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2016 TCM Reader Survey: What You Like, and Want Changed

We have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you like and want changed about Truck Camper Magazine.  We have also made a few references to the Frequently Asked Questions and answered a few comments and questions. Thank you for your feedback.

Terrific website. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I would like to see more in depth construction detail in your articles of the products that you review. Also “R” values and the good, bad, and the ugly.

I like the variety of articles.

Personal interest. I like to see how truck campers are set up by owners.

Keep up the good work.

Add a for sale and want to buy area to TCM.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

I think the articles are particularly well written, and some of my favorites are when TCM interviews a representative from a manufacturer of campers or gear. The questions are always right on point, and it feels like I’m getting the best information straight from the source. Keep up the great work!

Terrific resource for all things truck camper. Interesting and fun reading. I have recommended you to many.

You know, I’ve been reading your superb site, for almost six years, and honestly, I can’t find any other place on the web as knowledgeable, and comprehensive as what you two have done. Plus, you both have a style, and a great sense of humor. Keep up the great job! You guys still ROCK!

I like stories and destination reviews. You should have a section were user can share a travel map like a “.kml” file with a link to Google Earth. I will certainly post my trip there.

We really enjoy the camper gear. We are always looking for ways to improve our 2013 Lance 855S and truck. We custom ordered the camper from Lance so it already has everything we wanted in a camper, but some additional gear items are a must. We have a 2008 Dodge 2500 Mega Cab gas truck with a 2013 Lance 855S. – Thomas and Lori Ferreira

Even though I frequent the online forums, I turn to TCM for the latest innovations and gear reviews. Due to the reader base, I believe TCM has higher integrity regarding truck campers and equipment actually in use.

In the future, I am looking to get a truck camper and TCM helps to decide what and where to buy. I like reading the lifestyle stories about travels. I would like to see more updates about your ownership of your truck and camper.

You are very truthful in your publication and you do not sugar coat just to get advertisers.

I enjoy all of TCM.

TCM is timely and clearly written. I would appreciate even more articles on camper maintenance – safety systems, winterizing, electrical systems, exterior maintenance.

I like the online accessibility and frequent articles dedicated to just truck campers. I’d like to purchase several TCM calendars each year, but won’t do so as long as PayPal is the only payment option.

Editor’s Note:, our calendar vendor, accepts PayPal and all major credit cards. In the future, we will look into other options.

I love the gear reviews and the travel stories.

I like the specialization on truck camping.

It is all fine. I would like to see an article on rebuilding a classic or damaged camper.

You guys do a good job! Maybe there could be some way to post real reviews of products. For example I purchased Rancho 9000 shocks because of what I saw on TCM. Huge mistake! I installed them for one trip, replaced them, and sent back. They were way worse than my 80k factory shocks. I only carry about 2k pounds loaded, and they should have made a huge difference. It was a lot of time and money lost, labor, return shipping, etc. It would be nice to know Napa HD shocks of the shelf were much better and in stock.

Editor’s Note: TCM has never reviewed Rancho 9000 shocks, although they have been mentioned in lifestyle stories and articles in the past.  That stated, our experience with Rancho 9000 shocks (1998 Ram 3500 installation) was positive.

I think you are doing a fine job. Thank you.

I really like it all. I would like to see more truck camping blogs and lifestyle stories.

I really just started looking at it.

Your total coverage of the truck camper world.

I enjoy all aspects of your magazine. I hope you and Angela continue to cover the truck camping world. You started this magazine the same month we bought our first truck camper, so we have grown together!

I appreciate (1) your lobbying on behalf of truck camper owners to encourage camper and truck manufacturers to innovate and improve their products – especially getting the two to work together for better compatibility – (2) the reviews, and (3) the great source of educational information for new users.

More factory tours.

You guys do a great job. Though I do not presently own a truck camper I plan to in the next couple years. I have learned a lot from your site and your readers.

More how-to articles such as battery monitor, solar panel installs, etc.

Editor’s Note: You can find some of those types of articles in our Truck Camper Systems section.  We also answer this in FAQ question number 16 – Why aren’t there more do-it-yourself, how-to, camper maintenance, camper modification, and technical articles in Truck Camper Magazine?

More information on which options to choose when buying a camper.

I enjoy the feature articles most (expedition or lifestyle) to find about where people have gone for consideration as a possible destination. I also enjoy the modifications section, and thinking about if and how a specific modification might work for me.

Excellent articles and frequency of publishing. It is something interesting to look forward to each week. I love the mod articles. There are so many creative and talented campers out there.

I love Truck Camper Magazine. It’s been one of the best resources for information about truck campers before we actually make our purchase. Thank you.

You doing a great job.

I look forward to articles about the unique places that the community of truck camper enthusiasts visit with pictures of their adventures.

It is a timely publication. Here are some suggested questions for Question of the Week: What tires do you use on road, off road? What is the most difficult thing about truck camping? How would you change it? What would you change about campgrounds that would improve their services?

I like how often you publish articles.

I would like to see more content and a print magazine.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 31 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a print edition?

It’s free and a wealth of information. I wish there were more articles. Good information that’s pleasant to read.

I like most everything. I can’t think of anything to change at this time.

I like the Newbie Corner.

More mods, fixes, and hacks.

I enjoy reading the lifestyle and off-the-grid articles best. I usually read them to pass time at work when it’s slow. I work at an RV dealership. I would only make one suggestion and that is to allow comments to be made on articles so the readers feel more involved and able to discuss.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 26 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine allow reader comments after articles?

There is a great variety of articles for newbies and seasoned RVers. The Editor and Publisher walk the talk. It is so informative and inspiring, and the information is always presented respectfully. Thank you!

It’s all good. I appreciate the work put in to keep it interesting.

I enjoy the equipment reviews and reading people’s answers to the Question of Week. And Harley is awesome.

Editor’s Note: Yes he is.

Not a thing.

I would like to see reviews of truck and camper combinations, along with the suspension mods necessary to make each combination better. For instance, test a newer dually with an Arctic Fox 990, first stock, then upper stable loads, then lower, then both, and give results and impressions of each mod.

Once a week is perfect. Not any more often, please. I want to give TCM my full attention, and I have too much to read already. Thanks!

I love how often the site is updated with new articles, etc. I also really like the way you get interviews with industry insiders, such as the various manufacturers. It’s very obvious that this is a full-time online magazine and not a hobby. The articles are well written.

Don’t change anything.

I like the variety, innovations, mods, lifestyles, neat places to go. I don’t know what I would change.

Dealer listings and the Newbie Corner are easy to find.

It’s about other people with the same interests that I have.

More reviews and examinations of various brands of truck campers.

We were going to buy a Class C or something, but you have kept us in a truck camper with all the good work that you do. Thanks.


More factory tours. More tech articles. Information about Host Campers.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

It would be nice to see more gear guides and reviews about actual camping gear like chairs, barbecue, games, clothing, etc.

I like the variety of content. I enjoy the reviews and critiques of various camper makes and models. I’m particularly interested in any model suitable for half ton trucks.

I really like your direct, unbiased thoughts and articles. Keep it up!

