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2015 Eagle Cap Announcements

For 2015, every aspect of Eagle Cap truck campers has been re-examined.  Every material, appliance, and design element has been challenged.  Introducing the next generation of Eagle Cap.


Every year, a few truck camper manufacturers take a leap forward announcing a list of significant upgrades to their truck camper product line.  These changes are sometimes controversial, even among the manufacturer’s leadership teams, and often the result of rigorous consumer research, painstaking design and development, strategic purchasing decisions, and, finally, a bold decision that says, “Let’s take a step forward, and make this happen”.  In business as in life, there is no growth without risk.

For 2014, Eagle Cap stunned the truck camper community with standard frameless thermal pane windows, standard seven cubic foot Dometic Renaissance refrigerators, and optional recliner theater seating.  Based on the number of new Eagle Caps we have seen at rallies, it’s fair to say the 2014 changes were a hit.  Eagle Cap had made the right risks to take the brand to the next level.

If the 2014 updates were a surprise, than the 2015 updates are going to knock some socks.  For 2015, the Eagle Cap leadership team took a completely fresh look at the product line, from stem to stern, and made more changes, upgrades, and improvements than the three previous years combined.  Prepare yourself for an Eagle Cap that’s no longer tied to the past.  This bird is changing course, and flying in some very new directions.

For the official 2015 Eagle Cap product announcements, we talked to Greg Tucknies, National Sales Manager for Adventurer Manufacturing.  To view Greg’s video walk-around tour of the 2015 Eagle Cap updates and changes, click here.


Above: The 2015 Eagle Cap above is shown on a single rear wheel truck for demonstration purposes only.  For proper truck and camper matching, read “Matching a Truck and Camper“.

TCM: Perhaps the most exciting Eagle Cap news for 2015 is the announcement of the all-new 2015 Eagle Cap 960.  We realize that it’s early going, but what can you tell us before the formal announcement and full reveal of the 960?

Greg: A lot of the 2015 changes will be highlighted in the Eagle Cap 960.  For example, it will be the first Eagle Cap model with the new bedroom configuration including the California king bed.

TCM: Eagle Cap is also releasing a redesigned 850.  What is changing in the 850 for 2015?

Greg: The Eagle Cap 850 is a strong seller for us.  The biggest change will be a full-wall slide.  We are keeping the positive aspects that make that floor plan popular including the ability to fit a long or short bed truck, and the 850’s extraordinary storage opportunities.

TCM: For 2015, Eagle Cap is changing to a new front nose cap.  Does this mean you’re discontinuing the wrap-around fiberglass front nose cap?

Greg: Yes, we are discontinuing the wrap-around fiberglass front nose cap on Eagle Cap truck campers.  The focus for the 2015 Eagle Cap models is aerodynamics and significant weight reduction.  The biggest weight item on Eagle Cap campers has always been the one-piece front and rear fiberglass caps.  The front nose cap was also a hindrance to our ability to improve the aerodynamics of the unit.

Over the past four years, it became increasingly clear that the considerable time and investment needed for the front and rear fiberglass caps would be better put elsewhere in the camper design.  You will see an extensive list of updates and improvements to Eagle Cap for 2015 that reflect this change, including an all-new front nose cap.


Above: The new 2015 Eagle Cap one-piece fiberglass front nose cap

TCM: Is the new nose cap fiberglass?

Greg: Yes.  The new Eagle Cap fiberglass front nose not only dramatically reduces the weight of Eagle Cap campers, but it also improves aerodynamics.  Where the old front nose was flat, the new front nose was designed to be sleek.  The new nose was developed with a new mold and a completely new contour.  For starters, it has a three-step tiered-down shape, and more nose slant.

The nose also features a two-tone gel coat finish.  In the pictures you’ll see the nose has a white center and brown side accents with the aerodynamic ribs.  We tested three colors, but the brown looks the most elegant.  A few Eagle Cap dealers have already received campers and said the changes hit the mark.  We’re very excited about the new fiberglass front nose cap.

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