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Pop-Up Comments: 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey

Here are the 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey responses to, “Is there anything that you would like to add to your next pop-up truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

Diesel powered stove, heat, and water heater

Bike and canoe rack

I want a short bed half ton truck camper with side entry, dry bath, and a built-in generator under 2,000 pounds.

A simple slide-out kitchen stored under the dinette section.  A two burner stove, a little prep area for cooking out doors in nice weather.

M.I.S.S. = Make It Simple Stupid

A solid wall Hallmark with a front dinette would be ideal.

As much storage space as possible

Design cabover for two twin mattresses with storage between mattresses at head end. Roof with rollover edge to avoid need for seam sealing.

Security system

Accessible wiring channels throughout for modifications, trouble shooting, and add-ons. Clear wiring diagrams.  LED lighting to be warm, not bluish.

Rear of camper must not interfere with a trailer

Tool box for light repair items

Interior LED lighting

Sleeps a family of four

Camper back up lights

Make standard roof mechanisms for lifting roof with 150 pounds of kayaks or boats so one does not have remove boats to raise the roof.

1,000 pounds, or less.  These camper manufacturers build everything for the heavy trucks.  Half-tons are where the market is headed.  Also a camper under $20K.  I speak with so many people that think the trailers are a much better buy for room and options, especially for half-ton trucks.  Just trying to help.

Satellite radio option

Lightweight is the ideal set up

True four season camper

Full size door

A battery disconnect switch and a 2” to 3″ wider door.  Otherwise, our Northstar 850SC is pretty much perfect

Well built at a low price

Neither slide nor crank windows, rather, pivoting from the top.  I would like a design similar to the Hallmark, but with the double fiberglass one piece shell of an Oliver travel trailer.  Remember to add condensation drain portals and stainless steel fixtures throughout like Oliver does.  Even the water heater doors should be stainless steel.  Another very important item is the roof.  It seems no one wants to build a thick lifetime roof that has enough insulation to reduce the sound of a heavy rain or the rooftop air conditioner unit.  And the air conditioner units are way too loud.  More insulation plus improved technology for the air conditioner units themselves that run quieter.  Also, definitely a one piece roof and preferably a fiberglass shell.  It seems like there should be a stamping process that could be utilized in building the fiberglass shell so to be able to reduce the cost (labor of building the fiberglass).  I could go on.

Side storage for north-south bed.  How about a small U-dinette slide out?  Keep it affordable.

Air conditioning, a step to get to the bed easier, kayak rack on top.

Boat rack

Aerodynamic for better miles per gallon

Winter package

Battery disconnect exterior power outlets (110 and 12v)

An outside propane connection to use 20-pound tanks with Coleman-style camp stoves and lanterns.

A large escape hatch in the cabover that a person with limited mobility can use.

Alde combined hot water/convection heating system.  Built in cell phone booster.  We’re in process of designing our next camper and it will be a flat bed.  Would like more customization from manufacturers.

Insure the camper fits trucks beds so we don’t have to raise the to clear the cab of the truck.

Full size entry door

Composite roof

No hanging curtains.  Instead install roll up cloth window covers with Velcro strips to hold covers up.  Absolutely no valances.

Instead of a heater, how about a S.S. tent stove/sheep herder stove.

Rear camera and a larger cab to camper pass through with weather collar.

Ladder for easier access to cabover

The dinette area subs as extra bed, low door window, downward aimed outside lights to light your camp, not your neighbors, segmented fold-up porch or landing.

Enough clearance to access the bathroom when the top is locked

Radiant wave heater

Insulated soft walls and hot water heat

The overcab escape hatch also should be a skylight positioned toward the front for star gazing

Air conditioner choices like window, roof top, external, etc.

Aerodynamic front nose, not square like so many available right now.

I would like it to be better built with pride in craftsmanship and better supported ceiling and walls with wood (not just sheet-foam).