When we were newbies, we found TCM to be a valuable source of information for making an informed purchase. Now we are more into the stories and articles written about truck camper equipment and their owners journeys. What TCM needs badly, is information about specific truck campers, their quality or lack thereof, consumer reviews and success and horror stories. TCM seems to purposefully avoid this subject matter. But other than that we very much enjoy TCM.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 8 – How does Truck Camper Magazine remain objective, unbiased, and critical in its reporting and reviews?

I like the variety of all the articles.

I like that it is created and maintained by active truck campers. I like the real and honest nature of the articles and avoidance of vendor endorsement.

Destination articles. Modifications and maintenance.

When a manufacturers product is reviewed, it would be nice to be able to make comments about the product so the manufacturer could review the comments and perhaps consider making a change as to how their unit is produced. Or, include their email address in the article so comments could be sent directly to them.

Editor’s Note: That’s is an interesting idea. We will seriously consider it.

I like it very much just the way it is!

Informative articles that are injected with some humor!

I have referred to just about every section in the magazine in making my decision to buy a truck camper, to deciding which type of truck and camper I wanted, to researching dealerships and shows. Now that I have bought one (but haven’t picked it up yet), I am looking at the maintenance tips. The entire process has taken me about two years but I am picking up my 2015 Northstar from Truck Camper Warehouse at the end of next month. I am looking forward to hitting the road and no longer having to be tied to a travel trailer! Now if I can just retire my cat and I will start traveling the country!

Editor’s Note: We hope by “retire” you mean the cat won’t need to work anymore. And how did you get your cat to work in the first place? Please let us know.

I would like to see more product reviews and ability to ask other readers their experience with products that are related to both the camper and the vehicle.

Camper reviews, factory tours, and new camper information.

Product reviews.

We look forward to the truck camping lifestyle stories. We did not realize how many different uses a truck camper could be used for – from travel, photography, rodeos, etc. Thanks so much for all the great stories!

Reading most of your articles, it feels like talking with someone I know – a friend. I like your sense of humor! You both do a great job. It is good to know that you also have, and use, a truck camper and are not just writing about something you do not have.

More gear and technical articles. More reviews of places to go and places you have visited.

It’s free and entertaining! There is great humor in your writing with a variety of information, stories, etc. There is something for everyone. I like the frequency. I like this stuff. So, a few times a week is fun. You might consider adding a forum, a place for want to buy, or selling my rig, and place to add personal pictures and stories. I know there are many out there, but I think you guys attract a certain type of camper and building that community would be great.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum? Also see number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

Fine online magazine. I love the Question of the Week responses. The knowledge and experience of current truck camper owners is an excellent source of information. I’ve gotten more good ideas and learned more from those than from any other resource I’ve found.

We are brand new to truck camping and just purchased our first truck and truck camper (2006 Toyota Tundra and 2015 Four Wheel Hawk model camper). So far I’m consuming as much content as I can on your site. I really enjoy the gear reviews and mods.

Truck Camper Magazine is phenomenally well done and focused on subscribers. I enjoy each and every issue, and look forward to receiving each one. Harley needs to participate more! I can tell that he is willing. This cat has lots to contribute!

I like the modification articles. Is there any way to contact individuals who did modifications to get more information on parts used source to?

Editor’s Note: We can forward your contact information to a mod maker. Use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this website and send us your contact information, and the mod you are interested in learning more about.

I am looking for 2017 new truck camper models, specifically triple-slides.

I love all the travel stories with pictures so I can add them to my bucket list.

Great magazine with everything I could ask for.

I like the variety of the information that is provided. If I can’t find an answer, I can find out who to contact.

I would keep it as it is. I find it educational and entertaining with good informational content. Keep up the good work.

Interesting articles that relate specifically to truck campers.

As an owner of a truck camper, I plan on keeping for awhile. The new campers and dealer inventory don’t interest me much. I would like to see more accessories, modification, upgrades, and maintenance articles. I’m constantly looking for way to make my existing truck and camper better.

The detail is there to reach in and answer questions from purchase to plowing a new road. I really appreciate making contact with Angela and Gordon and having information – which is not easy to get – almost immediately. The web images and color just pop and draw you in. My trip to Alaska started with this source and I never left. Great real life stories.

Convenience of automatically appearing in my email.

The information we get from it.

Much information, well done.

I quite enjoy it the way it is. I am new at this as I bought my camper late last fall and I’m still waiting to go on my first trip. I have found the back issue articles very helpful in planning for my first adventure.

Relevant source of truck camper related news. No changes.

Add more info about trucks. For example some updates on the Ram gas engine that you own. Trucks are a key part of the truck camper lifestyle. Just as much time should be spent on them. Gas versus diesel, the MPG of both, maintenance issues, SRW vs DRW, long bed versus short bed, etc.

Editor’s Note: We agree.

Interesting articles on truck camping experiences.

There are articles about the type of camping I do and the equipment I use, by people who are actually using that equipment.

More camper and gear reviews and less lifestyle and travel. I can get that elsewhere.

Just good enjoyable reading and learning.

Maintenance, off-beat travel areas, and winter camping.

Fast, easy to read articles.

Since I am currently planning my trip to Alaska this summer, I have read and re-read stories about others trips to Alaska, where they boondocked, and sites they visited. Also, what to do and avoid. I especially like the recent story about the couple on their microbrewery visiting adventures. My husband and I are close in age to that couple, and it sounds like we have similar hobbies and interests – and the same truck camper. I really connected with that one.

Sometimes things do not need change. TCM is one of those things. Thank you for producing such a fine product.

The website update is great! I would like to see more trip report and lifestyle stories. It gives a good idea of bucket list places to visit.

I enjoy the wide variety of articles. Some I never plan on doing, but appreciate the information.

I’d pay for TCM happily if it got bigger and offered more, because you guys got it right!

More details on the repairs and upgrades to the camper you bought.

I like it the way it is.


Seems good as is.

I like the variety of the articles and that there are actual criticisms of products rather than an “it’s-all-wonderful” attitude. Your website has been the encouragement I needed to order a Four Wheel Camper Fleet rather than wait a few years until I retire to buy something larger.

How to articles and maintenance articles.

It’s all good.

Your articles always seem to pertain to our lifestyle and are fun to read about. It would be nice to be able to contact other owners of a like camper in our area.

We had two Lance campers in the past and ended up trading the last for a motorhome. I like to keep up on all of the truck camper products in case we go back to truck camping. I miss it! A lot of the information and the mods in this magazine could be used for any RV.

Its interesting and informative articles.

We are talking about the same stuff! The truck camper and truck camping life.

I would like to see contributors and survey takers add their email address so they can be contacted. Sometimes these people have great ideas and experiences and it would be nice to talk and get more information. Thanks for a terrific magazine!

I like seeing camper repairs and mods. Also I like seeing new gear to help with the camper lifestyle.

I enjoy it.

Lifestyle, off-road and adventure articles. New camper reviews.

Well written articles by traditional journalists, not five paragraph articles. I’m a voracious reader and most modern journalism is horrible.

Your reviews of camper units. You do a great job.

More articles on upgrade modifications. For example, solar, wind power, interior upgrades and renovations. Also articles on water damage repair and roof repair.

