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2015 Lance 995

TCM: Can you access the bathroom in the Lance 995 with the slide-out in?

Gary: No.  Our customers tell us they want to access the bathroom with the slide-out in, but they want the deeper slides more.  In the end, they would rather push the slide out a bit to access the bathroom than have a shallower slide.


Above: The Happijac Secure-Trac fixed frame slide mechanism under the 995 slide-out

TCM: Speaking of slide-outs, what slide mechanism does the Lance 995 use?

Randy: We are using the Happijac Secure-Trac fixed frame slide mechanism.


Above: The dinette and refrigerator are on the full wall slide-out

TCM: Why not use the Schwintek slide mechanism for the 995?

Gary: For the larger and heavier slide-out applications like the 995 full-wall dinette and refrigerator slide, we prefer the performance of the Happijac slide mechanism.

Randy: In our opinion, the Happijac slide mechanism is a more stable system on larger slide-out applications.

Gary: The Happijac slide is also better if you need to manually override the system.  With the Happijac system, it’s much easier to open and close the slide manually.  We have done our research and decided the Happijac is the right slide mechanism for the 995.


Above: The cabover in the Lance 995


Above: Radius steps to the cabover

TCM: Tell us about the radius steps up to the cabover.

Gary: The most important feature of that step is that there’s a trash can in the cabinet.  It’s the first standard trash can inside of a truck camper in the galley area.  We have always wanted a trash can in our campers, but never had the physical space.  Now, with trucks eliminating slider windows, there’s no need for pass-through windows.  And with backup cameras, people don’t need a front window area.  That space is now available for cabinetry, and makes a great spot for a step-up to the cabover, and a trash can.

Randy: The radius design softens the step area and took the boxy look away.

TCM: How much weight can that middle step support?

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