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2013 Four Wheel Camper Announcements

TCM: Other than aesthetics, what are the advantages of these appliances?  Are they more efficient, lighter weight, better performing?

Tom: I have used the Cramer sink and stove in my own camper for more than three years now, and really appreciate the exceptional efficiency of the stove burners.  They get a pot of water boiling for the morning coffee or evening pasta in a flash.  The sink is deeper and easy to use as well, and the tilt up faucet is a convenience for filling and rinsing.

TCM: What do the flush appliances cost as an upgrade?

Tom: The flush mount appliance package is priced at 600 dollars.


TCM: For 2013, you’re still offering aluminum sides for your campers.  When almost the entire truck camper and RV industry has adopted fiberglass filon siding, why is Four Wheel Campers still using aluminum siding?

Tom: Many users appreciate the proven reliability of aluminum siding.  It’s lightweight and strong.  The sun reflects exceptionally well from the smooth surface.  Because our campers are designed for aggressive overland travel, the flexibility of the aluminum siding on the flexible frame adds to the long term durability of the camper.  In line with the off-road overland concept, accidents can happen, and replacing the aluminum siding is fast and inexpensive compared to fiberglass siding.

TCM: Are there any advantages to the way you’re currently siding your campers with aluminum?  Did you lose any strength by eliminating the embossed texture?

Tom: We transitioned back to a smooth finish this last year for appearance primarily.  The structural stability of the smooth finish is fine.


TCM: If you were talking to a Four Wheel customer, how do you advise them about choosing between your new aluminum siding, and fiberglass filon siding?  What are the advantages and disadvantages to both siding types?

Tom: What works best for you, in your particular use of the camper is what we recommend.  A nice thing about the fiberglass is that it offers a little better insulation from the cold.  Appearance has a lot to do with your satisfaction of the product.  We’ll be happy to discuss what works best for your needs.

TCM: What are the cost differences for the two siding options?

Tom: We use a premium grade of Filon, laminated to a mahogany type plywood, and the option is priced at 600 dollars.

TCM: Four Wheel Campers is announcing new countertops and tables for 2013.  Tell us about the materials, aesthetics, and advantages of the new countertops and tables compared to the old material.

Tom: White is very nice, but it was time to modernize the appearance.  We chose a granite pattern for application to an exceptionally durable maple/poplar plywood core.  We do not use any particle board or oriented strand board (OSB) in our campers, so it costs us more, and is more difficult to work with, but is lighter and much more durable, especially in harsh operating environments.  The new finish is more attractive and easier to clean.

TCM: Are the new countertops and tables stronger or lighter?

Tom: The old countertops and tables used the same strong core, so the new style is primarily more attractive.

TCM: Can customers with older Four Wheel Campers upgrade to the new counters or table top?

Tom: Yes, although the new design is most attractive with the lighter maple cabinetry.

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