.


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