Reader Surveys

2017 TCM Reader Survey: What You Like And What You Want Changed

We have read every comment and have made detailed notes on what you like and want changed about Truck Camper Magazine.  We have also made a few references to the Frequently Asked Questions and answered a few comments and questions. Thank you for your feedback.

I like the varied information.  There are lots of interesting articles.

I like owner travel articles, camping trips, destinations, and boondocking stories.  I love the great photos.  I appreciate updates on truck camper gear and new models.  I also like the tech reports on truck and tow adaptations.

Very happy with all areas of TCM.  No urgent changes needed.  Thank you for a great publication!

I like the wide variety of subject matter that’s covered and available.  I’m always interested in what people are doing with their campers, and where they’re going!

Love that you guys are out in the field living the lifestyle and helping the masses make better use of their travel time and money.  Thank you!  Consider getting a rescue dog to keep your cat company.

I like the camper reviews, trip reports, news, and buyers guide.

I like the reviews and lack of bias.  Please have more articles about how and where people use their truck campers.

The information available helped us in our decision process for our recent purchase of a 2017 Adventurer 86SBS and Hellwig air bags.  We have been bumper pull campers for years and this was our first cabover.  Reading forums and Truck Camper Magazine’s information told us what to look for or lookout for in our purchase.  We couldn’t be happier.  The only thing I would change would be to have a print magazine as I’m kinda old school and like to thumb through pages.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 31 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a print edition?

Love the magazine.  The stories are great; even the tales!  It is nice looking at the different campers available.

The information!  I’m a newbie and your magazine has been a Godsend.  We bought our used Lance 1998 Legend 990 from Parkview RV after reading your story.  I wouldn’t change anything!

Everything about truck campers.  New models and old models.

I like TCM the way it is.

I like that Truck Camper Magazine is published twice a week.  I think the magazine is excellent!

Everything!  Change nothing.

I like the owners.  Please publish more maintenance articles.

More accessory guides and reviews.

I am pretty happy with it as it is.  Don’t make a lot of changes.

I enjoy the articles by fellow truck campers on their rigs, gear, and travels.  I also like the reports on new campers and gear.

I like it all.

Free, fun, and facts.

Personal stories and their travel experiences are by far my favorite.  I think you do a great job with your surveys and product information as well.  Thank you.

Travel articles, campgrounds, boondocking, and modifications.

I like almost everything and would not take away anything, but if I could add a feature, I’d like a way to chat with others who own a specific truck camper model.  For example, if we are considering purchasing something, we’d love to pick the brains of those who already own that model and maybe ask them for some specific measurements, tips, etc.

Editor’s Note: If you see someone in TCM that you’d like to contact, fill out the contact us form, and we’ll get you connected via email.

I like the mod ideas, maintenance articles, and some of the travel articles to more remote destinations.  It would be interesting to see more qualified articles about extreme season truck camping.  We live in Alaska.

It’s specific to truck camping.  Most other RV magazines rarely showcase truck campers or the truck camping lifestyle.

I like to look inside the campers.

Love to read about the mods and places people visit.

I am a newbie to truck camping and find your magazine full of information on everything from great places to take our new rig to how-to avoid costly mistakes.  I just took an actual measurement of the rig to the top of the air conditioner so we don’t end up with a sad tail of shearing it off under a low clearance condition.  Thanks for the info.

I like learning the opinions and reviews of others who own truck campers.

I enjoy the wide spectrum of subjects covered.  I feel the site is just fine the way it is.

The personal adventure stories give me inspiration to continue traveling to far and away places.

I like that the magazine covers lots of different angles and you seem very involved with your readers.  You seem as passionate as your readers.  Everyone, including the readers, seem to have fun!

I like that there’s a magazine just for pick up campers. I would like to see articles on restoring older campers, where a person might find parts, especially for a 1992 Lance.

The frequency it’s received and the variety of articles.

Question of the Week surveys and how-to articles.

Love all the great travel articles.

Gordon and Angela are the magazine.  Please keep doing what you obviously love and do not sell out to a big corporation.  A bit more Canadian content would be nice.

Editor’s Note: Don’t forget Harley, our Cat-In-Chief.  He works hard at sleeping, resting, and relaxing.

I like the fact that the magazine is about truck campers.  It has articles about destinations and favorite places to camp.

I like it just as it is.

More how-to tips.

I always enjoy and look forward to Truck Camper Magazine.  Thank you and keep up the great work.

I like trip and advice articles.

I like the mod contests and Question of the Weeks.  Nothing needs changing.

I’m very pleased with the magazine and services offered.  Could you do a question of the week on truck cab size?  We run a long bed crew cab Silverado, but are debating going to extended cab/suicide doors to shorten the wheelbase.  Curious if others have comments.  Thank you!

I like the road trip stories.  I also like the upgrades and modifications done by subscribers.  I wanted to say I enjoyed reading about your journey in building your online magazine.  I’m not sure I’d change much.  I just ordered a Four Wheel Camper and this magazine was a resource in making my decision.

It’s the most interesting format if you are a serious truck camper.

Variety of topics.

Great magazine.  I would make no changes.

Everything so far.  Maybe add side-by-side comparisons of similar camper makes and options showing more choices in the marketplace.

I like the information provided by real world users and TCM staff.  I feel it is unbiased and believable as opposed to other sources.

I like the availability of it.  I can read it while I’m at work on my phone.  I like to be able to read about the new campers and equipment.  I like reading stories about people’s adventures in their campers.  I like to read about your adventures in your camper.

I love the format, truck camper stories, and reviews of truck campers.  I would very much like to see equal balance between pros and cons in truck camper reviews.  Finally, I hope that in a future edition Truck Camper Magazine would feature a review of the new Earth Cruiser GZL, particularly the new models which will be online in May. Keep up the good work!

Editor’s Note: There’s always room to improve, but TCM already has more pros and cons in our reviews than any other RV publication.  Additionally, please see FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

I like everything about it.  But there’s very little info on campers of older model years.  Mine is a 2002 Fleetwood Angler.  A registry of members and what they have would be nice so I could contact others who have the same camper.  We could share fixes and parts sources.  This could apply to older pickups, too, or camper fit issues, and maintenance on the road.  Mine is 1999 Ram Diesel.

I like hearing about the places people visit and the things they see.  In short, I like the lifestyle stories.

Less dealer new camper ads.  A forum for normal folks to advertise their used campers.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

I like the articles about other people’s trips and experiences and useful information that they pass on.

I like the personal travel stories.

I like the reviews.  I also like the Camper Chooser tool.  Keep having features of places visited written by readers.  Continue to have pictures of camper interiors.

We are newbies for the last year and bought a used truck camper, a S&S Montana Ponderosa.  I’ve learned about boondocking, places to go, things to see and very interesting modifications.  I love the blog stories and photos.  If I want to find gear, I appreciate the available links and reviews.  My husband and I hope to attend a rally next year.

New products and campers.

I’m new at truck camping, so I like the how-to articles.  I read it all, even if it doesn’t really apply to me, but a bit less of the really hard-core off-roading stories might be good.


It is free and comes right to my computer.

Travel stories, upgrades, and modifications.  I would have more off-road adventures and expedition style truck camping.

We are fairly new to truck camping.  We purchased our Northern Lite in April 2016, but have been RVing/camping for many years.  After discovering TCM, we are adding new destinations to our list and looking forward to meeting other truck campers.  How about TCM sponsoring/organizing more regional rallies or caravans throughout the United States?

Editor’s Note: While we’re not planning to host our own rallies, we continue to promote rallies hosted by fellow truck camper community members in our RV Shows & Rallies section.  You can also start a rally, and we’ll help you to promote it.

I really like the destination articles about where people have gone and enjoyed themselves.  Secondly, I like articles about gear or accoutrements that make truck camping easier and more enjoyable.  Continue to write those types of articles and we’ll continue to subscribe and read them!  We commissioned Rob and Cari Rowe to build our current camper after reading the article entitled “Phoenix Builds A Statement Camper” and we could not be happier!

I love the mod contests.  I might not do the same mod, but they do give me ideas.  I love to see the reviews of new campers.  I’m not going to go out and buy a new camper, but it does give me ideas of what’s in the market.  I would like to see more lifestyle articles about places to go and see that almost require a truck camper – like where can truck campers go to get away from the Rig-Raf!

Editor’s Note: Rig-Raf!  Love it.

I like all of it.

More videos showing actual humans inside the truck camper (sitting on cab-over, sitting at dinette, etc.) to show true relative size.

You’re good to go.

Love your magazine.  It has been an amazing help to me in pursuing one of my dreams! I would love to see it include a forum for truck campers.  I know there are several out there, but this seems to be the site for all things truck campers.  Many sites have pretty limited information on truck campers and the lifestyle.  I would also like to see more new truck and new truck camper matches that are within payload including all gear, towables, etc. including single rear wheels.

Editor’s Note: The truck and camper payload match suggestion is a great idea!  Some of that is integrated into our reviews, but maybe there’s another opportunity there.  On your other suggestion, see FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?

Updated information.

I would like to see more destination type articles.

Everything is good.

Informative, current, interesting, stories and information from like-minded people.  Excellent!

I really like the truck and camper mod stories and details.

Most everything.

Good articles.  I like the mods others have done to their campers.

Like everything.  Change nothing.

I enjoy it.  I’m not sure many changes need to be made.

I always like to see the mod contest submissions.  Less of a change, but I would like to see more in the way of technical 12-volt battery upgrade solutions, especially for limited space applications.  For example, battery frame rail installations.

Love the mods!  You need more East Coast destination stories.

As a newbie to truck camping, I like the information on truck camper systems and maintenance.

Continue the objective reviews on truck campers and gear.

I love the camping information available, especially from other pickup campers.  The manufacturer/dealer information is boring to me.

Entertaining, filled with good ideas, and more nudity! (just kidding)

Editor’s Note: We’re not that kind of magazine.

Mods!  We love the mods!  We can’t think of anything to change.  We thoroughly enjoy the magazine.  It is thoughtfully crafted by people who know truck campers.  Thank you!

TCM was a vital part of my research in deciding what type of truck camper I was going to purchase. I would suggest that TCM conducts more reviews and comparisons on new truck camper models.

I enjoy reading the articles and checking dealer websites.

I like the repair articles.  I would like to print some of them.

