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2017 Travel Lite Air Review

Floor Plan Evaluation

Travel Lite Air Review Floor Plan

As with the Travel Lite 625 and the Travel Lite Rayzr Campers, once you step into the Travel Lite Air, everything is right there.  The direction you face determines what area you’re in.

Travel Lite Air rear passenger side interior

Turn to the passenger’s side and you’re in the kitchen.

Travel Lite Air with removable table

Face forward and you’re at the dinette.

Travel Lite Air camper entry door

Turn to the driver’s side and you’re at the refrigerator, air conditioner, and side table.  From there you can sit in the full-booth dinette or move further forward into the east-west cabover bedroom.

That’s the grand tour of the Air, but it’s certainly not the real story.  Without a bathroom taking up precious floor space or overhead cabinetry consuming headroom mid-ship and forward, the Air actually feels quite open for a small camper.  Remove the removable table and there’s even 5’9” of wide-open floor to look at.

Travel Lite Air drivers side interior

Naturally, a lot of truck camper designs would open up if you (a) removed the bathroom and (b) deleted all the overhead cabinetry from the forward two-thirds of the unit.

It’s almost cheating, except when you remember the concept of the Air; simplicity, light weight, and maximum truck compatibility.  In a way, the Air’s sense of openness is a direct result of these design priorities.

Travel Lite Air passengers side interior

Let’s back up, but not too much that we fall out the entry door.  Two steps back, and stop.  Now turn towards the passenger’s side and voila, the kitchen!

Travel Lite Air Camper Kitchen

You have to admire how much function Travel Lite fit into a small space.  With a stainless steel two-burner Atwood propane cooktop, stainless steel sink with high rise faucet, Granicote fiberglass countertop, a faux tile backsplash, and a window, the kitchen attractively offers what you need to prepare simple hot beverages and meals, and clean up.

Travel Lite Air camper kitchen countertop

Space for meal preparation (aka counter space) is essentially non-existent, but that’s what the removable table is for.  My hunch is most folks who will purchase the Air will use the cooktop for morning coffee and very simple one-pot meals.  Otherwise, they’ll be grilling outside, eating at restaurants, or preparing meals that don’t require cooking.

Travel Lite Air kitchen upper cabinet

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