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Hard Side Comments: 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey

Here are the 2016 Ultimate Camper Survey responses to, “Is there anything that you would like to add to your next hard side truck camper purchase that was not asked about in the above survey?”

A king size bed

All-in-one wireless remote control for jacks, slide-out, and awnings.  The ability to create a WIFI hotspot when in remote locations.

Wireless outside thermometer, Bluetooth stereo system, adjustable or removable shelving systems in cabinets, a refrigerator that alarms if the door is not latched or failing, specifications of the camper construction so if you want to mount something to the wall you know where it will be secure.

Secured storage for firearms.  Build for cold weather use.  Make it as light weight as possible.

Heki windows, big ones everywhere.  Fans in the ceiling.  While you are at it, make it a round observation bubble that goes into a turret so that I can always get the breeze and see what’s going on.

LED interior lights

Eliminate the need to reseal penetrations, or have less penetrations.  Higher quality solar power controllers.  Have the option for brush guards to protect the camper from trees along four-wheel drive routes.  More secure locks.  Include a safe to secure high value items.  Reduce the amount of wood in the frame to prevent rot.  Stronger frame to withhold rugged, off-road travels.

A quiet generator.

A different type of blind system.  I have a one piece slide up and down for dark that includes the screen.  That takes both hands to release two latches that releases the screen so that you can the open window.  Those are a pain!  It’s a very poor system.

Bigger grey and smaller black tanks for us boondockers.  I have never filled a black tank, but always have to worry about the grey tank.

A refrigerator that will work even when the camper is not level.

Less joints, or less caulk-able joints.  We always have problems with water intrusion and having to re-caulk.

Basement under the bed in the cabover.  The 2002 Fleetwood had this.  Light weight, and rot-proof campers.

Built-in attachment points for racks, and ski-bike-storage boxes.  I’m having a hard time with ski racks on my 2013 Arctic Fox 1140.

Why do designers think all people have eyes in the back of their head to watch television?  Or that we are comfortable in a dinette or small toilet space?  We spend months in our box while traveling all over the Lower 48 and Alaska.  Please have them spend some time using the space they design.  I use mine for towing a boat to a remote ramp, camp on the side of a road in Alaska, or spend a month in Branson, Missouri while going to the shows.  Campers should serve all purposes and be comfortable for all.  The recliner or sofa is the best change in the 55 years I have been RVing.

I would love a fold-down or pull-out mini deck of some kind.

Possible diesel appliances such as heater (air or hydronic) with hot water heater and cook top.  Eliminate propane.

More choices for exterior color.

Small awnings, aerodynamic design, over-the-bedroom windows to allow windows to stay open in light rain and not have screens get wet or have the rain blow in.

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