When I stumbled onto TCM, I did not know that truck campers were still around.  I had been looking to build a custom van.  On TCM I have learned so much about the things a newbie needs; GVRW, matching trucks to campers, pop-ups versus hard sides, and all the stuff someone needs to determine if a truck and camper is the way to go.  I decided it was and am in the shopping stage.  As far as changes are concerned, I would like to see articles about smaller campers that may not be able to compete with the bigger boys, but could be perfect for someone.  You do a pretty good job of everything else.

I love the destination and travel stories.  More videos, please.

I like the mod features.  I like anything educating people on how-to be better truck campers.  I would like to see more grassroots every man content.  Budget builds, DIY stuff.  I would also like to offer my proofreading services for grammar and typos because I see them all the time on this site.  Thanks for what you do.

Editor’s Note: We work very hard to find typos but, with the amount of content that flows through the magazine (this article alone is 51 pages), typos happen.  We promise to work harder at finding and eliminating typos.  They make us nuts, too.

All of it!

I love it as is.  The only thing I would add is maybe technical how-to articles.

I like learning about new campers and gear.  I like hearing about beautiful trips and great mods.

I really like the information on all the BLM camping sites, the lifestyle of campers, and the maintenance articles.

I like off-road adventure stories, mountain area travel stories, updates, repair stories, and new/used inventories.

You have been my go to place to start and continue to learn about truck campers.  We are planning on retiring very soon, in a year or two, and this is what we want to do.  We want see the USA from a truck camper for a year, or two, or three.  You have been a great wealth of information about brands, weights, options, dealers, pricing, gear, reviews, etc.  I especially value your reality check about weights of campers.  There sure are a lot of beautiful ones that we would never consider as we want to boondock in wild places as much as possible.  If anything, I would like more reviews.  I wish you mentioned all brands, as it has taken me a long time to find other brands to learn about that you don’t mention.  I just like to know as much as possible before we take the plunge.

Editor’s Note: Camper reviews are a priority, but they take a considerable amount of time to write and develop (upwards of 4-5 days each).  As for your other question, please see FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

I enjoy the content as it pertains to my interests.

My favorite is all the modifications people do with all the photos.

I like the articles on various places people have traveled and campgrounds they have visited.  I like articles on mods and suspension improvements.  I like Alaska travels and places I have not been yet.  I like learning about the different uses for a truck camper, emergencies, and helping to others in need, etc.

It is all about truck campers.

My wife and I enjoy Truck Camper Magazine as it is now.  We have recommended it to several family, friends and new group members on Facebook.  There are no improvements that I can think of.  We are retiring in a few months and plan on attending several truck camper rallies and look forward to seeing you again!

I like the travel stories, especially about boondocking.

I like the mods best.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

I like the upbeat tone in its presentation.  Everything from the reviews to the where to go articles are written in a positive fashion.  I appreciate that because we go camping to enjoy ourselves and to have fun.  That is something that’s important to us especially in today’s world.  Keep it up!

Add viewer comments.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 26 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine allow reader comments after articles?

Camper reviews, destination places, truck information.

It’s a enjoyable magazine to read about the truck camper lifestyle.

I like your desire to improve the magazine.  You are good listeners and provide a quick reply to the readers.

Truck Camper Magazine has many great features.  I believe matching a camper to a trucks weight should be stressed for safety.  The mods are interesting.  More storage and destination articles would be great.  Keep up the good work!

Great information.

I enjoy the how-to articles.  I would like more modification stories.  I also like the camping and vacation places that are written about.

I used the dealer guide and located the camper my wife and I purchased.  We saved almost $3,000 on the unit we bought.

I like the gear information.  The articles on new models, as well as information on older brands are great.  I’ve contacted TCM for information on batteries and charging and received quick response.  I wouldn’t change anything.  Thank you.

I like articles on destinations, how people use their truck campers, mods, and articles people send in about their trips.

I enjoy everything.  Change nothing.

It’s informative, free, and has a good cross section of things I want to know about.

You refrain from wandering off subject.  This is a magazine totally set up for camper owners or people who want to get educated on this lifestyle before taking on this form of RVing.

I love the mods.  Even though we have done a lot of them already, there is always something new.  Great truck camper minds that are working together is awesome!

Love the magazine.  Keep up the good work.

I’m going to buy a different camper in near future and I like the reviews on campers.

I like it all.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Thank you.

The variety, and owners opinions and mods.

More travel, camping and real life articles like you presented a few years ago.

I like the features about the modifications people do to make their camper more convenient, especially the features about space savers or increasing storage.

It’s clearly written, conveniently accessed, and the articles are timely.  I would like even more articles on truck and camper maintenance and personal stories on camping experiences.

Truck Camper Magazine is the most informative publication I have used.  I read all of the articles.  It’s always full of valuable facts and information that no other media provides.  Thank you.

I would like new ideas for making truck camping safer and more fun.  I like to learn about BLM areas to visit and apps to make travel easier.

I love the articles.  I would like to see more YouTube videos and tours of truck campers.

I love the modification section.  Some I have used, or will use.  Mods also create new ideas.  I like to learn about places to visit and love the different places to go.

I like the Question of the Week, Gear Guide, and boondocking locations.  Don’t change anything.

Great site!

I like the individual travel stories with pictures.  I like the honest reviews of campers and gear.  I also like to participate in judging the calendar photos as well as various camper mods.  I don’t feel that anything should be changed.

More reviews, please.

Travel and lifestyle stories.

I like TCM the way it is.

I think it is great as is.

Everything!  I would like Bigfoot truck camper information.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

I love the mods and the pictures that you post.  We are newer owners and still trying to figure out what works for us and our camper.

I like that you exist.

I enjoy articles that inform me how others use their campers.

I like the information.

Living in Melbourne, Australia, a lot of purchase decisions are based on articles and reviews.  It’s difficult to get accurate unbiased information and TCM helps greatly.  A TCM forum especially on repairs and fixes would also be appreciated.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for reading from Australia!  See FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?

I enjoy the personal travel logs and improvements on truck camper stories.

The sense of community.

More truck camper reviews.  I would like at least one per week.

I like it all.  Keep up the excellent work!

I like that it’s free and a source of reliable info.  I would like to see more articles of female interest.

I like reading about people going places and doing the kind of things we want to do.  We have just retired and are getting anxious to get out there!  Getting ideas for truck campers is always good.  Being in a camping rig with limited space, it’s always good to hear about ways to improve storage and different ways people have managed to make their camping experience the best!

I would love to see a reader’s question and answer forum.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?

I like people’s stories about their camping trips.

Right now I’m a wanna-be, so it’s used for research.

Everything.  You’re doing a wonderful job.

Truck camping mods and destination stories.

No more mod contests.

Love it.

We enjoy seeing what other truck campers are doing.  It motivates and inspires us to get out more!

Just keep up doing the excellent job that both of you do!  Also, on your yes or no survey questions, the option of maybe would have been applicable for me.

Great information and it’s always up to date.

I like to see mods being done.

Great site.  It has a wide range of articles.  I would like to see more stories of people on their adventures.

It is specific to truck campers and camping.

I like the information and lifestyle stories.

More maintenance tip articles and videos.

If it were not for TCM, I would not own a truck camper and probably would not have spent as much time in Alaska as I did.  I certainly would not have gone to all of the places in Alaska that I did.  Now I am planning a trip to Quebec, Labrador, and Newfoundland in the fall of 2017.  I should add that I would not have the best truck camper truck ever!  Thank you, Angela and Gordon, for all of your hard work and great articles.  I have had many hours of enjoyment from all of the stories and articles.  It’s great to be able to go back and read them again, especially when planning the next trip.

The brief weekly format in the emails let’s me browse and find the items that are most interesting to me quickly.

I like the stories about people’s adventures, the mod contests, and all the other content.  I think your magazine is great.

More lifestyle articles.

It keeps me informed as to changes in campers, destinations, stories, and activities.

Its frequency.  I would like to see more user experiences with problems and how they addressed them.

It always seems to be fresh and innovative.  Knowing that it must try to appeal to all people in various stages of truck camping, I would keep it the same.

I like the convenience of Truck Camper Magazine being online as opposed to being a hard copy.  It is there whenever I want to review it, without a lot of clutter like having printed magazines lying around.

I enjoy the articles on places to go and modifications that other readers have contributed.

It keeps me up to date as to what’s going on in the truck camping world.

I like everything about TCM except this – I would like to see a button added to the chooser results next to each result that says, open this brand’s Buyers Guide, and another button that takes us to the manufacturer’s website.  Clicking on these links will open in a new tab.  This will make the Chooser more functional and help us continue to research the resulting campers.

Editor’s Note: That’s a good idea.  We will look into this for future versions of the Camper Chooser.

I love it!  I have learned a lot from articles and from the mod contests.  Keep up the great work!

It’s about everyday people interested in their world and what’s around them.  There are excellent ideas.  Have you ever not seen a friendly truck camper?

I’m pretty happy with the way things are now.

More information on flatbeds.  Thanks.

There’s great information on the maintenance of truck campers and areas to discover in the USA.

Most all of it.

I absolutely love the magazine.  No changes needed!

The attitude and experience of the readers and articles.

Consistency and fair reporting.  Please put more photos in articles and reviews.  I’d like to see more restoration stories and/or build series.

I really like your layout and articles just the way they are.

I think you are doing a fantastic job and are producing an informative and entertaining magazine.  Keep up the good work!

I like the articles I read.  The mod contests are fun.  I like to learn about maintenance and refurbishing older campers.  My wife and I look forward to renovating our 1958 Alaskan.

Editor’s Note: That’s one old Alaskan.  Please contact us when you’re done.

I like everything.  I would like more mods.

I love the modifications contest and used campers.

I like it the way it is.

Current news about campers.

I like all of TCM; the “it” for truck campers.  I look for the new releases daily.  It helps the coffee go down and fills my trekking plans with detail.  I’m not sure how I would have managed without it.  I bought my first and second setups after reading lifestyle accounts and drilling Gordon and Angela’s articles.  I keep learning and I keep trucking.  See you out there.

Monthly mods, boondocking articles, new gear, and photos.

The wonderful people who own it and, most importantly, Harley.

I like the stories, mods, and photo galleries.  I like the unbiased reviews of campers and gear.  Right now I can’t think of anything I would change, but I’m still new to truck campers.

Helpful tips and ideas.

Love the family truck camping stories and custom truck camper mods and builds.

