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TCM Debuts 2014 Ram 3500

Truck Camper Magazine reveals its new truck, a 2014 Ram 3500 SLT.  Here’s why we chose Ram, decided on a new engine, and selected a very specific configuration.

2014 Dodge Ram 3500

2014 Ram 3500 Experience Update published October 31, 2014
After 6,610 miles including flat highways, rolling hills, and Colorado mountain passes, Truck Camper Magazine gets a hand-calculated reality check on their 2014 Ram 3500 and 6.4L HEMI.

When we purchased our 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500 LT in the summer of 2012, I was absolutely sure we would have that truck for at least five years.

Well, things change.  Six days after we arranged to get a 2015 Northern Lite Special Edition as our next sponsored truck camper, the Northern Lite factory burned to the ground.  After the relief of learning that no one was hurt, it dawned on us that we were about to be behind the eight ball for getting a camper for 2014.  As that fog lifted, and Northern Lite announced they would rebuild, I suggested to Angela that we go in a very different direction.

My vision would require a new truck; something with a long bed, and a lot more payload.

 Ram-Exterior-WIDE1Ram-Exterior-WIDE2 Ram-Exterior-WIDE3
 Ram-Exterior-WIDE4Ram-Exterior-WIDE5 Ram-Exterior-WIDE6

Above: TCM’s new truck, a 2014 Ram 3500 – click to enlarge

Feet Down and Trucks Lost

We had an excellent experience with our 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500.  Angela was practically in tears when we sold the truck to Mark and Hope Turnbull.  She kept saying, “It’s going to a good home”, as if we had just sold a cat or puppy.

Given our satisfaction with the Chevy, we started looking for a new Chevy Silverado 3500 long bed dually.  On and we searched for many weeks looking for the perfect Chevy truck with exactly the features and options we wanted.  In the meantime, I had put my foot down about not buying a new truck until we had sold the old truck.  I know, I’m no fun.

Soon after, Angela also put her foot down.  Her podiatry proclamation related to her distinct dislike for the new exterior aesthetic of Chevy’s 2015 trucks.  Put bluntly, Angela didn’t like the 2015 Chevys, so they were out.  We were now looking for a left-over 2014 Chevy or GMC.

Well, my foot down ended up costing us almost every GM truck option available.  By the time our truck had sold, nearly every left over 2014 GM 3500 truck was also sold.  With Angela’s foot ruling out a 2015, our feet were starting to get us into a heap of trouble.

Sticker Shock

The weekend after our truck sold, Angela and I searched the internet one more time.  We looked at new and used.  We looked at Chevy and GMC.  Then I saw Angela looking at Fords.

“Too expensive,” she said.  Having owned and loved three Ford automobiles, I always thought we would buy a Ford truck.  Unfortunately, I had to agree with Angela about Ford’s prices; they seemed high compared to the Chevy and GMC trucks we were looking at.

Not to be outdone, I decided to take a look at Ram trucks.  After inputting all of our criteria into, a matching 2014 Ram 3500 popped-up.  As luck would have it, the truck was just up the street at Keller Brothers Dodge.  I mentioned the truck as a curiosity to Angela and she said, “Let’s go check it out.”  There was no way were were buying a Ram, but what the heck?

Twenty minutes later, I was crouching down between two tightly packed dually long bed Ram trucks and looking at a payload sticker.  I was expecting a number somewhere in the 4,000 pound range, after which I was thinking we would get lunch at…

Wait a minute.

I looked at the sticker again.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The type on the sticker was quite small, and perhaps I wasn’t reading it right.  A few feet away I could hear Angela repeating, “What does it say?” over and over.  I read the number again, and again.  How could this be?

“You’re not going to believe this.”  I said, “6,314 pounds.”

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