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Starlink for Security Cameras

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Starlink for Security Cameras

Mike Brandl, Orlando, Florida
Starlink for Security Cameras
2019 Ford F-450
2022 Adventurer 901SB

I added wireless Wi-Fi cameras to eliminate the constant worry when I leave my rig unattended with mountain bikes on the back. I do a lot of in-state traveling for bike races and there are times I’m leaving my rig. Even though they are locked, there’s a constant worry that they will be there when I get back. Also, when I’m sleeping in Cracker Barrel parking lots, I’m constantly worried about the bikes.

Starlink For RV Security Cameras

I started by installing Starlink on my roof racks using the Starmount kit. To get it to attach properly to a camper roof rack, I used two pieces of aluminum box tubing that span the roof racks from front to back. Then, I bolted the Starmount to the tubing with four corner bolts.

Brackets could be easily fabricated to mount the dish like a solar panel if needed. If you need more information, has more information about how the Starmount works.

The work is cutting the Starlink dish. To do that, I used a Dremel tool to cut around the outer edge of the dish to remove the backside. The Starmount kit comes with a template to mark your existing dish so you know where to cut.

Starlink Installation On Roof For Security Cameras In Camper

The picture above is after cutting the back stand and motors out of the dish to make it slim. The picture below is after mounting the cut dish in the Starmount weatherproof case and mounting it on cross bars to my ladder rack. I left the cable stock length and secured it under the dish so–if I ever parked under trees and wanted to put the dish in the open–it would be possible. Honestly, I have never had a problem or have needed to do that. I just try not to park under trees.

Starlink On Camper Roof For Security Cameras

After that was done, I had to run the cable to the router. The cable ran from the dish on the roof rack toward the front of the camper. Then I penetrated the roof above the closet using a Gland cable box. Next, I ran the wire down to the lower level of the camper by going through the walls and around the shower to a space under the dinette seat where I have the Starlink Router and a few other electronics mounted.

Starlink For Security Cameras Space In Camper

The picture above shows the Starlink router (upfront), a 3,000 watt Renogy inverter, a 60 amp Renogy DC-to-DC charger (mounted above the inverter with a bracket to allow spacing for adequate air flow), 30-amp GoPower transfer switch for switching between shore power and inverter power, Blink camera receiver, and a thermostat on the back wall to power a cooling fan if the space gets too warm. I also added a wireless switch to turn the router on or off so that I don’t have to gain access to the router.

Starlink For Security Cameras Wall Of Camper

Next, I purchased Blink cameras from Amazon. They are wireless rechargeable Wi-Fi security cameras that I can arm from my phone to alert me when there’s motion. I can also look at live feed anytime showing the inside, back, and sides of the camper. The cameras can be stuck anywhere with the included adhesive mount and they are outdoor rated. There’s minimum work for the cameras.

Starlink Running Security Cameras In Camper

It gives me a great deal of peace when I leave my camper with my mountain bikes on the back. And those nights of sleeping in parking lots when I think I hear a noise, I can simply just look at my phone instead of getting out of bed.

For this modification, you need a Starlink, Starmount, Blink cameras, wireless outlet switch, and one cable entry plate for the roof penetration.

It took me four hours to complete this modification and cost me $1,100.

Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. It is your responsibility to make sure that any do-it-yourself modification project you undertake is safe, effective, and legal for your situation.

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