We bought a truck camper for a trip to Alaska. So far, we have not been able to do that yet due to medical problems.  I enjoy reading about the trips that others take.

Editor’s Note: We hope you can go this year. Here’s to your health, and Alaska!

I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe more articles by various experts.

I enjoy the stories, new products, and modifications other truck campers have done.

I think it is well-rounded and covers many subjects that everyone finds interesting.

I like the stories on Alaska, Southwest US, Canada, Northwest, safety, preparedness, and mods.

Maintenance articles and travel articles with photos.

It has helped us make improvements to our camper and given us ideas about where we want to camp next!

I like the articles on new equipment. One article I enjoyed reading was about the wind driven generators that clamped onto the roof rack ladder. I would like to see more DIY articles on solar panels, power inverters, and other pertinent gear.

As far as I am concerned, the magazine is doing a great job as I always read it front to back. Keep up the excellent work.

We enjoy the stories on camper traveling in Alaska – we would like to see more.

I love Truck Camper Magazine!

I would like to see more repairs article like structure repairs, de-lamination repair, roof repair or replace.

I just discovered this site about two weeks ago as I began my quest to purchase a truck and truck camper this year. I plan to take off a year or two to cross the country meeting cousins I’ve discovered through my genealogy research and then writing our family histories. I am really just getting started in exploring your content, but look forward to spending some real quality time with it!

I have already found your list of manufacturers and Newbie Corner very helpful. One observation I have is that the newbie section is not quite newbie enough for me. Although I’ve owned a pop-up for fifteen years, I have never shopped for an RV before and some of the terminology could be defined – maybe include a glossary or common terms/acronyms reference section somewhere. I very much appreciate the list and understand the decisions one needs to make in choosing the right camper for their lifestyle and planned usage. I think a little more explanation about the choices and what one might consider in making the choice would also help get the thought process going. For example, I didn’t know what the difference between a wet bath and dry bath was and then there’s also the cassette toilet option (which I have in my pop-up). I figured it out, of course, but had to Google around for it.

Questions like whether you want a slide out or not are very important, but what do you need to consider in making that decision? And if you decide you need one, can you get into the camper without extending it? If not, what has to be done to extend it? Does that change your mind about the slide out? This is where I currently stand on this question – understanding what is really involved with a slide out (which I do believe I need so far). Bottom line – your magazine looks great – just thought I’d share a little of my experience with it from the last two weeks. Maybe I’ll write a newbie article for you from the “analytical but almost totally ignorant on topic” female perspective with the considerations I come up with! And then of course, we move onto the truck considerations, besides a proper fit to the camper which you have really made very clear. All the best and thank you! Judi

Editor’s Note: There are two 2007 articles that are currently unpublished and need to be updated – How to Choose A Truck, and How to Choose a Truck Camper. They’re both on the list, and address many of the subjects you asked about.

Online articles. Camper modifications and upgrades by owners.

More truck camper reviews.

All the information on truck campers. We are going to switch from a 40 foot 9 inch fifth wheel to a Lance 1172 slide-in.

Great resource for truck camper gear, how-tos, travel tips, and travel stories. I would like to see more stories on maintenance, owner mods, and boondocking.

It is a great info source for stuff I am interested in. I can’t think of anything to change. Maybe next year I will think of something.

I think it would be nice to see some reviews of older units. Not everyone is able to or wants to buy new.

My wife, Barbra, and I enjoy many of the lifestyle stories and travel stories. Some of the modifications, too, are inspiring. And we always check out the calendar photos. We continue to be surprised by how few truck campers regularly tow boats, but sure would like to see more from those who do.

Love the camper reviews and the life style stories – hoping to get a pop-up in 2017.

We particularly like the destination articles, but also like the gadget and mod articles. It’s realistic and down to earth about dry camping and stealth camping issues.

I especially like stories about traveling by truck camper. The maintenance stories are interesting.

I enjoy most of the articles, especially the ones showing mods. I enjoy reading about the new models and the changes made. Most rally sites are located in large population areas, so we seldom attend. You should add a section just for newbies, so they can better understand the different ways of doing things, e.g., maintenance for roof, plumbing, sides, tanks, lifts, etc. or maybe just call it “Camper To Do’s”. Example: if in cold climate, the batteries should be pulled out and stored in warm location where they can be charged periodically. Then explain different techniques.

Editor’s Note: Some great suggestions here. We do have a Newbie Corner section for newbies, and Truck Camper Systems and Truck Camper Maintenance sections for some of the other content areas you requested.

I enjoy and learn from just about every area, as well as the overall style. Keep on!

I read and save all issues. Thanks much!

The convenience of being able to read on my smartphone.

I would like to see the city and state of respondents to questions, pictures, and comments.

I like it just the way it is.

Truck Camper Magazine is doing a great job in its present format.

The writing and story telling style are engaging. The stories are interesting, and I usually come away with something that I talk to someone else about later.

Bring back Bigfoot campers.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

Keep up the good work. Great magazine. Glad I found you.

I really enjoy your magazine. I’ll find myself reading about someone’s trip to Alaska or about roof-top air conditioner units. Your diverse and considerable depth on these topics, among others, are why I choose to continue to read your magazine. I’m not in the market for a truck camper right now since I’ll be moving overseas for work, but I will continue to look forward to your articles and reviews for future use.

More repair articles and improvement articles.

TCM is excellent.  Keep it as is.  I love the talk about upgrades.

Truck camper dealer and gear updates, maintenance, mods, and upgrade articles, and truck camper reviews are informative and well worth reading.  TCM rocks!

Nice variety of informative articles.

TCM is dedicated to truck campers. I have had subscriptions to Motorhome and Trailer Life, but they seem to appeal to campgrounds that cost a lot of money and not truck camping. Keep up the good work for those of us who like out of the way places and adventures.

Add video to reviews of campers like you used to do.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 17 – Why are there not more HD videos in Truck Camper Magazine?

Articles about small lightweight campers that are half ton compatible.

I like seeing the interesting modifications people make to their campers and trucks, the cool places they go, and the varied lifestyles of truck camper enthusiasts.

More maintenance articles.

Everything! You do a fantastic job. I need to think if there is anything else you can do to improve the site. Keep it up and thank you!

I like that it introduces a lot of options I would have not thought of. Great ideas on camping areas and stories of other truck camper folks. We first met when we bought or truck camper in Colorado. You interviewed us and we have been hooked ever since. Keep up the interesting data.

I like the product you have. Nothing at this point comes to mind.

Possibly more articles on preparedness, but I like it pretty much the way you already have it set up.

Stories of where people have been and modifications.


Love the modification ideas and where to travel!

Everything. It is a great source for information.

Like everything. You do a great job!

Best resource for all things truck campers. I’ve heard possible failures from overloading, but not actual. One set of eyes on reviews only. Like to see what frustrations a newbie has when no one is there to hold their hand. Costly error articles.

Editor’s Note: Good ideas, especially the costly errors as a future FAQ.

More about solar.

The information that I can get relative to all aspects of truck camping without having to go to multiple sites. I feel comfortable about the information I find and feel that – when my wife and I make a final decision on what type of setup to get – you will have made it much easier!

Another from survey question 11: Windows in truck camper are higher than a motorhome, and driving is safer with children.