I like expedition style campers from other areas and the international articles.

I can’t think of a thing to change.  I look forward to every issue.

More frequent postings.

I miss the video walk-through reviews of the new campers.  The still shots just do not give you the feel like a video does.

I like the articles about repairs, maintenance, gear and locations.

It is a great magazine and it is always right with me on my iPhone.  I like your dispersed camping articles because that is 90-percent of what I do.  I also like your camper lifestyle articles.  I have used your camper maintenance and repair articles to see how other people with older campers did their own maintenance.  I read your articles on places other people have gone.  Thank you for a super online magazine!

I like the destination articles and the readers’ mods.

I would not change a single thing.  Keep up the good work.

I like all the real life stories.  I also like the mod contests.  You’re doing a great job.  Keep it up.

Apart from some of the wonderful adventures undertaken by subscribers and the monthly mods competition, I enjoy finding out about what is happening in our former colonies and what is likely to hit the UK in 12 months time.

I like your honest approach that strives to offer well rounded advise to truck campers everywhere.  Also, how you are able to weave humor into your articles, hopefully without insulting anyone.  The changes you make only improve the quality of the magazine.  Keep up the good work.

I really appreciate the (mostly) objective articles that tell the pros and cons of gear, vehicles, and locations being reviewed.

I like seeing articles on accessories and upgrades.

Excellent layout, great destination articles, and good tips and ideas about how-to improve the truck camper experience.  I would like more international content.

I enjoy the blogs, galleries, truck camper gear, and new gear coming out.  The questions and feedback from others is very cool.  All around it’s a very good across the board magazine and of course, the founders are amazing.

Relevance to truck campers and a continual flow of information.

The unknown of what you people will come up with next.

I like the modifications and calendar photos.

Mostly I enjoy the travel stories, especially in the northwest and Alaska.

Ban all use of generators.  Why go out in the wilderness if you are going to sit in your insulated camper and run the generator?  You’re the only one not annoyed by it.

I love your interviews with people who go on trips, especially trips that involve going to Alaska.  I also like your reviews of truck campers, but you seem to do the same brands over and over.  I would like to see you do some reviews of truck campers that you haven’t covered yet.  Overall, great job.

I love the mods and camping lifestyle stories.  I would like to see more long term reviews from others.

Please don’t change anything.  Keep up a good work.

I like the reviews and stories.

Just add more technical content on electrical and battery technology.

The information.  As a person with little experience with truck campers, but wanting very much to go there, I appreciate the willingness of TCM to share freely at no cost.  I’ve learned a lot.  Thank you.

More information on gear.

I appreciate that you are covering this niche segment of the RV world.  It gives me great insight into the field.

You are doing a super job.  Thanks.

The trip reports and adventure travel are my favorites, but I read everything for ideas.

The writing is excellent.  You have very thorough interviews with real questions and not just fluff pieces.  I enjoy reading the travelogues.  I would like to see some more videos from readers such as trips they’ve taken, upgrades and repairs, remote sites they’ve visited, etc.  I think you might encourage readers to submit more videos and have a place for that.  If the bandwidth is too expensive, use YouTube and have a link.  I just think video makes things clearer, including the upgrade contests.  Sometimes the pictures people submit with the upgrade contest makes it difficult to see what they did.

It’s good the way it is.

I like the articles submitted by members and stories about travel destinations.  There hasn’t been too many new product reviews or how-to articles.

Honest reviews, great stories, and pictures.  Your website keeps me updated on what is going on in the truck camper Industry.  I don’t like the pop-ups I get asking to join your auto e-mail update when I have already did so.  Other than that, you provide a great service to all us truck camper enthusiasts.

Editor’s Note: We agree about the pop-up subscription banner being annoying.  On the other hand, it brings us a significant amount of subscribers which allows our magazine to grow.  We will look into ways to make it less intrusive.

Keep up the good work.

I like just about everything you do in the magazine.  More articles about solar applications for truck campers would be appreciated.  I’d like to see more about the limitations of given brands in off-road situations.  Keep up the good work.

I always look forward to lifestyle stories about truck campers.  I also like stories about modifications.  The best are the pictures and captions submitted for the calendar.  I can’t think of anything that I would like to see changed.  You guys do a great job!

I like the camper mods.  I get some great ideas from the monthly mod contest.  I really enjoy the calendar photo contest.

I enjoy the mods the most, followed by destination and experience stories.

It’s in-depth information about my favorite segment of the RV industry.  I would like more great articles highlighting the campers, trucks, and gear, and their use in truck camper adventures.

I like the new information on products.  The travel stories and the mods are always fun.

I like it all!  Being new to truck camping I’ve gotten some excellent advice through your articles and archives.

I enjoy that it covers all aspects of truck camping.  There is something of interest to me in every issue.  I also appreciate that it is written from a truck camper’s perspective.  While there is plenty of information from manufacturers and suppliers, I never feel like I am being sold.  I am just being provided with good and useful information.  I am very happy with the magazine as it is.  You have done a great job getting to this point and I’m certain that any changes you make will be worthwhile.

Frequent updates and truck camper specific information is the reason I view the site.

I enjoy the travel reports and camping stories from across the United States and Canada.  Some of the pictures make me want to pack up and hit the road.

Editor’s Note: Us too!

I like to keep updated on new gear and solutions other camper owners come up with.

I really like articles on boondocking and camping on BLM and National Forest lands.

Nothing.  Keep up the the good work!

I like user modifications and customizations to improve our rigs.

Great information and interesting articles.

You are doing a real fine job.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it or change anything.

I really enjoy the adventure stories and modifications.  I would be interested in truck cap/topper information including commercial construction models.  People do use these to camp in their trucks.

It looks good.

I like the camper mods.

I like getting a broad view of truck camping.

I enjoy the mix of articles about equipment, campers, trips and lifestyles.  Maybe consider occasionally doing articles on used truck campers.  That may be helpful for people not wanting to buy a new camper.

I liked articles like, “Two Adults, Three Kids, and One Truck Camper” and articles for newbies.

More maintenance articles.

I enjoy seeing other campers, new campers, and owner modifications.  I also enjoy reading other camper owner’s adventure stories with their camper.

Good information and interesting articles.

It is all good to me!

I like your common sense logical approach to truck campers in general.  I enjoy reading about others experiences with their campers regardless of brand.  The mod section and Question of the Week is always an interesting read.  I see nothing that needs to be changed at this time.

I think TCM is doing all of us a great service as it is.  Changes are not always improvements; on campers or in magazines.

I like the Alaska travel stories and new camper reviews.

There are so many things that I like about Truck Camper Magazine that it is hard to list them all.  I love the pictures of places that people have gone to.  They make me want to go there.  I cannot visit them all, but it lets me see places that I may not reach.  I like the mods section.  I have a travel trailer because my wife cannot get into the bed of a truck camper.  The mods work on many trailers as well and it has given me many ideas.  I have not found any other website that gives the kind of information you have.

It’s handy.

Everything.  I would revisit reviews of truck campers for minor improvements.  I would question manufacturers what they are doing to improve quality control and how seriously they take customer complaints as evidenced by many forums.

Editor’s Note: Fair point.  We will continue to push on that front.  In the meantime, please read, “The Best Truck Camper” if you haven’t already.

The straight foreword opinions and humor.

I like your focus on truck campers.

I enjoy the stories like trips to Alaska and the national parks.  I find the information on campers and gear very helpful.  Keep up the good work!

I like the reviews.

I like the stories and pictures of adventures across North America exploring backroads and other places.  Change nothing except make those camper brands pay for the advertising you give them through your magazine.

I enjoy the variety of articles.  There is no need to change.

New camper reviews and travel stories.

I like to stay informed on new trends and tech gear.  I would love to see a long-term review once in a while.

I would like more mention of Bigfoot truck campers.  We seem to get forgotten.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

Don’t stop!

It gives me something to dream about as I work full-time in a very stressful job.

Free, informative, and good stories from real people.  Classified ads would be good and a forum where people can contact each other.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?  Also see number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

I like the new model introductions and that the mod contests give ideas.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

I like the modification articles.

It is informative, well written, and entertaining.

In Quartzsite for the winter, I have large motorhomes and fifth wheels all around me.  I always felt kind of low on the totem pole until reading your magazine and realizing there are a lot more of us out there.  We are a pretty exclusive, adventurous group of RVs that are not limited to big parks and lots.  We love being able to just park with friends and family in their driveways as we travel the country or pull off the road in undeveloped areas.

Editor’s Note: Don’t let those big motorhome and fifth wheels get you down.  They’re just jealous of our go anywhere, camp anywhere capabilities!

I enjoy the articles involving truck camping experiences, modifications, travel and the photo galleries.

I would like to see more camper reviews and technical articles and less lifestyle articles and stories.

I love the lifestyle stories that feature folks who are living a non-typical, off the beaten path kind of American Dream, and the articles about destinations.  I unexpectedly enjoy Gordon’s reviews.  What needs improvement is more diversity in the people you interview and less about monied white couples.  Maybe more maintenance and how-to articles for the non-mechanical campers would help.

There is no other magazine like it anywhere on the planet!  I love it just the way it is.  You really do have your finger on the pulse of this element of the RV industry.  Keep up the great work!

It is the best source for truck camper information.  No changes needed.

The editors seem to be personally interested in the subject material and work hard at compiling interesting and useful material.  I like the mods, camper/product reviews, and personal stories of people full-timing and backwoods dry camping.  I don’t know how you could improve on your publication, but I’ll bet you’ll find a way.

I like to read about the adventures and travels of other truck campers.  I also enjoy reading how the units are customized to fit owners needs.  Plus, I really like the travel photos.

It is great just like it is.

I like it all.  I wish I could afford a camper.

The Off-Road and Expedition section and stories are amazing!

I like the information on products and camper mods and maintenance.

I like the stories from truck camper owners about their travels, and the camper reviews.

Just as TCM is, it suits me fine.  Thanks!

Oh gracious, I think you are just about perfect.  I have learned so much from your Newbie Corner (truck and camper matching), your camper reviews, your lifestyle stories, your mod contests, and your camper chooser.  I love your advocacy and your honesty.  I like your editorial voice.  I think you are doing amazing things.  I have no suggestions other than to surprise me with whatever new thing you are considering!

I like that it keeps me current with the industry and that it inspires me with things to do with the camper.

