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Truck Camper Lock Down and Security

I love going to the movies!  Yes, movie theaters have become ridiculously expensive, louder than a jetliner, and full of rude idiots chomping on popcorn, tearing candy wrappers, incessantly talking, and plucking away on super bright smart phones.  But other than that, I love going to the movies!

As movies come out year round, we have been known to go to a movie theater to catch a film and then stay in the parking lot over night.  That way the absurd movie ticket cost includes the added bonus of a free overnight parking site.  Think of it as our version of a drive-in theater.  Or, as I like to say, a flick and stick.

Unfortunately, I sometimes have a hard time relaxing when I’m in the movie theater as I worry about our truck and camper getting broken into.  In the dark theater there’s no way to see the camper, and that fact would be well known to the evil doers.  As Cameron Frye says in the iconic 80’s film Ferris Bueller, “It could get wrecked, stolen, scratched, breathed on wrong, a pigeon could s#%& on it! Who knows?”

On balance, I also worry about our truck and camper when we’re in any very public parking area and away from the rig; food shopping, flipping through records at a thrift store, buying Columbian catnip for Harley at Petco – you get the idea.

Maybe I’m just a worry wort.  Nothing has ever happened (knock on wood) and I haven’t heard of anyone having their camper broken into during these situations either.  Never the less, I worry.

Which brings me to TCM reader, Jack Masters.  Jack is such a worry wort that he’s worried about protecting a truck camper that he hasn’t even bought yet!

“Although I don’t own a truck camper yet, I enjoy and learn so much from your site.  Thanks for providing this service.

Someday, after I retire, I will live in a truck camper.  I did so for several months in the 80s, so I know it’s right for me.

Here’s an idea for a future article or Question of the Week: How do you prevent thefts from your truck camper while you’re not there?  For example, you may go hiking for the day or doing some other activity away from “home”.

What steps do you take to minimize the risk of losing valuable possessions that may be in your truck and/or camper?”

Darn good question, Jack!  Of course the best answer may be what you’re doing.  By not having a truck camper in the first place, it’s literally impossible to break into your camper.  As for the rest of us, let’s put your question to the readership.

This week’s Question of the Week is, “How do you protect your truck camper from theft while you’re away from it?



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