Must be usable for up to 6’4″

Something on the outside under bed to split the wind

You didn’t offer the option of a composting toilet

The camper needs to have ability to use it off the truck

I would like a two-burner induction cooktop

Please have the option of insulated canvas tent material.  There are many people that use these for winter camping, and need at least a R6 rating.  I want the ability to fold down the top without manually tucking in the tent fabric.  Build the campers strong enough to use them while they are off the truck and on the jacks.  I want all this in a short bed version not more than 8.5-feet in floor length.

The manufacturer should design a good air deflector to reduce wind noise and buffeting from the cab overhang.  I built my own, but they should be able to do it better.

TempurPedic mattress

I like light colors on the cabinets/countertops, but medium to dark colors on the cushions where dirt would show more

I want a king-size bed, and a composting toilet

A fully self-contained wet bath pop-up truck camper that, wet and loaded, can be matched with a half-ton truck.

Continue working in making steps more safe and accessible for pets and elderly people, as all of us baby boomers age.

Ceiling made of cork.  A camper as a basement camper on normal truck beds or a non-basement on flat bed.

Appropriate add on kits that allow the truck to safety carry the loaded unit.  Half-ton shorted with large cabs are big sellers.  Having to guess what the proper match kit is will not make the customer happy.

Most pop-ups have super thin soft sidewalls.  We need good quality sidewalls that are insulated, not some add later velcro in place insulation system.

For single campers, one seat dinette, storage cabinet on the other side.  Also a single 33-inch wide bed.  More storage if any extra space.

Make the dinette seating more comfortable

We like rear window air conditioner units.  We also like access to storage in front of wheel well.  We would prefer a refrigerator placed up front by the bed with vanity space above for access from sleeping area.  Northern Lite seems to listen to folks like us.

Light weight is #1

Keep it simple and affordable!

LED lighting throughout cabin

One piece roof

Center of gravity marked.  Better drain valve on fresh water tank.

Outside shower with expanding rod and curtain

Tail lights

I want it as light as possible and staying within the confines of my vehicle sheet metal for off-roading.  Under 700 pounds would be ideal, but I’m dreaming.

For the toilet system, I’d prefer a solution that uses minimal water and has no black tank, so composting fits this.  For the floor I’d prefer a solid rubber floor than any of the options in the survey.  Sportsmobile offers this.

A compositing toilet system rather than a toilet with a black tank.  I would also like a rear tent pop-out tent (like my Lance 830) and a side pop-out tent (like Northstar).  I would the interior to look like the inside of an Airstream.

Fishing rod holder

Corian counter tops
Two-way refrigerator, 12 volt or 110.

Cargo rack in the back

Compressor refrigerator (12/110v), Bluetooth audio only (stereo without all the CD/FM etc.)

Gauges for all tanks, batteries, and propane, more storage for clean and dirty clothes

Off road ruggedized

Flatbed!  A flatbed allows for a more efficient truck camper layout, and a more practical truck for work.  Small in-line grey water tank that could support a day or two where totally self-contained is required, or be lined up to drain to a large exterior bucket. Hydronic/convection heat and hot water (Alde, Espar, AguaHot etc.).  Powered roof lifters, either electric or hydraulic.  Camper jacks that are out of the slip stream similar to the Tonke truck camper from Sweden.  An installed 1,000 watt true sine-wave inverter.  No Luan plywood.  Use something like Azdel in its place.  Azdel has two times the insulation in the same thickness of Luan, can’t absorb water, and is about same cost when considering ease of use.  I will consider either a pop-up with hard or soft sides.  It depends on who will make a flatbed truck camper with a side entrance.

Quality, ruggedness, four wheel drive, simplicity, and readily available replacement parts and equipment.

Be able to close the tailgate on a 6.5 bed.

Fiberglass outside she’ll with hollow composite frame and interior wall construction for strength and weight reduction.  Superior insulation.

I want a pop-up hard sided camper that is excellent in cold and warm weather.  No one makes this.  Both Alaskan and XP have models close to this idea, but both have significant short comings.

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