I like the non-biased reviews of new camper models, the reports of adventures experienced by fellow truck campers, the mod contests, the calendar entry photos, and the listing of upcoming shows and rallies.  I can’t think of a thing that I would change.

The reader modifications feed the mind to seek even more ideas.  I often say, “What a great idea!  I can do something like that too”.  I would seek more reader stories of great no-cost or low-cost camping destinations to share.

I like reviews of the various camper models.  I would like to see information on custom built and self-built truck campers and resources.

You are doing a great job!  Thanks for all you do.  I like the destination articles.  It is useful as we plan our trips to read about things to see or do while we are in popular areas for truck camping.

I would like to see some articles about using a truck camper in an urban campground or in a campground where there is public transportation to sightseeing and museums such as in Washington DC, Boston, and New York City – if such things even exist!  I would love to go do some touristy things out east, but it would be nice to leave the camper set up at a campground on the outskirts of a city and use public transportation to access museums, historical sites, etc.

Editor’s Note: This is a good idea for a future future Question of the Week.  Thanks!

I like TCM fine, just like it is.

I am very interested in long term reliability, best construction methods, and materials.  You can get stuck with a nightmare long term, but they sound good to buy new.

More articles on current gear, like back up cameras.  I like storage ideas.  Construction mods are cool, but not everyone can do that type construction.

I like the trips people have taken.

I’m new to truck campers.  I had a fifth wheel trailer before.  I think you do a great job of supplying info to us newbies.  I would like more articles on camper maintenance explaining how systems work, such as tank level monitors, etc.

The magazine is well done and covers wide range of interests.  The modification articles are informative and useful in possible future projects.  Thanks for a great magazine.  I look forward to each issue.

I love your stories about people and their trips.  I have truly missed your Alaska articles this winter.  I love your writing style and, even though I prefer lifestyle stories, I read the other ones too.  With that said, however, I’d love to see some stories a little shorter. Perhaps we could have more of them.  My other preference would be to see subjects mixed up all along instead of staying on a theme for a while (such as multiple articles about re-doing old campers).  I would come looking for what’s new and find it’s another article about a subject I’m not interested in and, I hate to say, I didn’t come back for several weeks and that has never happened before.  So mixing the subject matter may keep us all on our toes waiting to see what’s next.  On subjects I’m personally interested in, I’d like to see articles about the actual cost of travel that people are experiencing, places people visit, people working on the road, cooking on the road, stories about pets, techie items we all can use, etc.  I really enjoyed your 10-year article.  It gave me insight and it made appreciate all you do even more.  It also helped me understand why you have to have so many articles about the mechanics of the industry.  It’s your bread and butter.  I definitely want you to stay profitable, but throw me some stories about being on the road and I’ll be happy!

I like personal travel information stories, gear articles, and the newbie corner.

I can’t wait to open and read the news about truck campers.  Best wishes for ten more years!

It’s fine as it is.

I just like it!  Change nothing.

I love it all!

TCM was very helpful when we first purchased our camper.  I like seeing how other people modify their campers.


As a wife, I wish my husband would be as interested as I am in truck campers.

I like learning about truck camping information, mods, and places to travel.

Boondocking articles, mods, and articles on camping in The West.

It is nice to hear where other truck campers owners go and what life is like on the road. We are still working, so our trips are limited to a week or days here and there.  We look forward to long trips in a year or so.

I like the camper reviews.

I like Truck Camper Magazine because it’s all about truck camping.

I like everything about the TCM.  The only change that I would like is to cover a basic pickup camper for half tons in addition to the ones that require a one ton plus pickup truck.

I like the topics.  The articles are very well done.  I would like more videos.

I like the variety of different articles and subjects.  I like that it is delivered by way of email.

I enjoy reading most articles that are published.  I look forward to articles about how owners rework their units.

I like that the stories and information are written by everyday people.  I’d like more regional information on places to camp, festivals and other nearby events to go on weekends since we are not yet retired.

I really like the modifications owners make to their campers.

I enjoy reading about the places people visit and the modifications they make to their campers.  My husband and I are retiring this year and will be new to truck camping.

I like the feedback directly from owners and users of truck campers.

I enjoy the magazine and hope to have one some day.

I love your personal touch with truck camper lifestyle stories and reviews that give pros and cons of each product.  You are always improving in my opinion, so great job!

I like articles about destinations and boondocking.  I enjoyed the article about stealth camping.  I would like to see more articles about how-to make a living traveling on the road without having to be a blogger.  I am a licensed electrician.

I love the lifestyle and travel/destination articles.  What I would like changed most is more articles with each issue.  I look forward to each issue and always want more.  Great job!

It’s always good to read about new inventions.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

More BLM destinations.

I like the travel stories.

I like that truck campers are the main focus.

I appreciate that TCM is the only one dedicated to truck campers.  RV crap is easy to find, but this is the only encyclopedia for trick campers.  I don’t own a truck camper yet, but I have a good idea what I want and that’s thanks to Truck Camper Magazine.  My only request is that you ask more often what kind of fuel economy people are getting.  Thank you for doing great work.  Please keep it coming.

I like the new products, repairs, maintenance, upkeep, and how people use their campers.

I like the weekly emails because it keeps me in the loop.  I am still working and dreaming of retiring to travel in our Hallmark Ute.  I like the variety of info you offer.

I like the sections that I selected in the survey.  Even the ads make me aware of products and services I might otherwise not be aware of.

I like the variety of articles and reviews.  As a result, I was able to do a lot of research on campers.  Based on much of the information here, my wife and I bought an Arctic Fox 990 from Bill Penney at Truck Camper Warehouse.

There is very good information and detail.

Please do more articles about pop-up campers.  I’m on my third and would love to see more about Four Wheel Campers, Hallmark, etc.

I like the mod contests and personal stories of off-road adventure.

I like the mods and maintenance articles.  Get rid of the destination articles and factory tours – boring.  Please add mile per gallon improvement devices, additives, and test results for diesel and gas towing.

It makes me want to use my truck camper more.  I don’t feel so alone!  Please have more articles on repairs and updates, such as how-to articles.

I like that you have a mix of topics.  I like that I can actually contact you and you reply. You do a good job.

I think what is being done at the present time is about right.

Overall great job.  Perhaps you could have more how-to articles.

I feel like a member of a family when visiting the website.  I enjoy the travels and trips, sharing the information and advice of others.  Angela and Gordon do such a great job, and I would genuinely miss Truck Camper Magazine if it was not there!  A classified ad section for selling campers and equipment would be nice.  I’d like more lifestyle stories.

You have great information on understanding the truck camper market.  I don’t own a truck camper yet, but plan on purchasing one – probably in 2018.

Pretty much everything.  Much thanks to Gordon and Angela!  The only change I would like to see is a printer friendly option to print articles I would like to save.

I really like the travel articles and readers rigs along with the mods.

Pretty much everything.  Great online magazine.

I enjoy reading the different articles and the ways others use their campers. Change nothing.

I like articles about traveling across America with places to stay and visit.  I am not a huge off-road camper.  Lately, it seems like many of the articles are off-road related.  My camper is my motorhome.  I would like to see more places of interest and where to camp.

I am satisfied with the magazine and can not think of changes to suggest.

You have some great stories about restoring vintage campers, new campers and, of course, all things truck camper related.

I like that the editors are truck camper users.  You have a great grasp of the lifestyle that truck camping offers and are able to express it to the readership.  In turn, we the readers find more value in your e-zine because of your willingness to share pros and cons with your point of view.

I love the travel stories because they give me ideas and inspiration to visit a number of places.  It would be great to be able to meet some those folks and travel with them, especially the boondockers.

It’s free.  Do not change anything.

It seems to be the only source for this type of information.

It’s all very good and useful.  You have some great writing and information.

I enjoy the maintenance tips, articles, and the index for past articles.

I always enjoy the mods and trip stories.

I love everything you do.  Don’t change a thing.

I used the truck camper reviews to narrow down physical search for my brand new Lance truck camper I purchased a few weeks ago.  I also liked the RV show information and the Newbie section.  I would have liked the Newbie section to be less anecdotal.  I would have liked more information on all accessories needed with my new truck camper purchase like tie-downs, turnbuckles, SuperHitch, etc.  It would be good if you added reviews of accessories like which ones work with trucks with long steps, when are Happijacs needed, ease of use, and price ranges from less expensive to more expensive.  I felt a bit unprepared for that part of my first truck camper purchase and felt the RV dealer wasn’t 100-percent sure of what I needed either.  I’d also like to know when those parts need to be replaced and what to look for as far as wear and tear, etc.

Editor’s Note: You make some good points.  It sounds like a good topic for a future Newbie Corner article.  I’ll think about how to best approach this subject.

I’d like to find out why truck campers are so expensive per square foot compared to other forms of RV (what you receive for your money).

I enjoy reading adventure and human interest stories.  I especially enjoyed the article on how the magazine was conceived and how it has transformed over time to become a truly unique publication for the truck camping community.  Keep up the good work and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I like the free information given by experienced campers.  Truck camping is not popular in our area.  Anyone owning a RV here always trades up to bigger longer and more slides.  Now they all have fake fireplaces and 50-inch televisions in them.  Come on, really?  I like to keep it real.  Truck camping campers are just that.  They make the best with very little.  It’s so refreshing to hear of new ideas or gear that make camping just that, camping.  Keep it up.  I enjoy reading your magazine.

It’s always available (as long as I am connected).  Get a dog, a big dog.

Editor’s Note: Sorry, Harley voted against that idea.

General information about truck campers to let people know how advanced truck campers have become.

I love your articles about trips and lifestyle articles.

It’s very informative and helpful with what is needed for truck camping.  It has great places to travel to, but does not always tell where some photos are and how-to get to the locations.

I like the personal stories and gear updates.

I like to see what others do and things I would like to do.  I like to see how others overcome problems.

I like the camper reviews, camping destinations, gear reviews, and travel adventures.  Change nothing!

New products and new camper reviews are great.  I also enjoy checking out the Buyers Guide to see what’s available.  I like that you put the wet weight with gear on each camper.  You guys do a great job!

I would like a forum to organize owners of problematic units.  We have had slide issues since day one and have not been satisfied by the manufacturer or dealer.  If enough people banded together, maybe our voices could be heard.

Editor’s Note: As we do for all customer emails regarding truck camper issues, we have forwarded the above comment to the manufacturer for assistance.

You guys do an outstanding job.  It’s informative, has interesting articles, and it’s entertaining!  What more could we want?

