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Reader Comments: 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey

The following comments from the 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey are raw, direct, and constructive.  Listen up truck camper industry.  Your potential customers are talking.

ultimate camper survey comments 2016

At the end of the 2016 Ultimate Hard Side and Pop-Up Camper Surveys we asked a very simple and open question:

“Is there anything that you would like to add to your next hard side/pop-up truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

While we have attempted to make the Ultimate Camper questions complete and exhaustive, it’s impractical to cover every facet of truck camper design.  By providing this final open question, we allow the readers to express what might have been missed, or to emphasize a point they find particularly important.

It’s also an opportunity for readers to speak directly to the industry about truck camper design.  The results range from feature wish lists to constructive criticism, and everything in between.

Industry Leaders – Get ready for a fire hose of feedback, and an ocean of opportunity.

Click here to read the hard side comments.

Click here to read the pop-up comments.

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