I’d like more boondocking articles.

I appreciate having access to all the knowledgeable sources in your magazine. Great ideas for truck camping folks.

Always look forward to lifestyle and DIY articles. Nice job. Keep it up!

I really like what people do with their rigs, where they go, and how they go about it.

TCM is very informative and gives me good ideas for my own truck camper.

It’s a valuable resource thats helped us quite a bit over the years. I don’t think you should change anything.

Stay the course.

I love all of it.

I like the frequency of the magazine. I look forward to getting it. Most articles are interesting to me.

I like rig reviews, other product reviews, mods and tips, and trip reviews/lifestyle stories.

I prefer the hard side, top-of-the-line campers. Your contests and modifications sections. The videos are good as well. Having direct links to manufacturer websites is very handy. Recommendations or ratings on dealerships would be awesome. You have great content in your magazine. Thank you for all of your efforts..

I would like more on solar power, electronics, and wireless connectivity.

The mods section is always great for new ideas. I would add a section or more about boondocking and maybe places to boondock. Focus on the 50 states and delve into the details of where, what, and when to go and do the features. I think you should narrow the details to natural resources and not the touristy things.

The educational details that are in the articles. The assistance it gives to someone looking for specific information on the truck camper industry.

More information on pet friendly locations.

More trip photos and reports.


I really enjoy your online magazine and frequent updates. Of all the magazines I get, I look forward to yours the most. I’ve had a one ton Dodge/Bigfoot rig for 19 years, but now, after stumbling onto your magazine a month or so ago and reading about various backwoods and overland adventures in your magazine, I’m thinking of building up a Ford Ranger/Four Wheel Camper combination for forest road adventures. Your writers are excellent and build interest and enthusiasm in your readers. Hope to meet you at the overland get together near Levenworth, Washington in June. Best wishes, Randy.

A lot of mostly good info about truck camping. I’m still something of a newbie.

More how-to articles.

I like it that you have Harley on the staff. I want to have my cat be able to come with my wife and I in the truck and camper.

Editor’s Note: Have your cat call Harley on his cell for some travel tips.

Reviews, project mods, and new products.

The fact that the articles are about truck campers. There’s not too much out there. I appreciate having this resource. Thank you!

The focus on truck campers.

I like the whole thing and, if I have a question, the people that write the articles contact me back and help. It’s great.

The variety.

I like your new webpage layout. Also, you seem to have content for everybody’s interest. It’s so good now.

I like all the information you present. Keep up the good work. Living in Hawaii I am not able to purchase my truck camper until I return to the mainland in the near future. So every article you print helps me decide which truck camper to buy and how to outfit it. Keep up the good work. Scott Stielow, Aiea, Hawaii

Still new to me.

Like it as is.

We really like TCM and read it every week! It’s interesting and informative. We really like using our truck camper to go beyond the normal destinations where any old fifth wheeler can go. We would like to see more articles about destinations, specifically ones that are most suitable for truck camping. Lifestyle articles are good, but over emphasized. We would like to see more of articles about the great places only us truck campers can go.

I most enjoy the camper model updates and reviews.

Mods, lifestyle articles, industry updates, TCM project camper articles, and truck camper reviews.

I would do more videos, including but not limited to repairs, factory tours, travel.

I like the Monthly Mod Contest, Mod Contest Entries, and Mod Winner Announcements. I think you need more how-to articles and also how to restore old truck campers.

I like it all. Keep doing it. Thank you.

It’s online, there’s no charge. Change nothing.

I like your magazine. I wouldn’t change anything.

You folks do a nice job putting together an informative publication that actually covers a broad spectrum of camping interests (from minimalist pop-up models to triple-slide luxury units) in a rather small segment of the RV industry (truck campers). I wouldn’t change a thing!

I love the personal stories of people and their truck camper travels.

I like the weekly updates and submission of articles. The information is always fresh and written by people who know and understand truck camping. I also appreciate that the Truck Camper Magazine staff recognize the truck camping community and represent all facets of the community. I would like to see more quality HD videos showing how people are using their truck campers and how some repairs or alterations are done. Keep up the great work!

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 17 – Why are there not more HD videos in Truck Camper Magazine?

I like the dealer inventory updates.

We like the convenience of TCM being delivered directly to our email inbox. We spend so much time traveling that we have gone weeks to months without getting our postage forwarded to us. TCM finds us twice a week, no matter where in North America we are. We also like that TCM is environmentally friendly – no paper waste when it comes time to get rid of old copies, and no fuel wasted by mail trucks carrying the magazines around.

As a new truck camper owner, we really appreciate the breadth and depth of information available on TCM. This magazine was very helpful in our search and acquisition of our Lance 1191.

There’s always something interesting and informative to consider as I continue to narrow down my camper purchase choices.

Appreciate the information and humor. You’ve been a great resource.

Everything. Do not change a thing.

More actual truck camper reviews and detailed manufacturing tours – really detailed.

I love everything about it!

Pros: I love your travel stories, stories of other travelers, and gear reviews. Thank you for all you do with your magazine! Cons; The new layout does not work well on my laptop (maybe it is an older browser issue?). There are sections stacked on top of each other and only a few things are accessible. The old layout worked fine for me.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 21 – Which web browser is recommended for viewing Truck Camper Magazine?

Love what you’re doing with the magazine. Keep up the great work.

I like the mods as it gives me ideas that I might be able to use on my setup.

Ideas or where to go when we finally retire, how to safely stealth camp, and we heard about a rally that we will attend for the first time.

It’s a great magazine.

Just fine as it is.

I like just about everything from Truck Camper Magazine.

Everything is great!

It’s exciting to read about what’s in store for us. My husband and I do not have a truck camper yet, but soon will!

Keeps us in touch with your relevant information, and ideas and experiences of other truck campers. Please keep up the great work!

I have found it to be very unbiased and straight forward in its reviews, no punches held back. The feedback and input from your more experienced campers has been so helpful to us in making a decision on what to purchase, but we’re not quite there yet. Change? I can’t think of anything off hand, you do a great job of covering as much as possible in my opinion.

Nothing. TCM is great to read.

Mods, lifestyle stories, and Question of the Week are my favorites, but I generally browse through most articles. I wished I had known about TCM before I got my truck camper. I have a 2013 F150 and a 2015 Palomino SS-1251 and my maiden trip was from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and back 20,000 kilometers. I was hoping to meet truck campers along the way, not much luck. Truck campers are somewhat rare on the east coast of Canada, so your magazine has been very helpful to us. Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to do a rally. With that in mind, I look forward to reading your magazine. I am hoping to read articles from people with a similar truck camper. I’m wondering how I could get to chat with them. I realize I still have a lot to learn. Thank you very much for your magazine and hope you continue. – Ron and Alice

Editor’s Note: If you decide to start a rally, please contact us and we’ll help to promote the event.

Great coverage. Very educational.

I read and enjoy edition of Truck Camper Magazine. I would like to see more articles on using our truck campers for emergency, survival, and bug-out situations. Even though we live in the Southeast, we travel out west as much as possible, but we would love to see more on remote (I know that’s hard, east of the Mississippi River) eastern destinations.

I would not change anything.

I like the variety of topics covered by TCM.


