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Truck Camper Security Tips

“The truck is alarmed with keyless entry and the camper has standard door locks, plus a factory installed deadbolt.  But then, that’s what insurance is for, so you don’t worry yourself about crime.” – R. Shaffer, 2016 Ram 3500, 2016 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

“I leave one of my LED floor lights on and sometimes I will leave the camper’s radio going.  But mostly I just lock all locks and close the curtains.  I always park under a light or where there might be foot traffic.  I have never had any trouble, but I also live in a pretty small town!” – Michael S., 2013 Toyota Tacoma, 2014 Four Wheel Camper Eagle

“Unfortunately, there’s no prevention, only deterrents such as digital surveillance or low tech like Bio-Hazard Warning signs.  That might make campground management nervous.  My concern is theft of truck and camper.  Onstar can disable the engine in the case of stolen vehicle, and hidden battery kill switches are effective.” – Jerry L., 2013 GMC Sierra 3500, 2013 Lance 1191

“I had a sticker on the back explaining why I am such a good trap shooter – because I practice on thieves.  Also try a motion detector linked to a recording of a big dog.  Better still, have a big dog underneath the camper on a long chain.

Perhaps attach a note to the door addressed to your parole officer assuring him you had nothing to do with those killings and would be back soon.  Maybe put some fake or real blood on the back step and wrap some police crime scene tape around the camper.  Attach an electric fence type setup to the door and try not to come home pissed.  Have a drone continually circle above the camper taking potshots at anyone who gets too close.  Or you could just lock it and take a chance.” – Garry D., 2008 Navara D40 with Tag axle, 2013 Northern Lite 8-11 Australian Ultimate

“I don’t worry about it.  Besides it’s what’s in the back seat of the truck that is vulnerable, not what’s in the camper.  If they got into the truck my golf clubs are gone.  Yikes!  I guess I’m just a trusting soul.  I do take care to park in as safe a place as possible.” – John A,, 2015 Dodge Ram 2500, 2016 Lance 650

“We usually are hanging out somewhere nearby the camper, so haven’t really worried about it.  We do keep our valuables locked in the truck, and lock up the camper when away from it.

At the state parks and other campgrounds we frequent up here in New England, we haven’t heard much about any thefts from other campers.  We would like to think that the camping folks have a higher level of respect for their fellow campers and would help keep watch over their neighbor’s equipment while they are away.” – S. Johnson, 2014 Ram 2500, 2014 Camp Craft Explorer Lighthouse 8.0

“The Lance 1172 can’t be entered when the two slide-outs are in.  If you can open the door, you can’t get into the camper unless you can open the rear slide-out.  I always take the remote (that operates the slides) when I leave the camper somewhere other than at home.  I have a door electronic lock as well as a key lock system that is offered by Lance.  The double lock system works very well.

I want to install a camera system for the outside of the camper and hope that someone might mention that they have done it already.  I know they make cameras that work in homes that can be viewed by your phone, but you have to have an internet system to sign into for it to work.  This is on my want list for my camper.

The truck has an alarm system built in but, as we all know, no one seems to pay much attention to a siren/alarm/horn going off as they happen accidentally so often.” – Donald F., 2015 Ford F450, 2016 Lance 1172

“With the high theft rate of Ford F250s and F350s, we had a Ravelco engine lock anti-theft system installed in the truck.  We also installed a GPS system in the truck and plan on installing TrackR GPS devices in both the truck and camper.

We worry about someone breaking into both the truck and camper when we stay in a hotel or restaurant.  We try to park the truck where it is visible.  We turn the front wheels to make it hard for someone who might want to try and tow the truck and camper.  We haven’t figured how to protect the camper from a break in.” – John D., 2013 Ford F250, 2014 Four Wheel Camper Grandby

“Close it up tight and lock all the locks on the windows and doors.  Cover all valuables inside the truck and close the shades in the camper.  If our dog is on the trip, she will most likely detour an one trying to enter camper or truck.” – Cory S., 2006 Ram 3500, 1999 Alpenlite

“I have been robbed in hotels, at work, and at a music festival, but I don’t really worry about theft while camping or on the road.  I have spent many months of every one of my 46 years camping and never had anything stolen except by raccoons, jays, gulls, or the tide.

I figure that if someone steals my camping stuff, they must need it more than I do.  While it would be inconvenient and expensive to replace my nice gear junkie collection, it is not worth worry or fear that can be a slow poison to the spirit.

I carry my wallet and vital devices in my day pack whenever I leave the camper.  My kids would be sad to lose their bikes so I do use thick cable locks to lock the bikes to the jack or picnic table.  When I retire and live in my truck camper full-time, my big dog will be all the security I need.” – Darcy H., 2014 Ram 3500, 1998 Lance Legend 9.6

“Try to park near other people, vehicles or in an area with CCTV.  Reverse as close as possible to a wall, fence, telegraph pole, lamp post etc so that the door physically won’t open.  Parking tight in a corner of an area with chain link fencing or railings blocks both the rear door and the large window leaving only the high, overcab window as the only possible means of entry.

Dogs deter thieves but they can’t be left alone if the weather is too warm.  Use a PIR motion sensor alarm (obviously not when the dogs are in the camper).

Getting insurance was quite amusing as truck campers (or de-mountables as we call them in the UK) are quite rare and people don’t know whether to class them as motorhomes or towing caravans

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