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Lance 1052 Double-Slide Review

Truck Camper Magazine reviews the all-new 2015 Lance 1052 double-slide, dry bath truck camper with the optional multi-function Ultra Deck Plus bumper by Torklift International.

Lance 1052 double-slide review

Before writing a truck camper review, I always try to figure out where the camper in question fits into the manufacturer’s product line, and the greater truck camper marketplace.  For example, the Lance 1172 is Lance’s direct response to the popular double and triple-slide sofa camper market.  Where the 1172 fits into the Lance product line, and the greater truck camper marketplace, is crystal clear.

Which brings me to the subject of this review, the Lance 1052.  Lance already has six long-bed slide-out models including the 950S dinette-slide, 1050S dinette-slide,  1191 dinette-slide, 1181 full-wall slide, 992 double-slide, and the aforementioned Lance 1172 double-slide sofa camper.  The question is, where does the 1052 fit into Lance’s already impressive long-bed slide-out offerings?

The answer is quite simple.  If you want a rear-entry, hard-side, double-slide truck camper with a dry-bath, and you are convinced by Lance Camper’s market-leading approach to technology, tolerances, and materials, the 2015 Lance 1052 is your camper.  Yes, the 1050S offers a nearly identical floor plan, but there’s no denying the 1052 has a lot more floor space.  In the truck camper business, floor space sells.

Now that you know how crazy I make myself while writing these reviews, let’s take an in-depth look at the 2015 Lance 1052 and discover the details that distinguish their new double-slide.

Since this review was written Lance has manufactured the 1062, with a bigger floor and a taller basement.  Check out the Lance 1062 updates.


Above: The 2015 Lance 1052 at Princess Craft Campers in Round Rock, Texas

In 2013, Lance made a quantum-leap forward with their one-piece, high-impact, molded front nose caps.  Made from the same thermoplastic material as many automotive bumpers, these caps give Lance’s 2013 and newer truck campers (with the exception of the 825 and 865 models) greater protection, as well as potentially improved aerodynamics.  They also look sharp and modern.


It might not be until you count the second slide that anything really “sticks out” about the Lance 1052.  From the outside, it looks like just another – albeit sharp looking – Lance Camper.


The driver’s side slide on the 1052 features the hot water heater and propane tank compartment.  The kitchen-slide itself extends approximately eight inches.


The propane compartment is contained within the kitchen slide and contains two twenty-pound propane tanks.  We actually prefer twenty-pound propane tanks to thirty pound propane tanks as the smaller and lighter tanks are easier to lift and maneuver and can be exchanged almost anywhere.

The metal straps that hold the tanks in place work well and are relatively simple to open, but can be tricky to close.  For protection, we recommend using gloves when handling propane tanks and their metal holding straps, especially in cold weather.


Above: The access compartment door for the dump and drain valves is located in the lower skirt on the driver’s side of the 1052.  Click to enlarge the above thumbnails.

It’s always revealing to look closely at the guts of a truck camper as seen inside compartment doors and behind cabinetry and other access points.  Are electrical wires and plumbing lines neat and tidy?  Do the components and materials appear to be in good condition?  Were fasteners and sealants applied with care?

When we opened the dump and drain valve compartment on the 2015 Lance 1052, we had an excellent opportunity for a behind the scenes look at this camper.  The plumbing and wiring on display appeared well sorted, and the four-season basement insulation was impressive and in good condition.

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