Four Easy Ways To Support TCM – Plus A Bonus

Since Truck Camper Magazine is FREE, our wonderful readers often ask how they can support our efforts.  This is a very appreciated question with four easy answers, plus an important bonus.

1. Thank our sponsors.

Please take a moment to thank our sponsors for supporting Truck Camper Magazine.  Telling a TCM sponsor in person, via email, or on social media, “Thank you for sponsoring Truck Camper Magazine” goes a very, very long way.

2. Shop Through TCM

Truck Camper Magazine is an Amazon affiliate.  If you click on the above Amazon link and make a purchase, we make a small commission on anything you order.  Regularly shopping Amazon through TCM is an awesome way to support Truck Camper Magazine.  Thank you!

3. Bought A Camper?  Tell Us About it!

If you bought a new or used camper after reading TCM, click the link above and tell us about your purchase.  Your feedback will help us improve the magazine, and demonstrate the value of TCM for our sponsors.  Thank you!

4. Tell Fellow Truck Campers About Truck Camper Magazine.

Your word-of-mouth and social media recommendations for Truck Camper Magazine are incredibly important to our readership growth.  Even better, recommend our FREE subscription.  Thank you!

Bonus: Encourage Non-Sponsors to Sponsor TCM.

Unfortunately, not all truck camper manufacturers and dealers sponsor TCM.  These businesses enjoy the considerable benefits our efforts, but shrug the need to reciprocate.  As truck camper consumers, you have the power.  Please encourage these manufacturers and dealers to become TCM sponsors.  Thank you!

Thank you for your support!  Without you, none of this would be possible.  TCM readers rock!


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