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Happijac Announces 4800 Heavy Duty Jack System

After updating their camper jack line, Happijac announces the 4800 heavy duty jack with a forty-seven percent increase in capacity.  Multi-slide campers, meet your Happijac.


In 2012, Happjac announced their next generation of truck camper jacks.  The new jacks were based on the proven design of their predecessors, but featured important new upgrades including zinc plating, a built-in wiper system, and higher tolerances making the new jacks quieter in operation and more resistant to corrosion.

Soon after, Happijac began research and development on a higher capacity camper jack to accommodate the increasingly popular double and triple slide truck camper market.  With 2,800 pounds of capacity per jack, the Happijac 4800 would have forty-seven percent more capacity than their next strongest camper jacks.

The 4800-HD began shipping in late 2012 for testing at Adventurer Manufacturing on their Eagle Cap 1160 double-slide and 1165 triple-slide truck camper models.  The new jacks were an instant success with the Adventurer engineering team and were featured on all 2013 Eagle Cap 1160 and 1165 models.

Aaron Rasmussen, Happijac Company’s General Manager, recently contacted us to formally announce the 4800.  He explained the distinctions that make the 4800 an important product in the Happijac line.  It’s quite possible that the 4800 will be the Happijac jack of choice in the near future.


Above: The Happijac 4800 jack mounted on an Adventurer truck camper

TCM: How did the Happijac 4800 heavy duty jack come to be?

Aaron: The genesis of the 4800 was a customer asking for a heavier duty jack for their camper applications.  Our first priority was to make a jack that was stronger and that dramatically increased the load rating.  We also wanted the jack to be simpler, more efficient, and trouble free.

Myself, Gary Scothern, and the founder of Happijac, Marty Rasmussen, all had input into designing this jack.


Above: The bronze nut on the 4800 heavy duty jack

TCM: How did Happijac design, develop, and manufacture the 4800 to handle 2,800 pounds?

Aaron: The increased strength and load rating of the 4800 comes from three elements; a bronze nut on the screw, a larger Torrington thrust roller bearing, and a three inch longer outer tube and inner leg.

The big change is the bronze nut.  Most camper jacks are made with a steel nut.  The bronze nut and screw combination has a very high ANSI (American National Standards Institute) load rating.  The bronze nut also gives the 4800 jack more efficiency at the same load versus a steel nut due to the self lubricating properties of bronze.

The combination of the acme screw with the bronze nut in the 4800 jack provides a good balance for raising a camper up, and lowering it down.  Cost is the primary reason more camper jacks aren’t using bronze nuts.  However, with our in-house CNC machining capabilities, we are able to offer the 4800 jack at a reasonable price.


Above: The 4800 uses a larger and higher capactiy Torrington thrust bearing (on right)

TCM: How did the longer tube, longer inner leg, and larger bearing increase the strength and load rating?

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