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TCM EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 Triple-Slide

Adventurer Manufacturing debuts the Eagle Cap 1200, an all-new triple-slide luxury flagship with a huge dry bath, California King bed, and your choice of two theater-style recliners, or a sofa.

Eagle Cap 1200 triple slide camper

Everyone has had the experience of rearranging a room.  You want to see what would happen if you put the television on the opposite side and moved the sofa to the other wall.  After arranging the furniture three or four times, you often go right back to the arrangement you had before.  The best room layout is more or less dictated by where the doors and windows are, the size and type of furniture you own, and the location of vents, outlets, and other room features.

Coming up with a new truck camper floor plan is similar to this shared experience.  Truck camper designers start with fixed limitations including truck bed size, available payload capacities, legal width and height restrictions, required elements (doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, seating, beds, and storage), customer feedback, dealer requests, what sells, safety codes, and more.  It’s no wonder that the same tried and true truck camper floor plans get recycled year after year.

On balance, floor plan possibilities have exploded exponentially over the past decade by advances in computer aided design, slide-out technology, material advances, and the concept of building above the rails.  These tools help to create new multi-slide possibilities, allow designers to experiment with new ideas digitally, and push the envelope of truck camper design beyond what our truck camping forefathers would have dared dream.

Speaking of pushing the envelope, Adventurer Manufacturing has just announced the 1200, an all-new Eagle Cap triple-side luxury flagship.  To create the 1200, the Adventurer design team has taken an exciting mid-bath floor plan to the next level adding a long list of important features and refinements that are sure to have the multi-slide enthusiasts talking.

To get the inside track on the 2016 Eagle Cap 1200, we talked to Greg Tucknies, National Sales Manager for Adventurer Manufacturing LP.


Above: The 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 floor plan – click to enlarge

2016 Eagle Cap 1200 Specifications

The 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 is a hard side, triple-slide, dry bath truck camper made for long bed trucks.  The interior floor length of the 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 is 11’11”, the interior height is 76” and the center of gravity is 58”.  The 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 has a 60 gallon fresh tank, a 6 gallon water heater, 34 gallon of grey tank, and a 34 gallon of black tank.  It can accommodate two batteries and has two twenty-pound propane tanks.  Adventurer is reporting the base weight of the Eagle Cap 1200 to be 4,817 pounds.  The base MSRP for the 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 is $49,973.


Above: The 2015 Eagle Cap 1200 above is shown on a single rear wheel truck for demonstration purposes only.  For proper truck and camper matching, read “How To Match a Truck and Truck Camper“.

All photography was supplied by Adventurer Manufacturing LP.  Click to enlarge the photos throughout this article.

TCM: Does the new 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 replace any older models in the Eagle Cap line?  Specifically, does the 1200 replace the Eagle Cap 1165?

Greg: No, the 1200 does not replace the 1165.  The 1200 is a new floor plan for us and will be available along side of the 1165.  All of our other models will remain available, including our popular 1160 double-slide.

Eagle Cap customers have been asking us for a bigger camper, with access to the bedroom on both sides, and a California King bed.  Customer requests directly drove this floor plan.  We must have done something right because the 1200 floor plan has already gone viral.  The first two runs of 2016 Eagle Cap 1200s are already sold out.


Above: The main living area of the 2016 Eagle Cap 1200 camper – click to enlarge

TCM: Did you start with a clean slate when designing the 1200, or is the camper essentially built on the basement foundation of the 1165?

Greg: The 1200 is built on the same proven wide-body basement design of the 1165.  We tweaked the basement design and tank locations to move the center of gravity forward and give the 1200 more basement storage compared to the 1165.

Essentially the 1200 was a clean slate design, but we started with the footprint and basement design of the 1165.  We believe it’s best to start with a new floor plan and build what customers want from the ground up.

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