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Soaring Eagle Campers Lands At Expo West

Soaring Eagle Campers made their Overland Expo West debut and shocked people with their price, weight, and build. Who says overland campers have to be priced to the moon?

Overland Expo West 2024 Soaring Eagle

At the other end of the scale, Soaring Eagle presented an OV-X pop-up topper and an Adlar 6.5XL hard side. Soaring Eagle Campers are aluminum and composite and designed to be affordable, lightweight, and last for generations.

Soaring Eagle Booth 1

The OV-X looked sharp on a GMC Sierra 1500 and didn’t even begin to max-out the payload of this luxury truck.

Soaring Eagle OV-X Exterior

Inside the OV-X is where you really begin to understand the DIY modular nature of this camper. The first thing I notice with these rigs is how much space there is inside.

Soaring Eagle OV-X Interior

It’s wide open leaving an infinite number of ways an owner could build out their OV-X rig. The Soaring Eagle team had a 12-volt Dometic cooler-style refrigerator and a portable lithium battery system to demonstrate the modular aspect of the unit.

Soaring Eagle Adlar 6.5XL Exterior

The Adlar 6.5XL is also a half-ton compatible weight at 1,100 pounds dry. We first saw this Soaring Eagle model at Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, Texas in May of 2023. At first blush, I was impressed with what Soaring Eagle was able to do with a relatively small envelope.

Soaring Eagle Adlar 6.5XL Interior

This camper has a pull-out North-South bed, a face-to-face dinette, a dedicated porta-potty space, a closet, and an optional air conditioner, and microwave. The Adlar 6.5 may be positioned as an entry-level camper, but you get a lot of features for that entry fee.

Soaring Eagle Adlar 6.5XL Interior

For everyone who says truck campers are no longer affordable to young (and older) buyers, have them look at Soaring Eagle. I bet a lot of Van Life enthusiasts would be surprised at what they could afford with a half-ton truck and a Soaring Eagle combination.

For more information on Soaring Eagle Campers, visit their website at Click here to request a Soaring Eagle brochure.


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