I am looking for a camper to replace my Six-Pac camper.  The new campers all weigh more and have smaller fresh water storage.  Until I can find a hard side camper with at least a 26 gallon fresh water tank, an outdoor shower, and air conditioning, I will keep looking.  I have a 2016 Ford F150 with the off-road package.

I love the lifestyle stories and camper reviews.  I don’t think you should change anything right now.

More backcountry adventures.  Stop passing off non de-mountable units as truck campers.  If they aren’t de-mountable, they’re not a truck camper.

Editor’s Note: If they don’t demount, they don’t count.  While not everything is that cut and dry (some folks remove their jacks), that’s our rule.

Keep me up to date on what’s new in the truck camping world and new places to go.

I like modifications and trip reports as well as equipment tests and interviews.

It’s a nice format that’s user friendly.  No changes are necessary.

I love it!  Don’t change a thing.  You are doing a fantastic job.

I love the variety of information in the magazine.  I also like that it is online.  Thanks. You’re doing a great job!

I like everything!  I look forward to every issue and read most of the content.  Keep it coming!

Please have more on parts to build your own Heki, cassette toilets, acrylic, awning windows, etc.

I like reading about camper adventures and the locations they find off the beaten path.  I also enjoy the modifications and product reviews.

I retire in 48 months.  33 years is a long time to be a registered nurse.  I rely on this magazine to help keep me focused on our goal of traveling to beautiful and remote places in America.  TCM has outstanding articles and resources.  I would like more video content, but I do understand why it is not done.  Keep it up and I promise you in 49 months we will see y’all somewhere on the road!

More videos on truck campers traveling.

I like travel and destination stories about the lifestyle.  I really don’t see a reason to change anything.

I would like more camper review coverage.

I like the variety of lifestyle, maintenance, new innovations, and travel destination articles.  I’ve most likely read every article that you’ve posted.  I enjoy it very much.

Mod contests!

I absolutely love all of the mod contests.  We have implemented so many of the ideas we have seen in TCM that we might not have thought of otherwise.  We recommend TCM to anyone who owns or is considering owning a truck camper.  Keep up the good work!

More articles on lighter weight campers for half tons and/or Tacomas, Rangers, and Colorados.

I enjoy your articles but would like to be able to print them so that I can share them with my friends.

I would like to see an article about a manufacturer finally offering a queen/king sofa bed on the main floor with the cabover used for storage!

It’s because of Truck Camper Magazine that I bought my current truck camper.  I owned a Class C motorhome.  I was very frustrated because it seemed that I could never go to the locations I wanted to visit.  I admired people that I saw in truck campers, so when I started my computer research I quickly found Truck Camper Magazine.  I researched everything on your site that I could and quickly realized that a pop-up style truck camper was in my future.  I then researched articles specific to pop-up truck campers.  After much research, I settled on a Hallmark Everest.  The Ward family in Colorado built a fantastic camper and are a true pleasure to work with.  My family and I have since enjoyed trips from Georgia to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Badlands, Grand Canyon, Northern New Mexico, Rocky Mountain National Park, The Canadian Rockies and too many other places to mention. We found the absolutely best camper for us, thanks to Truck Camper Magazine!

I like the reviews about the latest models of campers.  I am not in the market to purchase another camper at this time, but I enjoy reading all about the new models.  I also enjoy the articles about keeping my camper in good repair and possible trouble spots.  I am a single woman and not overly handy with repairs.  I like the articles about places to camp throughout the United States and other countries.  I liked the articles on safety while traveling and how to keep yourself safe in your camper.  I would like see more reviews of different brands of campers in future articles.  I thoroughly enjoy your magazine and learn so much from you.

I like the adventure stories that truck campers take all over the world.  I dream of doing some of those trips.  Mind you I’ve traveled all over North America, but I still want to see what’s on the other side of the hill!

I like the lifestyle stories, destinations, and photos.  I do believe that you could politely get the manufacturers to ensure that their scales are accurate.

I would like more camper reviews, mainly hard wall non-slides, like the Northern Lite review.  It was excellent!

I like everything about TCM and applaud you and Angela for an excellent magazine.

More on mods, repair situations, problems with mechanics of a camper, and new accessories.  It’s a great magazine.  Keep up the good work you’re doing.

Please have less production and more user experiences while camping or traveling.

Everything and nothing!

I enjoy the magazine as it is, but would love to see more personal stories of other truck campers and their journeys.

More personal travel stories.

I would like articles on new gear and modifications.

I enjoy the mods the most as well as stories from other campers that made their trips easier/better.  I also like the new releases of new camper models.  Thanks.

You’re a great source of information.

I like the articles on readers’ rigs, readers’ travel, and modifications.  I also like the testing of new gear and information on new gear for camping, travel and trucks.  Love your magazine!

It’s a great magazine.  Keep up with the work.

Love it!

I would like to see more information on flatbed campers, expedition/off-road campers, more lightweight and European style campers.  This would include chassis campers and slide-ins that are more space efficient.  It is clear that the market is driven by retirees.  The vast majority of campers on the market are too big to be extensively used. I would like to see more information on campers for people with an active lifestyle and more adventure stories.

I like to see what’s happening in the industry, how other people get enjoyment out of the truck camping experience, and the places people go and the adventures they have.

I truly enjoy the writing style (genuine and professional) and the humor.  You are providing real service to those of us who love the people and their campers!  Thanks.

I like the interesting stories and pictures of far away places.

I feel the publishers are honest.  I would like Bigfoot to be included.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

I enjoy travel stories, boondocking, modifications, camper reviews, favorite camping spots, and photography stories.

I like it because it’s about truck campers.  I’d like more reviews.

I like the articles about people’s adventures.  I also like new camper reviews.  Maybe we should have a section for campground reviews as we have different needs than big fifth wheels and Class As.  I normally use RV park reviews, but would prefer to use your site.

There are a nice variety of articles.  There’s a good spacing of time between articles. Terrific response time from the husband and wife owners!

I like the truck camper reviews.

I like the articles about great destinations, custom build projects, factory tours, how-to maintenance, and boondocking.  I like to search for mods that I am considering to see how others have done it.  I am not interested in RV shows, rallies, or other group activities.

I love where you two have taken it.  Keep up the great work.

I really appreciate the creativity of fellow campers and their willingness to share their ideas.  I love the stories and pictures too.

Being a retired journalist, I especially like and appreciate the quality of writing.  The subject matter is good, too, but the subject wouldn’t matter if the writing didn’t match.

Editor’s Note: Thank you!

There are some interesting articles and mods as well as other campers’ experiences.  I am from Australia, so there are more on smaller trucks like the Ford Ranger, Isuzu, etc. More on those would be great.

I like the camper reviews. I bought my 2013 Adventurer 89RB from your article.  I like the factory tours, the mods, and the questions.

I am keeping abreast of the industry.  I traded my Four Wheel Camper for a class B Roadtrek Zion, but I could return to the truck camper family down the road.

I really don’t see anything you could do better.  Just my opinion, but I think you’ve nailed it!

TCM has good information, and it’s free!

I love the great reviews of campers by real campers who know what to look for.  Please tell us more pros and cons to the different ways they are built.

I would like more content on using electronics while camping including television, radio, internet, solar conversions, handling snail mail, troubleshooting appliances, and 12-volt versus shore power.

I like it the way it is.  I think you do a great job.  This mix of articles is fine, so I wouldn’t change a thing.

Great one-of-a-kind resource for truck camper fans.  The articles have helped me make both truck and camper decisions.  More destination articles would be nice.  Also, information on campgrounds that cater to truck campers would he helpful.

More pieces on the trips people have taken with their campers would be great.  But I’d really like to see a regular section on repairing your rig.

I like articles pertaining to where campers have been to add to my to go to list, and articles pertaining to rebuild, repair, maintenance and updating truck campers.

You guys do a great job.  I wouldn’t change a thing!

I’d like more camper reviews.

Everything is good.  No change needed.

Make your issues downloadable as a PDF file.  I’ve been asking this for years.  Make a PDF of all those mod ideas and of maintenance.  It’s the same suggestion, just less articles.

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Google sees PDFs of articles as duplicate content and will penalize your website.  That said, it’s been some time since we last looked into this situation, and we’re looking into a solution again.

I’d like more information regarding camping gear and long term reviews from people that own campers like Car and Driver does.  When someone gets a new camper follow them every six months for an update regarding how well its working and what has gone wrong.

I like practical gear and ideas.  I am less interested in reading interviews with the manufacturers.

I like the articles and learning from others experiences.  I like to learn about new products and industry trends.

You are doing an excellent job.  I appreciate the information, humor, and insight.

It shows up in my inbox on a regular basis.  I enjoy the camper reviews and it’s great for reference.

Great information and truck camper specific!

I would like to see more how-to articles on modifications.  I also like destination reviews and suggestions.

I enjoy the informative camper reviews and access to multiple manufacturers in one location.

I like all of it.  Maybe have a classified section to able to list some of our equipment that’s still good, but no longer good for our new vehicles, or our style of camping.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

I like stories about people exploring the world in their truck campers with photos.

I’d like more great reviews on campers.  I’d like to see an article on campers that would fit on the 2017 Honda Ridgeline.  Thanks for all your hard work.

I appreciate the unbiased information and solicitation of readers to get ideas and information.  The community is a stronger resource than a single expert.  TCM does a good job of combining both.

It’s specifically about truck campers.  Maybe a little more Northeast and New England articles.

I enjoy the reviews, new ideas for mods, and new gear options.  I also like solutions to problems.

We read each issue and always learn something.  The best thing for us is the variety of articles and that they are archived for researching later.  The fact that the reviews give both pros and cons of campers is a refreshing breath of honesty.

I like almost everything included in TCM!  I would like more tech, how-to articles, and also articles about more free or almost free places to go and camp in the eastern part of the USA.

We both enjoy everything.  It’s the best truck camper info on the net by a landslide! Keep up the stellar work, you two!

I appreciate the friendly tone and the comprehensive reviews.  I’d love to see more mods or user articles devoted to remodeling (painting, fabric, etc) for those who don’t like the cookie-cutter aspect of RVs in general.

I’m waiting for my camper to be manufactured, so I enjoy seeing how others have pimped up their own campers, and where/how they travel. Great stuff!