I enjoy your magazine. It would be neat to see a section of RVing tips, or an “it worked for me” section. Illustrations of simple things that people have built to enhance their RV experiences like boat trailer rollers on the roof rack to aid in loading the storage box, a bumper mounted removable roller for cleaning and storing the outside carpet mat. That’s just a thought.

I like just about everything about TCM, and I don’t know of any particular change I would make. Angela and Gordon do a great job! Keep it up.

Nice mix of stuff. Please keep it up.

There must be a thousand periodicals printing “There I was” articles but you are the only one devoted solely to truck campers. Please skip the tour guides and run more articles on campers and the equipment, maintenance, modifications, and lessons learned which make truck campers the best way to go!

Great source for the truck camper user.

It’s good the way it is.

The email announcements cheer up a day.

I think you folks are doing a great job. I don’t read all the articles because they don’t interest me, but most do and they are well written.

Love it. There’s nothing I would change.

You are carrying on a tradition that first began in the early 1960s when we began. Keep working for matching units that function safely.

It is friendly, fair, and personal.

It’s a breath of fresh air in between all the other emails and news content. I can’t wait to get another trip on the calendar! Keep up the good work, and thanks. – Jim

I like both of your wit and humor.

Bring back the dealership listing!

Editor’s Note: Dealer listings are now in two places; the Dealer Map, and the Dealer Inventory section.

Information about mods and current state of the lifestyle.

I really enjoy the creative mod ideas the most. I’m always looking for ways to improve and customize my Travel Lite 625 SL camper.

Thank you for all the time you put into TCM.

We like articles and pictures of others travels. Articles on new campers and new gear. We also like seeing the mods others have done to their truck camper. Last, we like to be reminded of upcoming rallies.

We purchased a new truck camper last fall and found the content extremely useful to us!

I like reading about new campers, mods, new gear, and the lifestyles articles.

I appreciate the updated information you provide on new gear, photos, and especially the monthly mod contest.

I like how often it is available and the information you provide even though I might not take full advantage of it.

Learning about truck campers before I consider buying one.

I love your style and most of your articles. TCM is one of the first things I read as it comes out!

I just like it.

More camper reviews, especially smaller (8 to 9.5-foot floor) non-slides.

I enjoy the stories about backcountry/rough road travel and the associated photographs.

Nothing for the moment.

Great magazine. I save a lot of your interesting travel articles, mod information, and maintenance info.

More videos of campers!

I like the reviews on new campers.

The dream life.

I love the magazine. I would like to see short how-to videos for the newbie. I still don’t understand plugging the camper into the truck and a battery disconnect?

Editor’s Note: There are a number of comments asking for very basic “how to use a truck camper” articles. We are looking into this content direction now.

I like the articles on mods, boondocking, rallies where there’s information on truck campers, travel, and mods are shared. Also, the seminars featured at rallies. It’s a great magazine!

Love all you do. Don’t change!

I love everything about it. I almost wish it was in magazine form so it was more tangible since I only use an iPhone. I would love to see more photos (gallery) of owners with truck and camper and full description of each.

Everything, but especially the mods.

My favorite is the lifestyle stories. It would be neat to add a lifestyle story “shorts” that are not as in depth – almost a cross between lifestyle stories and the Question of the Week. A hybrid, ”Lifestyle Question” or “Story of the Week”, just kidding on the name. I like the Question of the Week to hear what others have to say. I focus mainly on the people/experiences of TCM. Thank you for your hard work – we enjoy every article!

Would like to see more do it yourself articles.

More how to do upgrades, more detail with the those upgrades.

TCM deals specifically to my form of RV. Do not change anything.

I like everything.

It is dedicated to truck campers and their use.

I’d like to see more videos for those weekends I can’t get out myself. I know it’s a lot of work, but would also like to see feedback after the articles and surveys. Keep up the great work!

I like TCM just the way it is. I read every issue and enjoy most of them. Keep up the good work.

Love the mods.

I like about 80/90% of the articles on technical information, maintenance projects, and procedures that your magazine provides. There is a motto I live by, “Knowledge dispels fear”. The more you know about a subject the easier it is to deal with! Changes? Hey, what changes? As far as I’m concerned, why change a winner?


We are new to truck camping and enjoy seeing information about others experiences.

I think you are doing a great job. Look forward to reading your online magazine.


I do not own a truck camper but will be purchasing one in the next two weeks. Your magazine has helped my wife and I make decisions about different options and available gear. Thank you. – Steve

I would suggest that more maintenance articles for those who have problematic issues while on or off road.

Lifestyle and trip/campsite reviews.

More off road information. More building truck campers information. More information on hard side campers that raise and lower like the Alaskan.

I like the new format and the ability to search for past topics.

I would like to see more off-road and expedition stories featured.

I am enjoying everything. Not sure I would change anything. I do enjoy the personal touch in that you folks have responded personally to my emails. Thank you for the personal touch.

Keep doing the great work! Informative and nice stories and photos. The sense of humor. I like the new look. Cheers! – Roch Nadon, Yukon, Canada Okanagan 89W, 2007 Toyota Tundra

Enjoy the read.

Simply that there is a good website that truck camper owners can share ideas and knowledge.

We love all of the articles that you do as well as the Questions of the Week. We also that that you help promote Wagon Masters promote their rallies.

It is where I get updates on everything related to truck campers.

TCM is great! I enjoy the variety. I bought a camper based upon your review. Thanks to you.

I like your direct writing style. I like how you solicit ideas from readers and catalog articles. TCM is like an encyclopedia of truck campers.

I really like the truck and camper reviews, and factory tours. Anything lending to resource material.

I do not own a truck camper yet and have tried to learn as much as possible. My wife has no interest – mostly because she does not like to take long car rides – but we got an older class A to take to near by campsites with friends. It’s old and roughing it while camping means poor heat, no hot water to shower, and limited ability to cook anything unless using a camp fire – none of which she is interested in doing. The Class A was going to be my way into into truck camping by easing her into the adventures, but it has had the opposite effect.

I have tried to get her to look at the website and read articles, but none appeal to her. I always look for articles that would appeal to a non-believer that would stir up an interest but, so far, nada. I don’t know what I am asking, but if you could find some way to put something that would draw the interest of an outsider I would be grateful. Most of your articles are technical and feature mods or are about aspects of truck campers that someone who does not know/own would understand. Maybe find a non believer and show them the capabilities/amenities and write about their responses. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: The last two articles in the Newbie Corner might fit what you’re looking for. Good luck!

I like to read the responses to Question of the Week, although sometimes they get pretty repetitious. Maybe you could summarize them in some way, or leave out duplicate answers.

Editor’s Note: QOTW repetition of responses often helps to validate an answer to a common truck camping challenge, or validate a product selection that’s been proven by many truck camper owners through real world experience. It’s a good thing.

Like the off-road expedition stories the best.

Keep up the good work.

I read in great detail the articles that interest me and skim over the ones that don’t.

The question and answer sections.

Just keep it coming.

I enjoy the information about modifications.

Gear updates and reviews. Destination information and pics from others. Member advice on solving common problems.

I love the travel logs and boondocking stories. It helps plan future trips.

