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2015 Lance 995

Randy: During the development and review cycle for the 995, we wiped the slate clean and started fresh.  The design of the 995 is different than the 950S in two key ways.  First, it’s a full-wall slide.  Second, the 995 features a taller over the wheel-well height basement design.


Above: The interior of the Lance 995.  All photography courtesy of Lance Campers.

The full-wall slide and the taller basement really open up the floor plan making the 995 feel like a completely different camper than the 950S.  It went from a 48” floor width in the 950S, to a 57 inch floor width in the 995.  That’s a really wide, open floor space.  You’ll notice it right away in person.


Above: The step-up to the cabover bed has been reduced by five inches

TCM: Is this taller basement, wider-floor design a sign of things to come from Lance?

Gary: Yes, it is.  Currently the Lance 1172 and the Lance 995 are the only models that feature above the wheel well basement designs.  In the future, we’ll have more models with this design approach.

Another benefit of the taller basement is a lower step-up into the cabover bed.  It actually reduces the step-up by five inches.


Above: The 57″ floor width of the 995 and the reduction of the step-up by 5″

TCM: Lance’s new model development approach has been to develop the new model criteria, design the camper on the computer, build a physical prototype, and then adjust that physical prototype before production.  Were there any adjustments to the 995 once it was prototyped?

Randy: This is one of the first prototypes we’ve designed and built that needed minimal changes.  We had some cosmetic tweaks but, overall, it was ready for production.

Gary: As I said earlier, we have a thirty year history with this floor plan.  We know what works in this size camper.  We were also able to incorporate design elements from other successful models.

TCM: Were there any new materials, components, appliances, or processes used in the development of the 2015 Lance 995?

Randy: The 995 is the first Lance truck camper to feature a full-length longitudinal laminated floor truss design.  The laminated floor truss on the 995 runs from the front to the back of the camper, in addition to lateral trussing running side to side.

Gary: The new laminated floor truss system supports all the weight of the camper.  It’s like making a cross from the front to the back and then the floor sits on it.  There are no breaks on the truss from front to rear.  The new truss adds tremendous strength and rigidity to the floor keeping the camper square when you use your jacks.  The truss system then ties into our Lance Lock interlocking aluminum frame system.

Randy: We have also designed and developed several new extrusions.  They still interlock as they did before, but we were able to improve the strength to weight ratio in the Lance Lock design.


Above: The rear wet bath in the Lance 995

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