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2015 Lance 995

Lance Campers debuts the 2015 Lance 995, a nine-foot, full-wall slide-out camper with a wider floor, larger basement, and a radius cabover step.  They also teases the Lance 975.


Don’t get too excited.  The tease we teased in the teaser is barely tease worthy.  Yes, Lance Campers is coming out with a new nine foot camper called the 975, but that’s all we know as of now.  The real news – and there is real news – is all the new design features that make up the new 995, starting with a taller basement, a wider floor, and a new radius cabover step and trash can combination that has to be seen to be believed.

Introducing the Lance Can!

Okay, I made the “Lance Can” name up, but they really have introduced the first-ever built-in removable truck camper trash can.  No more plastic bags tied to the oven door handle.  No more funky containers under the sink.  This is an honest to goodness tilt-out trash can.  While some may laugh, we think this is a legitimately important and incredibly useful feature.

To tell us more about the wider floor, taller basement, radius cabover step, and the Lance Can, we talked to Gary Conley, National Sales Manager, and Randy Hunter, Product Development for Lance Campers.


2015 Lance 995 Specifications:

The 2015 Lance 995 is a hard-side, wet bath, single-slide truck camper for long bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the Lance 995 is 9’11” and the interior height is 79”.  Lance is reporting the dry weight of the Lance 995 at 3,290 pounds without options and 3,943 pounds with standard build features including; Ultra Deck Plus bumper, air conditioner, generator, electric rear awning, convenience package, four season package, back up camera, 24” television, solar panel, and roof rack.

The tanks in the 2015 Lance 995 are 45 gallons fresh, 28 gallons grey, and 35 gallons black.  The camper accommodates two batteries and two twenty-pound propane tanks.  The MSRP for a standard build Lance 995 is $45,998.


TCM: Does the new Lance 995 replace any older models in the Lance Camper line?

Gary: The Lance 995 is a replacement for the now-discontinued Lance 950S.  We wanted to give the 950S some upgrades and more floor room.  The 995 features a full-wall slide and more counter space.  We also improved the television entertainment center location and added a basement pull-out drawer.  Furthermore, we wanted Lance’s exclusive Ultra Deck Plus by Torklift International to be available on the Lance 995.  We were able to accomplish all of these things, and more, with the 995.


Above: The 1985 Lance 480 helped inspire the floor plan of the 2015 Lance 995.

TCM: The 995 is now the seventh 9’10”-10’ full-wall slide camper in the industry with this floor plan.  What distinguishes the 995 from its direct competition?

Gary: Lance has been manufacturing this floor plan, minus the full-wall slide, for almost thirty years.  Specifically, Lance introduced this floor plan as a non-slide in 1985 with the Lance 480.  Most of our competitors haven’t been in business that long.

We also beat the competition with significantly lower weight.  Through our use of SolidWorks computer aided design, state-of-the-art CNC machines, and ultra-light weight materials, the 2015 Lance 995 will be 300 to 500 pounds lighter than the models it competes with.  These factors result in higher tolerances and industry-leading quality control for Lance Campers.  That’s what we call the Lance Difference.


Above: The exterior of the Lance 995, featuring a full-wall slide-out – click to enlarge

TCM: Some folks may assume that the 995 is just a 950S spruced up.  In point of fact, was the 995 designed new from the ground up, or was it simply an adjusted 950S?

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