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Pop-Up Comments: 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey

Here are the 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey responses to, “Is there anything that you would like to add to your next pop-up truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

Diesel powered stove, heat, and water heater

Bike and canoe rack

I want a short bed half ton truck camper with side entry, dry bath, and a built-in generator under 2,000 pounds.

A simple slide-out kitchen stored under the dinette section.  A two burner stove, a little prep area for cooking out doors in nice weather.

M.I.S.S. = Make It Simple Stupid

A solid wall Hallmark with a front dinette would be ideal.

As much storage space as possible

Design cabover for two twin mattresses with storage between mattresses at head end. Roof with rollover edge to avoid need for seam sealing.

Security system

Accessible wiring channels throughout for modifications, trouble shooting, and add-ons. Clear wiring diagrams.  LED lighting to be warm, not bluish.

Rear of camper must not interfere with a trailer

Tool box for light repair items

Interior LED lighting

Sleeps a family of four

Camper back up lights

Make standard roof mechanisms for lifting roof with 150 pounds of kayaks or boats so one does not have remove boats to raise the roof.

1,000 pounds, or less.  These camper manufacturers build everything for the heavy trucks.  Half-tons are where the market is headed.  Also a camper under $20K.  I speak with so many people that think the trailers are a much better buy for room and options, especially for half-ton trucks.  Just trying to help.

Satellite radio option

Lightweight is the ideal set up

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