I enjoy the informal and casual style you instill in the magazine. The presentation of trips various folks have made is crisp and enjoyable.

Like to see product testing.

I find it all informative, frequently useful, and very entertaining.

Maybe two or three times a year you could do a survey about events in a person’s area. Such as, bluegrass / music festivals. We love to attend, but it is hard to find out where they are. If people could just give the website it would be helpful. These festivals are wonderful places to camp, to see other camping rigs, and to meet and talk to other people. The music is great, too.

I use your magazine to learn about truck campers and truck camping. I want to buy one when I retire, or sooner.

You are doing a pretty good job as is. Thanks.

Modification contests.

It’s free and all about truck campers. I wouldn’t change a thing.

The new and used camper arrivals that you announce every publication is the only part of the magazine that I think is a waste of time. I doubt that many readers are interested in that section. I know I sure don’t care. I also notice that not all your dealers keep you updated on the arrivals.

The idea to bring truck campers together and make their experiences available for everyone. Not like a teacher, but in a humorous way. Thank you.

Just about everything.

Mods and video of inside of campers. I am always looking for different ways to make my camper more convenient and space saving.

More profiles and people using their campers; places to go, and best bucket list truck camping spots in North America.

Great source for ideas on improving our truck camping experiences – mainly through mods and other folks’ travels.

You provide information for those on a budget as well as for those who can purchase the latest models.

I think you are doing a great job. I appreciate it very much. You have been instrumental in our picking and enjoying our truck and camper. I would like to see a detailed write up on your camper. It’s a great topic to feature pre-owned campers and then upgrades that one normally would have to deal with.

I like the fact there is something new every week. I would not change anything.

I really enjoy your magazine as it is the most up-to-date source of information on the entire truck camper industry, all in one package.

Love the mod articles, gear info, and destination articles.

The quick summary the comes in the email, and the ability to skip or delve deeper into an article or feature with a click of the mouse.

Needs more Instagram.

Editor’s Note: We agree. Instagram is a goal of ours for 2016.

I can read it anytime, anywhere.

Do-it-yourself modifications and solar installations.

I enjoy the mod contests and stories about how others are using their truck campers.

The ideas obtained.

You don’t see any information on Host Camper. And I don’t why.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

Tech articles and camper mods.

You provide a great balance of all areas I find interesting related to truck campers. Thank you.

New camper reviews.

No changes are necessary for my use of your excellent online magazine.

Love the magazine and the articles. Thanks to you and the stories, we were able to make an informed decision when it came to purchasing our truck camper! Can we get a few more Midwest and East Coast stories?

We really like the truck camper lifestyle and travel stories accompanied with photos. We would really like to see more travel stories of truck campers with photos. Photos of readers rigs are neat too, often times good ideas are acquired from them. One article in particular we really enjoyed was “Hops Across America”. That was a cool story with great pictures and something interesting anyone can do.

Various articles and information.

Ability to ask questions.

Love the reviews of new models!

You should hold a Truck Camper Magazine rally! I also love your mods competition. That has been a really neat addition to your magazine.

I like it all.

Not enough exposure to pop-up truck campers.

Humor, wide range of information, and the quality description of articles helps decide my interest level.

Informative articles. Regular publication online. One concern is that I don’t know if there is a way to easily search through the back issues for information.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 30 – How do I find past articles?

TCM is the best source of information on truck campers that I have found. I especially like the monthly mod articles.

It is an interesting and informative magazine. I like the diversity of articles.

Very informative.

I especially like mods and stories by readers. I would provide less emphasis on dealers. I’m surprised you haven’t asked which camper people have. That could reveal an understanding of who your readers are and which brands are the most popular.

I love the articles about how and why people choose to get into truck camping.

I enjoy reading about all information to do with mobile camping. My wife and I have done all types of camping for over 40+ years and still enjoy the solitude of a quiet campsite. A truck camper is a downsized fifth wheel to us now. At the present time, I do not think any changes are needed to you magazine. Thanks.

Minimal number of emails.

I like the different stories from different people, and the mod contest.

Gordon and Angela, don’t change a thing. You are doing a great service. I don’t understand why truck campers are not more popular in the Mid-Atlantic area. There are millions of truck owners here.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Travel stories and gear reviews.

Truck Camper Magazine is a great resource for those that are new to truck camping. It is my go to source for information and advice on all things truck camper.

I love everything, especially that you’re really good with releasing lots of new content. TCM is not a stagnant publication by any means!

Your publication is the highlight of my week. I am trapped in a horrible job until I can save enough to buy my truck and camper. I love to read the lifestyle articles and dream. I particularly enjoy peeking inside the campers for a glimpse of what my future might be like. I fall asleep imagining living in one. Yup, I’ve got the bug bad!

Editor’s Note: Hang in there! Keep your dream alive. The freedom and adventure of being on the road in a truck camper is even better than you’re imagining. Maybe you could buy used or rent a truck camper to get a taste. Crawl, walk, run.

Accessibility of the magazine owners. They always answer my email questions, no matter how dumb they are. I have left them alone lately because I know exactly what I want to do now.

Information about camping places and gear. Tips on repairs to RV units.

Extremely informative. I presently have a fifth wheel. I’m looking to get into a truck camper. We did full-time for several years. A truck camper will fit our life style much better, and allow more access to places we want to travel to. I enjoy all the info that your magazine provides.

Keep up the great work! Love the articles of those who are touring the USA.

Fun and informative.

I like it because it’s every day. I go over it every morning.

I like everything. I look forward to receiving it twice per week.

I like the move to a tablet friendly layout. Thank you. Plus all the other stuff.

This site is a great idea with good execution. Something for everyone whether beginner or seasoned veteran.

That it focuses strictly on truck campers.

It’s the best source of information I have found. I especially like the Question of the Week. Also, I like the mod articles as well as the information people submit on different trip destinations. Thanks for being a great source of information for the truck camping community.

I’m new to camping and your magazine. I used your website a lot to help decide on which camper we purchased last fall. I enjoy seeing the updates in my inbox and getting the latest info on stuff that is directly related to campers in particular. Keep up the good work!

I like the magazine the way it is.

I would like to see you branch out to covering Class B and C motorhomes in a separate publication.

More camper reviews, please. Also more info on matching campers to the right pickup truck, such as when you do a review mention which type of truck to use with the camper (1/2 ,3/4, 1 ton).

Editor’s Note: Every rig is unique and requires some simple math. Please read the first four articles in the Newbie Corner section and follow the formula found there.

Being new to truck camping the advice, learning opportunities, the adventure stories, and just having a great resource to draw upon. From TCM I can get to and/or learn about almost anything in the truck camping world. Keep up the great work!!

I can’t think of a thing to change. You do a great job, and I enjoy reading all your articles.

You do a great job. No changes.

Easy to read with useful information.

Modifications and upgrades to make my RV more convenient and usable.

I enjoy seeing how folks modify their rigs to meet a specific end.

I like the cost.

I like it just as it is!

I like being able to dialogue. Recently, I was able to get an answer about truck and camper fit from Angela and Gordon. A warning label in my new truck said no slide-in campers. The dealer gave me part of an answer, the manufacturer said to read the owners manual, and the dealer had said call manufacturer. TCM got the answer from the truck manufacturer corporate headquarters. Now a custom camper is being designed.

