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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2019 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Wet Bath

Answering two long standing requests, Northern Lite discontinues the 8-11Q-series and debuts longer and wider 8-11 EX Wet Bath Special Edition and Sportsman models.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX Wet Bath

Apple iPhone enthusiasts know the pattern well. First Apple announces the next generation of iPhone with a designated number; iPhone 4, 5, and 6.  About a year later Apple then enhances that model and produces a “S” version; 4S, 5S, and 6S.  While they skipped this cycle for the iPhone 7 and 8, they recently returned to form with the introduction of the iPhone XS (pronounced 10S).

For the past few years, Northern Lite has taken a similar approach with their clamshell molded fiberglass truck camper announcements.  First they launch the next generation “EX” model as a wet bath or dry bath.  About a year later, they roll out the same EX model with the opposite bath type (dry or wet) along with a list of enhancements.  Sound familiar?

Keeping to their announcement schedule, Northern Lite is now announcing the 8-11 EX Wet Bath for 2019. Utilizing the same molds as the 8-11 EX Dry Bath model announced last May, the new model takes full advantage of the longer and wider EX dimensions.  According to Northern Lite, the longer and wider dimensions allowed the manufacturer to address two requests they’ve heard for years.

To explain exactly what the changes are and how they improved upon the successful 8-11Q-series, we talked to Keith Donkin, General Manager for Northern Lite.

Floor Plan Northern Lite 8 11 EX Wet Bath Optional Dinette

2019 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition Wet Bath Specifications

The 2019 Northern Lite 8-11 EX is a hard-side, non-slide, wet bath truck camper for short bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the 8-11 EX is 9’3” and the interior height is 6’4”.  Northern Lite is reporting the dry weight of the 2019 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition wet bath at 2,650 pounds.  The tanks in the 2019 Northern Lite 8-11 EX wet bath are 33 gallons fresh, 24 gallons grey, and 13 gallons black.  The camper accommodates two batteries and two twenty-pound propane tanks.  The MSRP for the 2019 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Special Edition wet bath is $44,110 USD.  Click here for a free Northern Lite brochure.

2019 Northern Lite 8-11 EX Wet Bath

With the introduction of the 8-11 EX wet bath, is Northern Lite discontinuing any existing models for 2019?

We have discontinued the Northern Lite 8-11Q Classic Special Edition and the 8-11Q Sportsman. We have replaced both models with our newly designed 8-11 EX Wet Bath and 8-11 EX Dry Bath Special Edition models.

We debuted the Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath in August of 2017 with an all-new set of wider and longer fiberglass molds. Now we are building the wet bath model with the same 8-11 EX molds.

Northern Lite 8-11 EX Wet Dinette

The 8-11 EX molds are 4-inches longer than the 8-11Q molds. By changing the angles of the mold, we were also able to stretch the EX molds to a full 9’3”. These dimensional changes give the 8-11 EX Wet Bath a more open and spacious interior, and creates some exciting opportunities.

Northern Lite 8 11 EX Wet Bigger Dinette

Above: The dinette in the Northern Lite 8-11 EX is five inches longer

With the previous 8-11Q, we often heard from customers who wanted a longer dinette and dinette bed area. For 2019, we have redesigned and expanded the dinette in the 8-11 EX Wet Bath by 5-inches. The dinette in the 8-11 EX Wet Bath is now 6-feet long.

Northern Lite 8 11 EX Wet Bath With U Shaped Dinette

Above: The Northern Lite 8-11 EX has an optional U-shaped dinette

On the passenger’s side, the 8-11 EX offers more kitchen counter space – another common customer request.

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