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2017 Eagle Cap 1200 Review

Truck Camper Magazine reviews an Eagle Cap 1200, a hard side, dry bath, triple-slide camper.  Adventurer Manufacturing claims this is the biggest and the best truck camper available.  TCM puts that bold statement to the test.

Eagle Cap 1200 Triple-Slide Camper Review

Be sure to also check out Adventurer’s response to this 1200 review.

Adventurer Manufacturing debuted the Eagle Cap 1200 in Truck Camper Magazine on October 13, 2015.  For the debut, Greg Tucknies, National Sales Manager for Adventurer Manufacturing, announced that the 1200 would not replace another Eagle Cap model, and was indeed an entirely new floor plan for the luxury hard side brand.

From the ground up, the Eagle Cap 1200 was designed to maximize floor space, storage, and luxury features.  “Eagle Cap customers have been asking us for a bigger camper, with access to the bedroom on both sides, and a California King bed.  Customer requests directly drove this floor plan,” stated Greg for the debut.

Eagle Cap 1200 Wide Drivers Side

Above: The Eagle Cap 1200 triple-slide camper under review at Princess Craft Campers in Round Rock, Texas

Eagle Cap 1200 Review at Princess Craft Campers

The 1200 was built on the same 24-inch above-the-rails basement as the popular Eagle Cap 1165 with some important tweaks to the holding tanks to improve center of gravity and basement storage.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the 1200 design are the free standing table and chairs in the rear slide.  The removable table and chairs arrangement is common in fifth wheels and motorhomes, but had never been attempted in a truck camper.  Greg explained, “With a free standing table and chairs, the customer gains a lot of versatility compared to a traditional built-in dinette.”

The kitchen features a peninsula and significantly more counter space than the Eagle Cap 1165.  Greg added, “The kitchen in the 1200 features a significant increase in counter space.  In fact, the depth of the kitchen counter and cabinetry created an inaccessible space that we split into interior and exterior storage.”  The kitchen also features a slide-out pantry and a 30-inch convection microwave more commonly found in motorhomes and fifth wheels.

The dry bath in the 1200 is another show stopper.  With a pocket door, large wardrobe, drawers, and a dressing area, it’s a contender for the largest dry bath in the truck camper marketplace.

Greg summed up the 1200 with a bold statement, “If you like to cook and entertain, or just want the biggest and best truck camper on the market, this camper is for you.”  That’s quite a claim!  On paper the Eagle Cap 1200 is definitely impressive, but is it truly the biggest and the best?  Let’s put this camper to the test.

Floor Plan Evaluation

Eagle Cap 1200 Floor Plan Review

Above: The floor plan for the Eagle Cap 1200

Eagle Cap 1200 Entry Stairs

There are six steps up to get into the Eagle Cap 1200 before reaching the camper’s floor.  The 1200’s four-step metal push-in, pull-out Hickory Step system provided a solid footing.  The climb is helped by a large assist handle.  All in all, this a comfortable step up.

Anyone with mobility issues should keep in mind that truck campers are almost always shown lowered to the ground.  Once loaded on a truck, the first step would be higher, sometimes significantly.  To see this for yourself, ask your dealer to raise the camper to a loaded height, and judge your step comfort accordingly.

Eagle Cap 1200 Entrance Utility Access

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