You do a good job. I like it way it is. Keep up the good work.

Travel and boondocking adventures, camper lifestyles, camper reviews, and the photo gallery.

I am amazed at the sheer volume of excellent material. You produce an excellent publication. Congratulations.

The only source for truck camper info in a magazine format. I’d subscribe if it were in print media also.

I like articles on new campers. I would like to see more on older truck campers.

Fresh, down to earth, and a lot of really good information targeted to my specific interests. I honestly cannot think of any changes, just keep it coming. One possible change would be to make project articles more printer friendly or go through for print friendly.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the tip on We’ll check it out. In the meantime, please see FAQ question number 23 – Why can’t I print Truck Camper Magazine pages or articles?

I really enjoy the magazine. I have been loving the articles on trips people are taking and places they are going. They are inspirational! Have a 1 ton dually 4×4 and Lance 1050s. The only problem now is wanting a Tacoma 4×4 to go out further!

Editor’s Note: Why have one truck camper when you can have two?

The articles, and more about towing and camper tie-downs.

Informative. Reading info from like-minded people. New equipment information. Improvements in the industry.

Please don’t change.

It’s free and it has lots of good information. I would have a advertisement section to buy and sell truck campers. You may want to even charge a little money.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

I like it as is.

I like the camper reviews, travel and boondocking adventures, buyers guide and equipment guide, and photo section.

It’s okay, but your reviews are a little generous. When we’ve looked at some, they’re crap, not the best thing since sliced bread. The new windshield in one should have had the money put into the interior, which is junk.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 8 – How does Truck Camper Magazine remain objective, unbiased, and critical in its reporting and reviews?

Easy access to information online. The articles are well written and informative. I especially like the mod competitions.

I love it all, but would like to see more inside pictures of truck campers when doing interviews.

I like it as it is.

Everything, and no changes needed.

When I began to research RVs, I had no idea how versatile a truck camper was. Through Truck Camper Magazine, I have learned so much about them. Whenever I have the opportunity, I try to convince my wife that perhaps we should get one as opposed to a fifth wheel.

Like the mod articles and factory tours.

I enjoy your articles of people in their travels, the mod contest, pretty much overall you guys do a great job. Thank you.

Don’t change a thing! Keep it coming the way it is.

When you first open the site, it really looks like a new truck camper site. It’s not until you dig deeper that you find tons of valuable information.

I like the monthly mod contest and mod articles. There are some really good ideas that other campers have.

More about trips and locations. We are still new at this and looking for places to go, especially where we can fish a river from within feet from the camper.

Like TCM as is. Good information, helpful, and never overwhelming. A nice feature is a link to inventory and the manufacturers are in one spot for those looking.

Honest informative articles. Although I know only a narrow spectrum will appeal to me, I appreciate that you must accommodate all readers and that takes a lot of work. Soliciting sponsors to fund the magazine and keeping them happy also has to be an ongoing chore. Thank you for your efforts.

I love how your articles helped me chose and modify my truck camper. I really enjoy the stories of other’s travel and their uses for a truck camper. I wish there were more personal stories.

The reviews of new products, whether that’s a camper or gear are interesting.

Measure (and report on a standardized form) actual interior dimensions. For example, sit up height in overhead sleeping area and dinette area; shoulder room in bath entrance and shower, etc.

I really like the lifestyle stories, pictures, modification stories, and overnight camping options. Mostly I enjoy the maintenance and installation stories since I try to do the maintenance myself.

Travelogues and modification ideas.

You’re doing great! It’s the variety that I like.

Your magazine really helped me out last year. I never owned a truck camper before. Christmas 2014 I decided I was going to get one. While researching campers I ran across you magazine. As a result, I bought a used camper from a dealer on your website, and I bought stuff for both my truck and camper from dealers on your site. Needless to say, the beginners corner is well read. Thank You! 2012 Ram 3500, 2005 Northern Lite 8.5Q

I appreciate the truck camper focus of your magazine. There are many general sources of information about RVs, some of which contain useful truck camper information, but none have the breadth and depth of Truck Camper Magazine. I also like the detailed information provided about important topics, particularly truck and camper matching and load calculations. When I bought my first camper I was amazed at the amount of misinformation and tribal knowledge that existed, made worse by the conflicting information provided by dealers and manufacturers.

Your articles on this topic helped me make a much more informed choice. The only critique I have is that sometimes the author’s personal opinions come through rather strongly in the writing. I realize that this is writer/editor privilege, but given the subjective nature of the topic a more balanced style might be helpful to the audience. Otherwise, I appreciate the effort and thought you put into the magazine. It has been invaluable to me through my purchase of two trucks and two campers, and my transition from RV newbie to experienced RV warrior.

Editor’s Note: With every article, we aim to say something. And yes, we often make our case with conviction. On balance, we do our best to state our biases up front – like our personal preference for non-slide truck campers and gas engine trucks – so the reader knows where we are coming from. We also do our homework and bring objective facts to support our position. That’s an important part of the mission and spirit of Truck Camper Magazine.

The new format is great. I like Gordon’s writing style. I like the consistency of publications, and the email delivery system. I appreciate all of the information presented!

Always has something of interest to me; especially useful articles about matching truck to camper, center of gravity (COG), and the travel articles.

I notice a decline in articles about new gear innovations LED Light bars, GPS, small 12-volt TVs, small kitchen appliances, etc. I enjoy every issue and find something of interest in each.

I love looking at the brand new campers available.

Love the contests: mods, photo captions, and calendar. Love the personal travel stories.

Would like to see more of your truck camper experiences as well.

You have a broad range of interesting topics.

Extremely informative for anyone who wishes to get into a truck camper in the future. I know I will. It’s just a matter of timing and funding. That’s why I keep reading. TCM really keeps my hopes and dreams up. Thank you for that.

Good balance of topics and information to interest most readers.

It’s about as good as it gets.

Like the travel experiences of others and suggestions as to what to see and do.

I like it the way it is.

We love the new website and the articles involving free places to camp and boondocking. Keep up the good work!

Fine website. Thanks.

Enjoy the variety of all the special interest articles related to the industry. I would like to see a link where subscribers – and I emphasize subscribers – can advertise their truck, camper, or both for sale. This listing would include these items only and not other miscellaneous items or personal belongings.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

Very informative about new products and lifestyle for truck camping. Don’t change a thing.

Maybe include some detailed plans for some DIY mods.

Everything and nothing.

I know it is a tall order, I would love more pictures. I also would be willing to subscribe to a paid area that gave more content either stories – not a lot a month but some fee that gave me more content. I would be willing to pay $5 to $10 a month for it.

Is anyone besides me concerned about how to best protect a solar panel on the roof of a truck camper from hail or from, in a woods-camping location, falling hickory nuts or acorns? These nuts or acorns can drop off trees that are 40, 50, or 60 feet tall or higher and when they collide with the roof of a camper – they sound like a bullet hitting your roof. The speed and velocity are probably such that a hit could damage a solar panel. What are the options to shield a panel, but still allow sunlight to reach the panels?

Editor’s Note: Sounds like a great Question of the Week. A bit nutty, but great!