I’m quite happy the way it is.  I like the way you ask more direct questions from manufacturers as it helps me get a clearer view of the motives for the choices they make.  If anything, I wish you would give a bit of space to smaller regional manufacturers that we don’t get a chance to read about.  They do have a place in the market after all and often offer a more affordable product for newcomers who don’t care to pay for forced options packages.  That might also help lower the average age of your readership.  Not everyone wishes to take a second mortgage on big triple-slide.

I would like to see in-depth information on where to obtain parts since most camper manufacturers aren’t willing to share, even if they no longer have access to the parts.

Truck Camper Magazine is the most informative place to go for truck camper owners.  I have found it invaluable!  I absolutely love the monthly mods and have gotten many ideas for our camper.  We are new truck camper owners.  We just got ours last year, but we were only able to take one trip due to my husband’s back surgery.  We are looking forward to many trips this year and have gotten so much information about various destinations from Truck Camper Magazine.  Thank you!

I love TCM!  I have learned a lot from reading it!  I like to read about how people store  stuff and what they bring on extended trips.  The gear information is beneficial, and the battery and solar information has been great, too.

The magazine is very well done, very informative, and very interesting.

You provide information that would be otherwise difficult to get on truck camping.

Please sort used camper listings by state, and not by dealer name.  Have you considered creating a forum for users to speak to other users?

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?

I love the boondocking stories and the out of the way places people travel.  I like to see more minimalist type camping.

I would not change anything.

There is great news about the truck camper world not found anywhere else, and information on using and enjoying our pickup camper.  Thanks!

I like all the truck camping information that simply was not available ten years ago.  It’s invaluable.  Thank you!

New truck camper reviews.  I would like to see something on accessories that enhance camping with a truck camper.  You don’t have to do so much on do-it-yourself items, although that’s okay.  There are items that are available to purchase that you might have never thought to use with the camper, but help with the overall camping experience.

I like that it’s updated regularly.

I like the modification ideas. I like to hear about places to visit.  I would like less about boondocking and more about places easily accessible like Deadhorse Point or unique museums.

Everything.  Would it be feasible to get dealer participation for truck camper sales and service?  You do a great job with variety and updating the publication.

I like the fact that our input to Truck Camper Magazine is helping to shape the truck camper manufactures to produce a better end product based on actual user input.

Very professional, yet a great sense of humor.

Love the wide variety of articles!

I like the creative solutions of the mods and clever tips and solutions for improving the everyday truck camper’s life on the road.

I enjoy TCM as it is.

Great magazine!  I would like to see contact information for the contributors to the articles that are published so that questions could be asked.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 10 –  How do I contact Truck Camper Magazine or submit a letter to the Editor?  We are happy to connect you with contributors to TCM.

I would not change a thing!

I like the personal touches you put into your articles and interviews.

There is reliable information about truck campers.   I would like more in-depth articles about camper maintenance.

I love to see to see how other truck camper owners have outfitted their campers and the many places they have visited during their travels.  I also enjoy seeing the modifications that owners have made to their rigs.  Truck Camper Magazine is great just the way it is now.  I don’t see any reason to change the content.

I enjoy learning best practices from others that have tried or purchased items.  As one example, I purchased a new mattress before I even had delivery of my truck camper.  I also like to hear from those that found a particular portion of a state to be fantastic so I add that to my very long bucket list.  I like the format of TCM, so keep up the good work.  It would be helpful to explain the process of getting something published or what you might be looking for as topics.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 11 –  I’m interested in writing for Truck Camper Magazine.  Can I submit articles?

I am very happy with TCM!

For any one considering downsizing from motorhomes, fifth wheels, or trailers, then this is the most comprehensive magazine one could possibly turn to.  You can do all the research necessary to start in the truck camper lifestyle.  There is research for all the campers, pick your favorite.  There is information about the weights.  Then, you can research your truck.  Put the two together on paper and then contact your dealer of choice.  They will be more than pleased to work with you in putting the two together. With careful research you can look forward to many years of doing the touring you want, seeing this vast country, and meeting fellow truck campers.  If you have a well set up combination, someone will stop by to chat.  Then you can tell them about TCM and how they helped you.

Editor’s Note: Thank you!  We deeply appreciate the referrals and your support of TCM.

The content is fresh and I really enjoy personal stories of travel that could possibly shape future destinations.

I really like the stories and interviews Angela and Gordon provide in each edition.  I would really like to see more truck camper maintenance stories, both the successful and the unsuccessful examples are great learning tools for the rest of us.

Great info, interesting articles about lifestyle and places to visit.  The only criticism is that you need to pay more attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Editor’s Note: With the volume of content we publish (this very article is 51 pages long), and our limited staff, typos are going to happen.  That said, we will try harder.

I love the ongoing updates and stories in my inbox.  There is no need to remember to go and check for new stories.

I first found your website when I was looking for information to buy my first truck camper.  Your Newbie Corner had invaluable information for my search.  Make and model reviews along with finding a camper and then matching it to the truck were very helpful.  The discussions around diesel or gasoline engine were also very useful in my decision making.  Whenever I’m considering purchasing anything related to my truck camper, I go to your website first to help in my decision making.  Also, when my wife and I are deciding where to go, we look at all of the places others have been and usually make a decision around what we find on your website.  Your website has been the single most important part of our data gathering as we make our decisions related to our truck camping experience.  As an example, I’m looking to buy a towing rig for my boat and I will be using your website to guide me in that purchase.  Thanks for the good work.  It is very much appreciated.

TCM has really created more interest for us to camp.  We bought a used SunLite slide-in pop-up camper last October.  It is more of a place to keep our bags while traveling in our pickup than a place to sleep.  We are beginning to experience the joy of having everything we need with us.  Your articles on camping and mods have been very informative.  We look forward to your emails each week.  We just got back from a trip to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama where we spent a night in the campground next door for only $18.  Our hotel bills were usually around $100.  Also, we went through the Land Between the Lakes recreation area in Tennessee and Kentucky.  That could almost be listed as a BLM area.  All in all, we are starting to be more confident in our camping abilities and are having fun just going and seeing.  We are so new that we do not know what we don’t know.  So, keep on doing what you have been doing.

I like everything.  I would be interested in some basic information about electrical systems in campers – electrical systems for dummies.  Specifically I am interested in how solar panels work, what is needed to convert DC to AC, how generators fit into the mix and who to talk to if you are electrically challenged and don’t live in an area with truck camper dealerships.

I really appreciate what you do. Please keep it up!

I like the mods very much.  I am pleased with Truck Camper Magazine.

It’s informative, especially for a newbie.  There is good news and reporting, helpful reviews, and ideas.

I subscribed to Truck Camper Magazine after buying a new 2016 Arctic Fox.  Then, we sold our Class A motorhome.  This our third truck camper and we really enjoy it.  I like the reviews you do on campers and gear.

I’ve always loved the lifestyle articles the best.  I live a good interesting life, and enjoy reading about others doing the same.

I like the overall great job you are doing with Truck Camper Magazine and I don’t know of anything I would change.  I am of the older generation, and I look for articles that deal with helping us older truck camper enthusiasts stay truck camping as long as we can.  Mods that would help my wife get up into the cabover bed a little easier are good.

I like the adventure articles, equipment reviews, and the mods.  It is really fun to read what ingenuity people have to improve on truck camping.

It is my favorite read of all time and I read a lot.  This publication is a great gift to me and my wife.  Thank you so much.

I enjoy reading your articles.  I currently work at an RV dealership that sells truck campers and I enjoy seeing what people actually do with their truck campers.

I like feeling like I’m part of a community, even though our family’s way of truck camping is quite different than many of the others.  TCM brings me into that community.  I can’t think of anything I’d like changed, other than perhaps more Canadian content being added.  From what I can tell, there’s a large number of truck camper users up here!  I’d love to get more info on where I can go to boondock (there’s not a lot of places in Alberta that I know of), or destinations within Canada that are worth visiting.  I know lots of people pass through Canada to get to Alaska.  I’d be great if it wasn’t made to sound like Canada didn’t exist on that trip.

Editor’s Note: We love Canada!  Canada has its own section in the navigation item titled Features.  Check it out.

I love the focus on truck camper rigs, stories of life, mods, and the good things and people in the world.

I’d like more how to articles and more Tacoma or other small truck articles and mods.

I wish it were larger!  Everytime I get it, I cant stop reading every article and note.  I like every mod and tip and every story sent in on travels or equipment.  Thank you, Gordon and Angela!

Change nothing.  Continue with the great articles.  Continue with the mods.

I specifically like the mods and mod contests.

I would like more articles on good and bad points of different models, and the advantages of different models.

I like the gear review articles, new camper reviews, and boondocking destinations.

It’s informational and relaxed reading.

I enjoy hearing about places to camp and others experiences in travel.

I like everything about Truck Camper Magazine and wouldn’t want anything changed.

I like the ease of accessibility.

I like the current format as is.  The mods are interesting, the tips for travel along with destinations.

I enjoy the features from other readers adventures.  I like to see what camper and truck combinations fellow enthusiasts have, mods they’ve done, and the rallies and gatherings.

Its the only place to get information about truck campers and truck camping.

I think you are doing a fine job in all respects.

I am a single senior with a new 2017 Northern Lite and GMC 3500 on my first trip.  It’s -15 C at the moment.  I would like simple information on things like how to get help with propane filling, basic solar systems, neat facilities to dump porta-potties, etc.  I would like simple winter camping hints.  I do love truck camping.   All the bending, twisting, and crawling turns the camper into a mini gym, which is great for flexibility!  I don’t dislike anything about the magazine, but renovations are beyond my capabilities, so I don’t linger on those topics.

I like the content, the frequency, the email delivery, and the price.  No change requested at this time.  You guys do a great job!

Likes: Gordon and Angela.  Dislikes: N/A.

My favorite part of the magazine is the reports about remote or backcountry travel and the accompanying photos.  A map with the travel route marked would be a good addition to any of these stories.

You guys do a great job.  I can’t think of anything to change.

I like pretty much everything and can’t think of anything that needs changing.  I would like a Craigslist area to sell of truck camper stuff and a forum for questions.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 24 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have an online forum?  Also see number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

Very informative.  You do not have any information on Outfitter campers, like the Apex.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

I love all the reviews and lifestyle descriptions.

You do a fine job.

