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Lance 1052 Double-Slide Review

The black and grey tank knife valves were color coded and easy to access.  The low point drains were also easy to access, an important detail for winterizing.  If we had a nit-pick here, we would like to see the wiring secured better and used in more appropriate lengths to avoid coiling and ties.


The driver’s side slide on the 2015 Lance 1052 features a Lippert Components Schwintek in-wall aluminum slide-out mechanism.  Compared to other slide mechanisms, the primary advantage of the Schwintek system is its in-wall installation, and significantly lower weight compared to traditional above-floor, double-ram systems.

Perhaps the craziest feature possible with Schwintek slide-out mechanisms is the possibility for a slide within a slide.  That’s right folks, we may soon have slide-outs with slide-outs.


The underside skirt area of a truck camper is subjected to water and debris kicked up by the rear tires of a truck.  In decades past, this was a weak point of truck camper design leading to rear wing-wall rot and delaminations.

The underside skirt on the 2015 Lance 1052 avoids this issue through the use of water-impervious metal and composites.  The sidewalls of the 1052 are wood-free and aluminum-framed with Azdel composite and closed cell foam insulation.  The underside skirt is further protected with a metal shield that looks like it came straight out of SolidWorks (which it essentially did).  One thing is for sure; this wing wall is never going to rot.

The two access panels on the underside skirt are for accessing the black and grey tank monitor sensors.


The passenger’s side of the 2015 Lance 1052 features the fresh water fill, heater, refrigerator access panel, battery compartment, and three (count them) exterior storage compartments.

Some folks may be initially put-off by the fact that Lance didn’t make the passenger’s side of the 1052 a full-wall slide-out.  Other than weight considerations, why not go for the full-wall slide?

While a full-wall slide would have increased the floor space and wow factor of the 1052’s interior, it also would have increased the weight of the camper, and put the refrigerator on the slide.  Weight questions aside, putting a refrigerator on a slide-out requires side cooling and the employment of an additional fan in the refrigerator.

Noisy refrigerator fans are a point of contention for many slide-out truck camper owners.  Most never considered refrigerator fan noise until the first night they went to sleep in their campers.  For this reason, we believe Lance made the right choice, even if if would have been neat to see a full-wall slide.  We’ll take a good nights sleep over a little more floor space any day.


Our 2013 Lance 855-S featured sealed inside battery storage under the interior cabover step.  This worked well, but removing and re-installing the batteries for winter trickle charging was a real pain.

With this in mind, we were thrilled to see an exterior battery compartment on the 1052.  This will make inspecting, maintaining, removing, and installing the batteries much easier.


Together with an optional Ultra Deck Plus bumper (more on that later), the 1052 has an amazing amount of exterior storage.  These exterior storage opportunities are sure to make 1052 owners very happy.


For the passenger’s slide of the 1052, Lance has employed an above-floor, double-ram Lippert slide-out mechanism.  As Gary Conley, National Sales Manager for Lance Campers, explained when the 1052 debuted, the above-floor, double-ram system offers a deeper and longer slide than the Schwintek system would allow.  We also believe Lance wanted the use their more time-tested and proven slide mechanism for the larger and heavier slide.

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