I enjoy TCM because Gordon and Angela are upbeat people who write well. Reading travel stories perks me up when I can’t get out on the road. Plus they give me ideas for future treks. Thanks and say meow to Harley for me!

Editor’s Note: Done.

The ease of your emails and current info.

I like the old format better.

The publishers and contributors are real people using real truck campers. In other words, they live the life of truck camping and share what they are doing, seeing and listening to others that share that passion. As for changing TCM? Nothing as they have been receptive to my suggestions and have made the changes I have shared, as well as others. TCM is responsive to the suggestions of their readers. That, in my opinion, is rare in publishing.

I like everything about TCM and can’t think of anything that needs changing.

To keep it fresh, do not reprint older stories. Try add homemade RV to the mix. There are a few of us who like to shoot our guns, too.

Editor’s Note: We have not republished a single story since launching the website in January of 2007. That’s well over 900 articles.

TCM helps to keep me up to date on industry news, truck camper features, new destinations, and truck camper life in general.

Truck campers. Change nothing.

Glad you’re out there. Enjoy your reviews on campers and truck compatibility.

I wish there was a print magazine version.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 31 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a print edition?

I like everything about TCM.

Very informative. TCM is a great resource for someone about to purchase their first truck camper.

Current interesting information. Maintaining and learning about my truck camper (2015 Northstar Adventurer) is a priority.

I like everything but Gordon’s sense of humor – just joking! I think one thing I would like to see would be home made DIY truck campers.

Shorter articles – more to the point.

I love it like it is.

We thoroughly enjoy reading about the adventures of our fellow truck camper owners!

Keeps me updated on latest news.

Maybe more articles on beach camping, driving on the beach, etc.

Editor’s Note: Check out our Beach Camping section.

I’m excited to get every issue. Great articles. Even if they don’t directly apply to me, the knowledge gained may come in later on this or other projects. You put in a tremendous amount of work, and its appreciated! I’m retired and try to travel lots of places each year. I hope to write up an extended hitch that’s homemade for your magazine soon. I don’t know if it will be published, but I’ll try!

Editors Note: See FAQ question number 11 – I’m interested in writing for Truck Camper Magazine.  Can I submit articles?

More info on great reasonably priced campgrounds with full hookups.

Editor’s Note: That’s not really our bag. However, there are some great websites for full-hookup campground reviews. We prefer boondocking whenever possible, unless we are in extreme heat, or snowbirding.

TCM provides great info and interesting articles. It’s a wonderful resource that I enjoy very much. My only criticism is to better proofread the articles for misspellings, grammatical errors, etc.

Editor’s Note: We agree. And we promise to work harder with proofreading.

The articles are informative and very helpful. I enjoy the travel pictures. Overall, it’s a good publication.

New and current ideas. Posts of new products. Presence and gaining knowledge. Posts of problem solving.

You guys do a great job with the magazine. Keep up the good work!

I have been trying to get my husband to switch from tent camping to truck camping for years. TCM gives me ammunition. Wish me luck!

Editor’s Note: Good luck! Tell him to read the Lifestyle Stories section under features. That should do it.

I appreciate that its specific to truck campers. I don’t want to wade through information for RVs and trailers just to get to camper information.

The mod contests.

Where people travel and what they travel in.

It is free, it arrives in email, it is published in frequent small bits so it doesn’t pile up in my to-be-read file, and it has great stories and info. Thank you for this service!

Issued weekly or more frequent. Thanks.

Love the whole thing! Love the new website. It is as easy to maneuver around as it is to park my truck camper where ever I want! Great work, please keep doing what you are doing. If it had not been for TCM, I would not have known about truck campers. It’s easy to say that I got into truck camping because of TCM.

I enjoy your editorial articles.

I like the survey. I like the travel to see where are people like to go.

Start a data base on truck camper specs. Model, weight, dry or wet bath, rear or center bath, tank sizes, etc. this would help when looking to purchase a camper. We want to upgrade to a camper with a mid dry bath and a sofa, but having trouble compiling all available models. Thanks for the great magazine.

Editor’s Note: The Buyers Guide section is what you’re looking for.

Love the boondocks article. I also like the back area trips and stories.

It seems as though much of your content is geared towards first time buyers. Once someone has purchased a truck camper and has had some experience with this type of RV travel, TCM does not have a lot to offer. Some sort of forum where people can share travel information might be helpful. Guest columnists from your readers would be interesting. The 100 year anniversary of the National Parks is coming up, perhaps something on that might be good. Once someone has the rig and gear, they are most interested in travel. You do have some articles about travel, but not enough to keep some people interested.

Editor’s Note: Click on the Features and check out the Lifestyle Section, Off-Road Adventures, Beach Camping, Alaska, Canada, United States, and World Travel sections. There’s a ton of travel and adventure content for advanced campers.

Like the publication as is.

It continues to amaze me just how complete TCM is. It’s always fresh and entertaining.

It would really be nice to see more pictures, maybe from camper rallies. It’s really nice to see different set ups on the rigs.

Member stories of trips, repair/mods, and destination lists.

Great information for truck campers and the truck camping lifestyle.

Good variety of articles.

I’d like to see more articles about renovation of older slide-ins, what to look for in a used camper, and articles about vintage slide-ins. New models are great, as is your coverage of them, but not all of us retired folk can afford the money to purchase new. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your magazine very much. – Cecil

I’m not as avid a camper as most subscribers seem, but I look forward to the email magazine each addition. It keeps me up to date and inspires me. Thank you for all your efforts. You do a great job!

It’s getting better every day.

I like to tinker with my camper and the reader submitted mods gives me inspiration and ideas.

The travel and off-road articles, camper reviews, and new camper announcements. The newly designed site is also easy to navigate. Thanks for TCM.

Love it the way it is.

Just bought my 2016 Arctic Fox 990 based on my reading TCM.

I very much like the mod articles as well as your reviews of new campers. Also, I really enjoy the lifestyle stories of folks using truck campers to pursue their passions.

Help push for higher mileage trucks!

It’s the only e-zine dedicated to truck campers. And I like to hear the stories about Harley!

I would add a forum.

Editors Note: See FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?

I like it the way it is, but I have an older truck and camper and would like to see more 1990s through 2003 models.

I like that Truck Camper Magazine reviews all aspects of truck camping along with reviews and current industry information.

No change. It’s good as is!

Everything. Change nothing.

I wish it came out more often. Very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.

All of it. Change nothing.

I enjoy all of the stories of travel to various locations around the world. It presents great places to go and how to get there and what to see while you are there. I love the pictures that are submitted from around the world for the calendar. I enjoy the maintenance tips because they often apply to trailers and other types of RVs as well. I enjoy the Buyers Guide because I dream of owning a truck camper someday.

It’s free, interesting and informative.  Love researching future camper adventures.

Most everything.  A more general type of terms, i.e. I don’t understand “Gimp”.

I’d like to see a comments section following the articles.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 26 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine allow reader comments after articles?

I would like to see more destination articles. I like almost everything you do. Please keep up the good work.

Technical issues, personal stories, and travel. Personal touch of the magazine. I love the magazine and that you respond on the question and other issues I send my email. Thank you!


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