I love the articles about places to visit, hints about how to find good campgrounds, what websites people used when they travel, etc.  We are hoping to do some extensive trips around North America, so these are helpful.  We changed our camper last summer and found the information about payload and matching really helpful.  The modification articles are great as we are needing to make some modifications to our rig.  There are great idea ‘sparkers’ in them.  I haven’t been to a rally, but would find it interesting to read about this experience as there are not a lot of folks who use truck campers in this part of Canada.  It would be great to meet folks with similar experiences, etc.  I may actually consider attending one!

More articles of maintenance and repair of older truck campers.

So far so good.  Seems like you are keeping it balanced.

Love it all!

It’s timely and has current information.  It’s neutral, yet supportive and humorous.  I appreciate that you ‘live the dream’ and are the authors.  I love the variety of places and lifestyles you write about.  We just purchased our camper last year, so we are enjoy learning tips from other travelers.  One suggestions is that I would love to have listings of outdoor concerts in sections of the United States.  Perhaps just list those concerts marketed to TCM’s age group and a link to local camping reservations which offer a shuttle service to the event.

TCM introduced us to truck campers.  We used TCM to locate a camper manufacturer (Capri) that would work on the truck we have.

It’s fair, honest, and comprehensive reporting – with humor!

More reviews with no punches pulled.  Honest reviews are so important.  I would like more real life experience reviews of campers and equipment.

I like Question of the Week and the mod contest.  I would not recommend any major changes.  Keep up the good work!!

It’s an excellent source of information and very interesting.  It’s not sales biased which makes it very credible.

The Publishers!

You already know that I’m a fan of TCM.  However, TCM is the nice online magazine. There is never a harsh word about anything.  That’s okay, but when I want real life advice about truck campers or equipment, I seek that information elsewhere.  Any RVer with half a brain knows how badly the RV industry performs when it comes to quality build procedures and production line control mechanisms.  It’s like they don’t exist.  When you hear the word RV it’s always followed by stories of downtime, dealership scams, disasters, and endless complaints from customers, duped by sales people selling inferior products.  Yet the RV industry sales volume is forecasted to outpace all previous numbers for 2017.  Story after horrible story of RV poor quality litters the online social media landscape yet, companies like Thor/Fleetwood for example, continue to thrive.  The only rational that I can come up with is that newbie RVers are just completely taken with the bright lights, glitter and dream of the open road when they’re at shows.  Newbie RVers just don’t seem to do their due diligence about such expensive purchases and then quickly realize how bad a decision they’ve made as they wait weeks and months for their RV to exit the dealership service bays.  It does not take a genius to discover that a purchase of any RV will require the owner to be or become a handyman slave to their rig.  But yet, people still lay down their life savings on poor quality equipment.  So to answer your question – your magazine would be more valuable to readers if you would publish the realities of owning an RV and specifically warning people away from the worst offenders and steering them towards the better ones.  That alone would bring your magazine way up on my hit list!

You need more product videos like you used to do.

I like the comprehensive coverage of the industry.

TCM is a great resource for any one looking at purchasing a truck camper or any gear for their truck camper.

The reviews were the first thing I read, and it led to my purchase of a 2016 Alaskan 8-foot camper which we picked up from the factory.  I read every issue.  I also enjoy the contests.  I even won a TCM t-shirt from you by entering the Treasure Hunt last year!

The mod articles have helped me make several copy cat mods to my truck camper.

I definitely like the travel and destination portion of TCM and I enjoy reading about new equipment as well.  It would be nice to see reviews of camper models and other related equipment from companies that don’t necessarily advertise with you.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

Please continue investigating the use of BLM lands, especially for those of us at the novice level of dry camping.  Highlight areas that don’t challenge the skill set of the novice.

Outstanding content and great folks.  They are the only game in town!

I like to hear about the enthusiasm everyone has for truck campers.  I would like to have more specific stories about various maintenance programs for the campers.  Some of the ones from the past could be recycled as reminders for us.

For kids, you produce an outstanding publication.  The monthly camper modifications by your readers are both informative and interesting.  I have utilized several of those mods over the past few years.  The lifestyle stories are likewise interesting.  Off-road adventures are of particular interest to me and to my wife.  We would like to see more of them.  I read every review of every new camper model and find them objectively authored.  If I was you, I would contact all of your camper manufacturer sponsors and invite them to participate in apples to apples comparison articles to compare similar price range/similar type truck campers in one article, allowing the manufacturers to tout their products.  It would give prospective purchasers an effective tool to make informed choices and would give your sponsors more exposure on existing models.

TCM offers a broad coverage of the whole truck camper experience from researching the options to buy the unit that best fits your style to all of the goodies available once you have a camper.  There are stories on what other owners are doing with their campers to get the best experience.

I would like to see more articles on camper mods done by the owners.

It would be nice to see new articles daily.  It would be cool to see a new section for renovations and modifications, like the mod contest.

Editor’s Note: Check out the Mod Contests and Projects section.

I honestly like everything.  In particular I like seeing good improvements that people have made.  I would like to see more on what we can do to improve fuel economy (mods, driving techniques, etc).  I love to read of people’s adventures and where they have been.  I’d love to see your terrific photos of campers.  I especially like to study other campers to see what improvements and techniques they are using on the outside of their campers.  I get good ideas for my own.  Keep up the good work!

I like the style of writing and love reading about the model changes and the camper factory stories.  I am in the Pacific Northwest, specifically, Washington, and would like to see more vendors from this neck of the woods.  Plus, more stories from Washington, Idaho and Oregon.  Yet, in your last issue of TCM, in reading about the folks who do BLM camping, I got a great new tool in the website cited that shows every type of campground in the US.  That put the whipped cream on the total enjoyment that I get out of reading your magazine.  I used to have a camper and miss it every time I read your magazine.  Keep up the good work!

Editor’s Note: Whipped cream!  Too funny.

I love the stories that you print.  I look forward to trying to duplicate some of them.  I love the fact that you reply back to a comment that I might make.  I wouldn’t change a thing!  Thank you for all that you do.

TCM gives me ideas for future travels and I enjoy the feeling of community TCM creates.

Truck Camper Magazine provides up to date information, tips, and ideas for truck camper owners.  I enjoy seeing what other camper folks are doing and where they are going.

Why is Bigfoot not listed on the site?  Are there others that I am missing out on?  I am researching for future purchase.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

I like the variety and different topics covered.  I like the mod topics as I look to improve my older camper.  I enjoy the ingenuity of the people posting and can expand my ideas from there as it applies to our rig.  Many of us are locked into our present rigs because of economics, so any chance to help prolong our rigs life are appreciated.  Perhaps more articles geared toward less financially secure folks and rigs would be a help.  Not all can afford the prices for some of the wonderful campers out there, much as we would like to do so.  In general I would say just keep up the good work as you have been doing.  We love TCM and Turner Classic Movies as well.

Each time I read Truck Camper Magazine I get the urge to pull my truck camper out of the barn and hit the road.  Camping season in Pennsylvania, for me, starts April 1.  Blue Ridge Mountain here I come.

I appreciate and enjoy the Publisher’s reviews on new and updated truck campers.  With some trepidation, I admit I like his sense of humor.

Editor’s Note: Angela, is that you?

Well written, thoroughly researched articles about all things truck camper related, presented with a sense of humor.  Well done!

I love everything!  But given that I have read every single article at least once I would like to experience different writers, different styles, and different story approaches.  I may be wrong but it felt like there used to be more personal/adventure stories which I loved.  Also I would enjoy it if every story included an interior shot.  I am always curious about how particular people use and decorate their campers.  I know this is a long list, but I would enjoy it if you have a modification article on just decor.  And last but very much not least it has been a long time since you told us of your camper developments.  I really thought it brilliant of you to buy an older one and modify/update it, but the story line has gone quiet.

Editor’s Note: Good points and ideas.  We would love to have more writers, but good writers who can write from real truck camping experience and are fun to read are very hard to find.  If you’re interested in taking a crack at it, please do!  See FAQ question number 11 –  I’m interested in writing for Truck Camper Magazine.  Can I submit articles?

Please provide a consolidated list of payload capacities of trucks.

I really enjoy your articles.  I didn’t know you have videos on YouTube, but I’ll check them out.  I really enjoyed the TCM story about how you guys got started and the challenges along the way.  Thanks for sharing!

Everything!  It’s the highlight of my week.  Please have more articles/reviews on wheels and tires.  I’d like updates on new (2017, 2018, etc.) truck campers.

I like it the way it is now.  Keep up the good work and congratulations on 10 years.

I like to keep up with what’s new.  My preference is the larger truck campers and any improved gear.  Places to go can be interesting.  I would like to see more articles on trucks and specialty beds for truck campers, as well as winches, bumpers, etc.

I would like to see a printed magazine.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 31 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a print edition?

I think it’s a well rounded magazine.  I would like to see more about basic truck campers for half ton trucks.  Maybe you could write an article about what to look for in a used truck camper.

Editor’s Note: Good ideas.  Thank you.

I like travel articles, the mod contest, and pretty much the entire magazine.

I enjoy it all.  Nothing needs changing.

Excellent magazine.

It’s a good site for overall information especially for those who are looking into purchasing a truck camper for the first time.  The information is very informative on new campers and equipment.  We like to see even more reviews and especially factory tours with pictures of how these units are really constructed and your thoughts about such.

I like the road trip reports and rallies.  The suspension modification I see with these little clip on devices is scary at best and not much of a proper modification.  I have done suspension modifications to many a vehicle and some of these little clip on screw on devices scare the hell out of me.

I like that TCM exists!

I like the destination articles, repair and/or mod articles, and references and/or links to national/state parks – especially stuff like the recent BLM article.

I only stumbled upon you a few months ago, and have used and appreciated your reviews on truck campers prior to making a purchase.  So far, so good.

I liked the review the Torklift Glowstep Revolution system, the Stow N’ Go for rear door campers, and Glowstep towables for side door truck campers.

It’s an endless source of up to date information.

There is nothing about TCM I would recommend changing.  I’d like to see articles that would bring the industries’ manufacturers together with owners.  An electronic town hall that provides owners the opportunity to ask manufacturers questions and a place for those questions to be aired.  Example: what you doing to increase the interior mobility of your campers?  Or, what are you doing to develop an all-electric camper?

Editor’s Note: Another interesting idea.  We will think about how that could work.

I enjoy the user type stories and any real life application of product use and gear on campers.  There would be benefit in getting long term user feedback in the product reviews.  I have had my TC650 for several years now and the way it is set up fits us well.  The little tricks like being able to climb in and out of the camper while on the road with little effort is a necessary function for us.  We are able to set up camp in ten minutes, which is a handy feature while making tracks on the road between destinations or no destination.  The readership’s wisdom is deep in this group and I have yet to meet anyone who is not open to sharing their wisdom.  So a new feature like your mod contest could be a wisdom corner.  The best wisdom of the week?  Like the refrigerator systems always perform best on level ground.  Or ensure your cargo is always secure and cabinets are locked shut before venturing off road.  A lesson we seem to have had more than once.  So, we use bungee cords now.

Editor’s Note: A Wisdom Corner, as you call it, is a good idea.  We might try it first as a QOTW, and see if it takes.  Thank you.

I enjoy reading all the truck camper content as well as the stories and pictures of all the great people doing what we dream of doing and the valuable advice they offer.

I like to keep up with what’s going on in truck camping.

I would like something that does a feature comparisons between similar truck campers and trucks.  For example, fresh water capacity on a Eagle Cap versus Lance, etc.

TCM is how I learned about truck camping.  Nobody at my local dealership had ever used a truck camper or knew how to set it up and wire the truck correctly.  I learned about suspension mods that worked for me through your information also.

TCM is very helpful for newbies covering varied topics and offering a wide range of ideas for trucks, campers, and gear.

I like the monthly mods, new gear and camper reviews.  It keeps us updated on the truck camper world.

I love the user friendly layout and well written articles.

I love the new stories and how frequently they come out.  I look forward every week to reading.  The lifestyle stories are what I enjoy the most.  I wish there were more articles on the younger generation of truck campers.  Maybe this would help bring in a new age group.  It could talk about how they get time off work to balance their trips.

I enjoy your magazine. I would like to see some customer satisfaction ratings for the various manufacturers.  Quality of materials and workmanship comparisons would also be of value.  Thank you.

I like that I can look at new campers and see the price.

I like the educational content and dislike that some survey responses are too long. Make a short, select list of top reader responses.

The twice weekly newsletter.

It’s a great online magazine!

It is fine the way it is.

I have liked everything about your magazine. My favorite is the stories about travels.  Change nothing because it covers such a wide range of items dealing with truck camping.

I like stories about beautiful locations in the western United States.  I also like information about gear and mods helpful for dry camping.  I did not know until now that you have a camper chooser section.  You could link that in each issue for new readers.

I like Angela and Gordon’s dedication for their work.  We learn something with each publication.  Continue your great work.  Thank you!

You have interesting articles on a wide variety of subjects.  The frequent publication of articles.  It is well written with plenty of pictures.  Excellent work!  Keep it up.

We love the mod section of Truck Camper Magazine.  It’s great to see ideas other campers have come up with to make their campers more efficient.

I like the straight forward, honest, and thorough reviews of pop-up and hard side campers, complete with photos.  It is as though I have my own personal shopper.

I’m new to your magazine.  I haven’t received the first issue yet.  But the modification contest I found while surfing the Internet was great and I’m looking forward to receiving your magazine.

Editor’s Note: You are going to wait a very long time.  Truck Camper Magazine is online-only.  See FAQ question number 31 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a print edition?

Gordon and Angela.  I wish they lived with us.

Editor’s Note: Maybe we do.  Might want to check your driveway.

What’s not to like about perfect!

I love your personalities!  Your dry humor is awesome!  You put so much of yourself into this and that personalizes it!  I like the destination stories.

I like what you are doing with lifestyles, new models, etc.  It seems a little too frequent.

The magazine is great.  I would love to see manufacturers come out with real world half-ton campers and pop-up campers with a cassette toilet.

I like everything about Truck Camper Magazine.  Keep on keeping on!

I find it to be an informative website.  I read every week without fail.

As new truck camper owners, we have learned a lot about maintenance, mods, storage, camping areas, etc.  Reading TCM has been very useful and enjoyable.

The adventures of camper owners interest me.

Great idea not pushing any particular brands.

I like the information from the bones up to help everyone getting started and the responses you give in personal contact via email.  Nothing to to change.  Great magazine!

I know it’s much more efficient to produce written content accompanied by pictures and I enjoy them, but I miss the videos.

There’s nothing that I want changed, but as an extra, maybe we could have a list of RV dealers who would be prepared to ship orders outside of the US/Canada.  I have contacted a few in the past and didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply.

Editor’s Note: We’ll look into that.

Truck camping is my hobby, so I like to read stories from others who have the same interests.

I enjoy watching the different excursions and boondocking trips and different places to go.  Most are on the West Coast.  I would like to see more on the East Coast.

I enjoy the range of articles and topics, and the relevance to what I like to do.  And it feels personal.

I enjoy reading about great places to visit in truck campers, such as recent article on camping on BLM and Forest Service lands.  I think the content of TCM strikes the right balance of topics.

I enjoy the content which helps me make decisions on products available and places to visit.  I see no reason to change anything at this time.

Concise articles and it’s free.

I think you should allow selling used truck campers on the TCM web page.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 25 – Why doesn’t Truck Camper Magazine have a classified section?

Basically, I like everything, so don’t change it.

I would like to know about groups who are planning on making trips/tours to Canada, Alaska, and Mexico and join the caravan.  It’s always safer to travel long distances in numbers.

Editor’s Note: If someone organizes a free caravan for truck campers, we will promote it for free in TCM.

First and foremost, I appreciate a magazine that is specifically for truck camping enthusiasts.  I also enjoy the stories of where people take their campers, the new gear articles, and truck camper reviews.

It keeps me abreast of new equipment, user modifications, and ideas for places to visit.

It’s hard to navigate.

Editor’s Note: We work very hard to make the TCM website as simple and clear to navigate as possible.  That stated, TCM is easiest to navigate on a desktop, laptop, or large tablet.  TCM is smartphone compatible (mobile responsive), but for the amount of content on our website, nothing beats a big screen.

Keep up the good work.  Because of you, I now know Rex Willett and Bill Penney!  It took most of my life to get to them and it is worth it!

I love the photos, traveling stories, and destinations to add to the bucket list.  The TCM staff is awesome.  I wouldn’t change a thing!!

I like everything about Truck Camper Magazine.  I would like to see more manufacturers added, like Bigfoot and Host.

Editor’s Note: See FAQ question number 7 – Why doesn’t every truck camper manufacturer, gear company, and dealership participate with Truck Camper Magazine?

I like it the way it is now.  I enjoy the mod contests and question of the week.

More technical articles, mods, camper repair, etc.

I love the mod stories, the calendar, and dealer inventory listings.  Love the factory tour and upcoming model articles.  I plan on buying a double-slide or triple-slide in the next couple years as my kids grow out of our 2012 Wolf Creek 816.  So my interest is in the larger truck campers.

I enjoy reading about life on the road stories.  I like seeing the different places that campers have visited across the USA.

I like the feedback feature and would love to see more destination places.

I like the industry updates with posts featuring the travels of fellow truck campers.

I like the regular, weekly emails.  I love how often new content and articles are released.

No significant changes.  Destinations, accessories/gear, are liked.

I like the style of writing, photos, personal stories, and mods.

I like the modification ideas.  I wish there were more articles of camp areas in the northwestern states and North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

While it is helpful that you review gear, I would like to hear more of how subscribers use/like their truck camper gear.  I also really like the mod of the month contest.  Is there an archive of all the mods submitted?

Editor’s Note: Yes there is!  Check out the Mod Contests and Projects section.  Warning: You might want to clear your calendar first.  There’s a lot to read!

I would like more information on older models of truck campers.  A lot of us buy used campers, and finding information on them is difficult.

TCM provides a one stop shop for the latest products and ideals for travels with a truck camper.

I love Gordon’s writing, particularly the humor.  I enjoy reviews of new models.  The mod contests are particularly useful.

A short text of information, but very important to read.

I like the Alaskan Camper articles.

I am very happy with the format.  I think it has a good all around balance.

When I was looking for a new camper, I liked your reviews and walk throughs a lot.  I enjoy seeing places that others have been that I might like to go.  I like keeping up with new gear, gadgets, and love the mods people share.  I need the maintenance information you share.  I have been truck camping for many years, but still manage to learn something new with almost every edition.  Keep up the good work.

Great real life camper stories.

I appreciate the articles concerning modifications and repairs.  It would be great if TCM could provide a blog space for its readers to ask other truck camper owners to list their pro and con opinions concerning campers they have owned.  Let’s face it, if a certain camper model is having a significant problem, it would be nice to hear that from real owners.  One could also benefit if they were able to contact an owner of a certain model to get a little more detail about dimensions, etc.  This would make purchasing a camper if you knew, for instance, exactly how far the slide travels.

TCM is comprehensive with good information.

I like the articles, especially for the subtle humor and positive bent.  Articles by contributors are fun, too.

It helps to keep me up to date on what’s going on in the truck camper world.

I like the FAQ, mod contest, and Newbie Corner.

I like the dynamic reader input, and real life practical information.  It’s information that contradicts what manufacturers, advertisers and dealers would have us believe.  I found Truck Camper Magazine very useful in my purchase of a used camper.  The industry driven focus on buying new does not help.  Without a healthy second hand marketplace supported by informative resources, many new truck camper owners would not be able to upgrade . If you turn into something like Trailer Life magazine, it will be the end!

We like how TCM has several articles for how to pick a truck camper.  We used them to pick our camper.  The weight matching of truck and camper was the most import to me.  You made sense of a topic that is not made easy by the camper manufacturers.  We bought a truck camper in April of 2016.  We have a 2013 GMC Sierra 2500HD and a 2014 Lance 865 camper.  We also like the monthly mod contests.  We’ve used a couple of the mods discussed.  We enjoy reading the lifestyle stories, off-road adventures, beach camping, Alaska and the United States feature articles.

I like that there is tons of helpful information for new owners and veterans.  There are unbiased reviews of campers and gear.  I like the personal road stories from campers.  I would like you to improve by making it easier to access archives and previous articles.   Expand the FAQs.

Editor’s Note: You can access the archive through our Back Issues section.  You can also use our search feature that looks like an hour glass top right.

Your writing style is good.  It’s informative and fun.  The variety of what you cover is great.

I like all of it, and wouldn’t change anything.

I like seeing and reading about off-road and expedition rigs.  I think you guys do a terrific job.  Thanks for all your hard work.


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